Bahrain thread

Hello everyone,

We’re trying to create a good fighting community here in Bahrain, whether online or maybe local offline if possible if we managed to find a good place for regular gatherings (casuals/mini tournaments…etc).

Anyway, if you live in Bahrain, please post your details here.

Here are mine:

PSN ID: Me-tallicA
PC/Steam: mgs_metallica
ISP: Batelco, any other ISP from my experience is crap in Bahrain for gaming, specially the wireless ones (latency is too high).

Games I play: SF4 (PC), SSFIV (PS3) and will be getting AE on both once it’s released. I have MvC3 but couldn’t get into it lol, maybe I’ll give it another shot after the recent patches.

I’m trying to get a 360 and will post my gamertag if I got one.

nice. I made a few ads and posted them around base. Now it’s just a waiting from here on out. I’m going to be at the base tomorrow evening with all my gear to play. That should flush them out for sure. -_-

also metallicaband, we gotta get some games in offline. I’m getting my bro to send me the other 360 HORI stick. Once it gets here we can game unless you got a stick already. My place is open for gaming as always although i’d like to try game-on to see exactly how bad the lag is. I thought they had 1080p flat screens with 60megs. :confused:

from Bahrain also, only playing on PS3 (PSN: Marty-OCS) for now unless I get Xbox, any idea where can I get xbox stick in bahrain? how is the sf community on xbox here in middle east?

darn… i handed a sf community build flyer to the MWR sponsor team to post up so that the gamers can see, but they never posted it up. I can’t believe how much red tape they have around what people can host and can’t. They wouldn’t even allow me to advertise ssf4 as well as connect and bo arcade stick to there xbox systems. Rediculious.

They looked at it as i should have expected because they had never seen such a arcade stick before. They even tried to convince me that it would not connect to there xbox’s, but after having to prove them wrong, they said they couldn’t allow me to play in there facility. Such bs, the local workers are. They are not trying to support a scene there which would have been the haven for gamers.

Anywho, plan b is to now touch bases with game-on and see if i can perhaps advertise a local community there. Many of the people on base just spend there time on facebook, weight room and drinking along with chasing women. Well, i’m guilty of that last part lol, but still.

Metallicaband, i just ordered another fly xbox HORI arcade stick, so i will have sticks for gaming. Soon as it comes in i will post up. =)

do you frequent game-on? I will have 2 sticks here coming within a week or so. What games do you play?

i’m metallica’s friend - no, game-on is a lost cause. I play SSf4, Mk9, I don’t think i’m going to play MvC3 although I have it lol

cool. i play all mentioned above. Yeah, game-on kinda let me down when the owner told me that a PAL version of mvc3 would not work due to it not being region free. Later i found out he was wrong. He assumed that midway and microsoft only worked. wow.

well, other than game-on, i do not know if any local gaming community that can sponsor a play like atmosphere. Game-on seems to be the only place that fits that mold. Maybe its just the staff there which i presume it is that’s not allowing it to reach max potential for greatness.

I just order another expensive HORI stick so sticks won’t be an issue(should be here in a week). I will talk to the staffing at game-on to see if i can talk some sense into them:razzy:

Are you going to sell these xbox sticks? cause I’m interested in owning one. I might be ordering either hori/blazeblue stick from amazon.
I don’t think I’ll set a foot in game-on after what we experienced of their unprofessional management. You are welcome at my place anytime :wink:

well, these x-box sticks are very new and too expensive for me to sell, however i will share for gaming matches. I’m still waiting on 1 to come in which will be in a week. In regards to the staff at game-on, it maybe very well be unprofessional management, however i was looking at this more as a way for us collectively to bring interest to 2-D fighters like ssf4 to the locals that come there all to often.

I’m still working the on base issue, but it looks much tougher than i imagened. Places like (game-on) this the states would dive for. I would cover the gaming cost and all and provide sticks for us to play as long as we wanted. Also my place is always open for gaming of course. Just bring the a-game and i got all else covered. I’m off after tomorrow, so i’m going to be at game-on probably thursday for pratice and to see how bad the lag is. I’m playing ssf4 mostly, but will beef up in mvc3. MK9… i’m still working on reptile haha.

i’ll be up there wednesday vice thursday because i gotta work…

Hi guys,

I’m also living in Bahrain and am very interested in having a fighting game community started here. I just got back from Canada where I was part of a group that regularly gathered for these meetings so I’d be glad to help start one here too.

I play mainly SSF4 and Mortal Kombat on PS3 and 3rd Strike on PC. I play a bit of marvel but I don’t like the game as much as other fighters. I also play a bit of Tekken and Blazblue every once in a while. I use a PS3 stick so I’m not sure if it works on Xbox if thats what you guys will be using if we play offline.

I live in Juffair so if you guys want to set up regular meetings around this area, I’m all up for it. Either ways, I’d like to help anyway I can to arrange these :slight_smile:

Glad to see more players from Bahrain joining the discussion, Unlimited do you play online on the PS3 too? if so please post your online ID if you don’t mind sharing it.

Also, just curious to know, who do you guys main in the games and how long have you been playing?

I pretty much only play SSFIV (I started playing fighting games with vanilla SF4 so not an old school player), I main Akuma and alt Bison (like to mess around with other characters too), overall just an average player.

@ Desert Fox, I don’t know about game-on man, I had a pretty big argument with the owner before I left the place a while back so I really wouldn’t want to go there, let us know what do you think about the monitors though, the big screens near the front door were extremely bad when I checked 'em.

I am having issues with internet so I haven’t played online in a really long time. Once I sort out my internet situation, I’ll post my PSN ID here for sure :slight_smile:

I started playing fighting games with Tekken but I only started playing more competitively when I played SSF4. I play Chun-li only currently but I’m trying out Honda and I’m looking forward to trying out Yang in AE. I play Ermac mainly in MK9 but since I’ve only been playing for less than 2 weeks, I’m still messing around with a lot of chars.

SSF4: Chun-li
Mortal Kombat: Ermac/Mileena/Johnny Cage

Although I don’t play other fighters much right now, my mains in other games are:
3rd Strike: Yang
Tekken: Kazuya/Anna
Blazblue: Hakumen/Rachel
MvC3: Wesker, Dormammu, Akuma/Morrigan

Also, I’ve never been to game-on but is it really a troublesome place to meet up? I’m guessing things could be sorted out to accommodate a group of people who will hang out there at once right?

i been pretty skeptical about the LAN connections here, so online gaming although great, wouldnt matchup to offline play. It seems you get more out of offline play vice online play. I could be wrong on the notion, however offline vastly improves game play.

The only and main reason why i suggested Game-On is because it’s a decent gaming facility to whole causal meeting on a regular, AND also that is where the gamers game. What would be even more beneficial is that because of OUR presence at game-on, we would draw more interest just by US alone playing. This will help build the local scene and even perhaps expand LAN gaming in bahrain.

And also when we all need a break, there’s so much around that area, resturants, bars, clubs etc we can hang afterwards =)

I started playing SF back in 95-96 so i suppose i’m an OG at heart, but havent been competititve for awhile due to extensive moving and what not. The last game i played competitively was MvC2.

Now, i’m just starting to get back into the swing of thing’s and want to expand my horizon’s on fighting games beyond marvel haha.
As for the char’s i use:
ssf4: ryu, ken, akuma, c.viper, sagat, bison, dalhsim. (I promise i don’t counter pick :wink:
T6: king (although i’m a bit rusty haha)
mvc3: mag, wesker, sent, dormammu (picking up more characters along the way)
MK9: reptile right now although i want to learn Jaks, subzero, scorpion and whoever else i can get my hands on. I’m and old mortal kombat player so it’s like that ha.

Soon as my other stick gets here i will let all know. I just ordered mine straight off amazon. So i will have 2 x-box arcade sticks for gaming. We just need to agree on a place for gaming. My place is open of course although i dont keep much food in the frig so if hungry you may have to order =)

Daigo’s playing mvc3 now!? wtf?

just got back from game-on, and i’d have to say the gaming community here in terms of a offline local community will be tough to build. It seems like the managers who work at game-on are really not concerned with the gaming community, but more on making a profit. Like any other business right? But it seems as if these guys dont have the slighest regards to gamers other than a fedish greed for money or BD.

This is just the vibe i got when interacting with them. There not even serious gamers! They know nothing about games, nothing about a gaming community and certainly nothing about fighting games. It was hilarious. I walked in, and looked around and then asked how much was it for gaming. It’s 2.5 dinar for 30 mins! Seriously? 2.5 dinar for 30 mins? And 5 dinar for 1 hour. Straight highway robbery in my opinion. So i opted for 30 mins of play, because i wanted to test the flat screens, so i choose the ones most inward in the store. I pulled out my arcade stick, and they were amazed, as if they had never seen such a controller. Seriously?

Then he asked if my copy of ssf4/mvc3 was PAL. I said yes, but this version as well as the NTCS versions where region free. Oh right…they dont know much about that. As the 30 min marker came to a close, i got up and paided some chick that was managing the store, so i met up with the other guy just outside the door. This guy made sure i paid for those 30 mins, as if he wasnted interest in what i thought about the TV, but more less did i pay. Really dude?

So yeah… i saw this coming, but i try to be considerate and open-minded about things, but in all honesty they suck. A great place for casual meetup’s and gaming, but the people running the store are clueless.

There’s not much to say about 'em really, the management is clueless about videos games and their prices are a total rip off, how can you expect an average gamer to pay that amount per hour let alone if he’s looking to play around 3-4 hours (it’s not even per screen, it’s per person)!!! On top of that they are even rude to the customers lol, the place is a joke, plain and simple.

How I envy Kuwait though, they have a good arcade scene going (they have an AE cabinet too!!), they even invited Daigo not too long ago! I still wish to start some gaming business here someday and hopefully will be a good place for gamers to meet up if I ever managed to do that.

Anyway, thanks for answering my question about your fighting game experience Unlimited and Desert fox (wow playing since 95, hopefully we won’t be very disappointing :P).

No problem. I just wished game-on was different because that was our expansion base to build the fighting game scene. My stick should be here any day now, so i will have 2 x-box arcade sticks here at my place. Then i’ll be open for gaming no doubt.

95…no sweat, i haven’t been much on ssf4 until i got to Bahrain, so i’m not that good. But i can hold my own haha.:tup:

Sad about game-on. I didn’t think it would be that bad :(. Looks like we’ll have to consider other methods of offline gatherings. Other than meeting at each others’ places, one thing to consider is gathering at a public place.

If anyone knows of any such place that we could hold offline gatherings, all that would be necessary is a couple of monitors (preferably PC monitors over TVs lol) and the systems for the games. Although possibly inconvenient, it is also possible to bring a tube TV if anyone here still has one. It’s not as convenient as if game-on managers had a mind towards gaming, but it’s still something to consider. Back in Canada, the fighting game group I used to hang out with did this on a weekly basis in a university campus residence building in the student common area. Not all of us were students, but no one knew that, so we don’t get questioned much lol.

That aside, I have a couple friends who are also into SSF4, MvC3, and MK9 who I believe don’t have SRK accounts (yet). I think they should be willing to attend offline gatherings as well.

hey guys… PSN ID : Yousif_A

glad to see the responses, just to clear things out regarding Game-On, i’ve played on the smaller TVs and i cant recall feeling any lag HOWEVER they charge bd2.5 per person for 30 mins thts pure BS… there’s a place called comando in jid ali they only have one TV for PS3, ppl go there to play counter strike (PC) so its a bit noisy… i’ll check the pricing and the tv for any lag and let u guys know …