Baffling Illness Strikes Africa, Turns Children Into Violent "Zombies"

I am not prepared

Thank god Im prepared for a zombie outbreak.

For God’s sake it’s just a brain disorder. Zombie outbreak? Please… there are people who still believe that’s possible?

Anything is possible if you believe in the heart of the cards

Holy shit I feel so much fucking dumber having read that article. Dude who wrote that should be fired.

I don’t, so therefore nothing is possible.

Someone didn’t play Resident Evil 5…

Puts on sunglasses So it begins…

Africa also had an outbreak of spontaneous laughter amongst schoolgirls in one village.
there was at least one more strange thing like this, but I can’t recall it. Strange stuff. :tup:

loads a shotty just in case…

well duh…cause RE5 was meh…now let me know when it’s spaniards and the Prez’s daughter is involved then I’ll pay attention.

I hope none of you BRB me and go masturbate when I’m down and need someone to assist me.

I guess you aren’t familiar with rabies and the fact that it is the dog version of a zombie infestation. Start with rabies and soon you could make a zombie virus.


should I not do my homework?

Well in the strictest sense of the word, zombie outbreaks are impossible since the carriers all rot after 3 or so days.

But dude, Racoons are these vicious little mammals who are quick on their feet and can give people rabies. My best friend and I talked about this shortly before UMvC3 dropped. Rocket Raccoon should’ve been top tier since he is the only one resistant to T-Virus and could infect everybody else. Scary shit man, scary shit…

So… what you’re telling me is Africa JUST got television?

I just realized this were to happen in America I would not be effected in anyway.
Everyone too fat, lazy, and out of shape to be a threat in zombie form.

Also I realized we are no where near April 1st.

Fat or skinny zombies would still walk relatively the same speed. But during close combat, the fatties would be harder to fight off. Only saving grace is they would get stuck in between the door frame and wouldn’t get into your house. Until they break the frame itself.

This is post #20 and no one has blamed white people yet?

You’re all blind.