Badu Gets Naked Gets Fined


I hear she has a great bum.

She does.

I found it woohoo :lovin:

Why fine her? She already has a fine ass.

Wait…lady gaga can jump on a jail cell cage like a spider monkey and not get fined, but Erika Badu gets fined for something like that?

LOL i dont know what she’s said about the video but I was thinking the same as you. the stuff that’s on TV these days make this look like nothing. think about that, she’s compleely butt naked and still this is a fraction of what you see in other music videos

i’m surprised she doesn’t have to register as a sexual offender since it was in front of children

I watched the video and I saw no children in it.

Now I’ve got to find this video.

Well, if I ever want to boycott a movie or music video in the future I will just camp out the area being filmed and give a sworn statement if I see nudity. Genius.

Click the ankh on her webpage I posted.

I didn’t know she had it like that :wow:

She got a fatty. I wouldn’t stick, though. Nah. Whoopi Goldberg lookin’ ass.


Yeah…her duck-mouth kills it for me.

Annie don’t wear no panties…

Never even heard of this broad. Looking at the pics, this doesn’t seem like useful news. Call me when Megan Fox is riding a 22" dildo in Times Square surrounded by pools of Jello-O while Led Zeppelin is blasting through station wagon sized speakers.

How can you not have heard of Erika Badu? She looks good, which Is weird, cause I never thought of her in a sexy way before. That says a lot. :tup:

Megan fox ain’t all that,Idk why people love her and erykah is weird but when she dresses normal, she’s pretty.