Badu Gets Naked Gets Fined

was disappointed when I saw it cos shes old now… :rofl: im so shallow

My favorite song she sings is “No More Trouble” in which she has been dubbed in with Bob Marley and they cropped the two together. Erika has some pipes but I’m disappointed that she did this stunt. I don’t know if she was really trying to accomplish anything other than “HEY LOOK AT ME I’M NEKKID TALK ABOUT IT!!”

Sloppy floppy bottom but that’s what the blacks are into I guess.

why couldnt christina millian be doing shit like this, id totally support her.


Haven’t listened to the radio in years and MTV has never appeared on my screen. I honestly have no clue as to who or what’s popular in music these days.

Her site is really low rent.

But Erykah’s old school.

Lol at people saying they wouldn’t tap that phat ass.

I’d tap it twice, in public.

People over hype celebrities, there are so many people with a better ass than Erykah its not funny… that and the bitch looks like Daffy Duck… I’m just saying.

I saw Ms. Badulla Oblongata at my school (UCLA) last year at the Jazz Festival, and she’s still fine as hell.

Thread win.

Always find it funny when people display their ignorance so boldly.

i’d hit that

Having different tastes in women is ignorant? Or are you not familiar with the concept of jokes?

Good thing you’re not a moron.

Do I need to explain the meaning of ‘‘ignorance’’ to you?

Yeah, I figured they were extra small midgets too.

Really now whiite folks love Marliyn Monroe and she had an ass. Guess JFK was Black Irish then. They don’t callem the Negroes of the north for nothing.:bluu:

Jacky O had no ass at all, though. I’d still give it the business, though.


Ignorance: giving people shit because you don’t like their taste in music/women/jokes/etc.

You don’t know Badu. She probably does stuff like this on the regular, but in the video you saw it was for artistic purposes. Getting a message across.