Bad Players at Evo?

With Evo being the superbowl of street fighter, with lots of people coming in from around the world to compete. Are there players there that are just plain bad? I’m asking this question because I’m not sure if I want to participate or not from watching videos of the shit that people are capeable of doing, and I don’t really wanna get Perfected infront of god knows how many people. Then just laughed at. (Happened at a low-key tournament before. Horrible feeling :sad: )

I understand that the only way to get better is to play and to lose, but there’s a different thing in losing at a local arcade and at the pinnacle of fighting games.

People get perfected. It’s no big thing, you shouldn’t worry about it.

The players who are most likely to perfect you will have the least chance of making fun of you for it.


maybe unless you play marvel…

play non stop &
play in front of people

and youll be ok

Like me :sad:

They don’t make fun of you. They just threaten to knife you.

There are a lot of people at tournaments at varying levels of skills, at EVO too, you have people who come just because they like to play games and want to have fun, who aren’t necessarily pro players playing too.

Also you have people who enter games in addition to the games they actually play, so the talent can be varied.

Though I’d encourage you to go, if you get perfected, that’s okay you play your next match and try to improve from there. In my first tournament I was out in my first two rounds, and no one made fun of me or made a big deal, everyone is just there to play games and have fun.

…though yeah they may make fun of you in marvel. haha

Cool, thats all I wanted to hear. I’m just mainly looking for ways to get better. I’m gonna get ready to put in the request for time off work just to go. I can’t wait.

Since,you live in Vegas answer me this.

How is UNLV,university?

Elaborate on How? I mean I could type up this whole spiel about the university the good and the bad and all this shit, but I’m lazy.

UNLV is a top notch school. If you’re looking to continue your education there. I’d highly look into it.

Yeah,the good and the bad of the school.

People get perfected in highest level play, too. It’s not a huge deal.

…Unless, of course, you’re playing MvC2. Then it’s like…well, dude. You know? DUDE!

The earlier rounds of Evo, nobody’s watching unless you happened to be paired up with someone like Daigo. Don’t worry about there being a crowd, because there won’t be. Everyone else is either playing or doing something else for the first rounds.

If you aren’t known to the people the worst thing they may call you is Johnny Donuts and some other random names. Nothing that will make you feel as though they are personally attacking you.

There are a few ways of getting verbally attacked:

  1. You are know the people who are heckling you

  2. Talk shit, look at Cable Guy at Evo

Its hard to get ragged on if you do not deserve it.

I’ve been perfected in tournament at every evo tournament game except CvS2. I’ve also won tournaments at most of these games. Nobody talks shit or makes you feel bad regardless of how bad you get owned. Evo really only has an emphasis on winning for a handful of people. Because I mean let’s face it. If you aren’t one of maybe 15 people for Marvel, 10 for ST, 5 people for 3s, 10 people for CvS2, you aren’t REALLY showing up thinking you’re going to win the tournament. We just go to have fun, hang out with other gamers and enjoy the show. Don’t worry so much about results and you’ll have a better time. You’ll probably play better too, that’s how it’s always worked with me.

–Jay Snyder

Getting perfected in Marvel is okay if your opponent used Magneto to do it (I’ve been on the receiving end of that a couple of times). I’ve never even seen a non-Magneto perfect before.

Spiral perfects used to happen a lot. I have roughly 50+ perfects in Marvel and at least a third of them are Spiral. Iron Man ones happen a lot just because if you land the first hit and can guard break every time, they lose 2 characters without getting to play. Sentinel perfects are pretty common too, especially when Sentinel was “new”. I also have a Ruby Heart perfect, a Strider perfect, a Cyclops perfect (in tournament) and believe it or not, a Marrow perfect (against someone who actually didn’t suck). Good times!
Still the most common perfect I used to get was with Anakaris. If you land the first hit, they don’t get to play period.

–Jay Snyder

^I concur, you wouldn’t show up with the intention of winning far. Just to be apart of the experience is good enough for most people. The more you play, the better your familiarity and understanding…

You should play to win. If you’re determined you’ll do better :]

Just go to Evo and have a good time! Who cares if you don’t win every match, It’s the expierience that’ll make it worth your time. You wont regret it!

Besides, you get to (for the most part) meet a lot of cool people and play casuals with people from all over the place. How often do you get to do that?

And if you’re worried about getting perfect’d in front of some people, don’t worry. Like all the other guys in the thread said, They’re likely the people not to make fun of you. You take the expierience and you grow on it. I know I have.