Bad Matchups

I would like to know all the bad matchups. I don’t mean what characters beat what. For example, Dudley gives yun a headache if any divekick is parried then yun’s life will disappear. Or Makoto’s SA2 kills Akuma/Remy in almost 1 combo due to their weak stun. I like to watch videos but there are certain things I don’t notice since I don’t play a certain characters. I like to know so I can see how players in videos deal with it.

2 things: dudley doesn’t give yun a headache, especially when dudley is trying to parry divekicks… it’s suicidal.

also, although makoto has a 100% combo against akuma, do you ever wonder why it doesn’t happen so often?

i 2nd that makoto vs akuma is hard for makoto (for me at least)…

ya if the Akuma knows how to keep Mak away, and every time makoto wanna dash in for a grab Akuma can just hurrican kick away, unless Mak parries.

some of the worst match ups in 3s are, in my opinion:

Chun vs Hugo

Mak vs Q

Elena vs Hugo

Elena vs. Hugo, eh? As in Elena will beat Hugo more often? Or the other way around? I play Elena, and I find myself having trouble against him. If you’re saying that Elena beats Hugo for free, can you share any tips? I get trounced by my own predictability, the Hugo player’s good ability to parry, and my own inability to parry. How does Elena beat Hugo?

the jump strong -> jump fierce air chain gives hugo fits. same with jump roundhouse. plus those air attacks beats his shootdown backbreaker (dp+k) for some reason so no antiair for hugo. also the back+roundhouse dodges all throw attempts and stuffs a lot of hugo’s low pokes. thus, hugo can’t low short/forward/jab/strong, throw, 360 or 720 at all. this makes hugo go on the defensive a lot and elena’s kara throw has around the same range as hugo’s 360 so he’ll get thrown a lot.

plus if you choose healing as your super, all you need to do is throw hugo, dash back and activate healing. the only thing hugo can do is quick getup and EX lariot and if you see that coming, you just cancel healing and do your dp+k. so basically, even if hugo manages to whittle your life down, you can always heal around 20% life minimum and all his efforts will be for naught.

Elena’s back roundhouse owns Hugo for free(has anti throw properties aswell).

Q loses horribly to Urien.

Everything that Urien has outpriorizes Q’s attacks. Plus, it’s impossible for Q to get out of Urien’s corner Aegis Trap unless Urien screws up really bad.

wait…Q loses to everyone!

ZING! :lol:

We’re talking about the worst match ups, you nincompoop.

the worst matchup is exodus vs any player with skill. exo gets owned hard. what happens is that exo thinks about frame data, and gets hit. then he thinks about manly bodies, then he gets thrown. then he thinks about his small penis and gets supered. KO everytime.

IMO some of the worst match ups are…

Chun li v Hugo

Yun v Q

Urien v Q

Mako v Q

Yun vs Akuma

Makoto vs Akuma

Chun li vs Alex

Urien vs Hugo

Makoto vs Remy

Remy vs Urien

Remy vs Hugo

Just some off top of my head that I know can be quite tricky match ups for the characters on the right.

Yun vs Akuma is not that bad of a match up,

Akuma vs Hugo maybe

Yeah i forgot to add Akuma v Hugo :stuck_out_tongue: Hugo gets pinned for free done right.

As for Akuma / Yun Its just my opinion akuma can win it yeah but if he gets caught by genei jin hes probably gonna lose half his life right off a genei Jin Yun is bad news for Akuma imo especially taking into account his stamina it is a winnable fight for him though but its certainly not easy vs a solid genei jin yun.

No. I just want bad matchups in general where it isn’t equally balance at almost all skill level.

exo’s yun loses to everyone :lol: jk! :smiley:

Aint that the real truth

i got ZINGed the fuck up. :bluu:

Necro loses pretty bad to Chun Li and anyone that can shoryuken his friggin limbs. :frowning:

Chun Li and Ken maybe, shotos in general? not really, Necro can hold his own, thinking that u can SRK everytime Necro sticks out something is absurd.

Who are u anyways? I play at DT quite often