Bad Habits: El Fuerte

What are some bad habits you have encountered while playing El Fuerte or bad habits you yourself have acquired while playing Street Fighter IV. The purpose for this thread is to hopefully have Fuerte players come to realization as to what they might be doing wrong with their game.

As for me personally, I had a bad habit of splashing constantly and getting punished for it. Also, I would jump way too much when i was on the side of the screen getting cornered, when I could have easily blocked or done a Calamari Slide to get away. I’ve come to this realization and noticed that most of Fuerte’s strengths lie in keeping his opponent within the middle of the screen. I would always jump to the sides of the screen in hopes of mixing up my game, but my wall jumps became very predictable. Most Fuerte players (who are good) seem to keep there game within the middle of the screen and only go to the sides if it is necessary.

Any bad habits you’ve picked up as Fuerte?

I try to Focus Attack so that I can RSF entirely too much, I still haven’t gotten good at doing the RSF outside of a Focus attack or stun.

I’m having trouble doing the RSF by itself lol I can’t imagine trying to do it outside of a FA. How do you manage! haha But if you get into Training Mode with the CPU on you can probably nail it after a few practice runs. But I can imagine doing it in a real battle. If you mess it up once then people will punish you. It’s sort of risky unless you’re absolutely 100% at nailing it.

Getting fired up, resulting in sloppy execution.

using run -> slide outside of combos

doing random guess guacs

I get carried away attacking and forget to do run-stops a lot of the time. I’m also rather impatient, so when my opponent keeps jumping back with HK to stall for time, I run in recklessly instead of just letting him corner himself.

I end up treating every Ken and Ryu player the same way, like a Flowchart scrub. When it turns out they know what a combo is, I’m already down to less then half.

That’s me during a Championship Final. when each of us have a win and we’re both close to getting K.O. I start panicking lol

It also makes me want to do my Ultra move for some reason. I can easily finish them off with a simple cross-up, but I keep forcing myself to finish them off with an Ultra, and they punish me for it. Stupid on my part.

I’ve had the same issue. I’ve learned to keep it a minimum. If my opponent keeps jumping back to stall for time I now do what you said: just let them corner themselves. By that time I just Wall Jump > Fajita Buster landing right on them. I really need to stop when I run though, I always feel as if I need to go in for the hit.


And this

always doing a tostada off the wall when I KNOW that my opponent is a full screen away and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

-Trying to run up and tostada/slide my opponent when he’s full screen.
-Trying to be aggressive to finish my opponent off when I have a big life lead and time is low.
-Trying to FA every jump-in.
-Ending RSF with tostada instead of going for the guaranteed slide.
-Trying to do too much…

Oh god. this. I need to stop doing so many run-slides unless I know it’ll hit

Yup. I need to Run stop more.

Complacency and Experience breeds ignorance. I know how you feel.

By Fired up I mean I get hot-blooded. I just need to relax.

I had a habit of doing this alot. now I just fake a wall jump or cut it short a lot. then for a bad jump in on them I’ll wall jump airthrow


I must say. This has been a very good thread. I’m sure there’s a lot here we all agree with, and even more so that we all should carefully examine so as to see what it is that really gets us killed, looks like alot of us rush too much

random ex guacs, splashing and landing infront of someone, charging focus for RSF.

Psyching myself out, and trying something that I haven’t done yet when my regular tactics are already working just fine.

i agree! haha i remember trying to do a lot of mixups even though cross up tostada works with one of my friends.

  1. excessive use of tostada
  2. random ultra

Recently starting learning El Fuerte, which I never ever thought I would be doing, so I’ve got quite a ways to go before I’m competent enough.

  1. Attempting psychic guacs (esp. ex)
  2. Doing ultra at some hilariously wrong times.
  3. Not taking advantage of crumples (i.e do a throw instead of RSF)
  4. Too much fajita/tortilla, not enough tostada.

As I said, I still have a long way to go with Fuerte, especially since I’ve only played him for around 150 matches.

light shoryuken spamming…safe jumps into shoryuken…landing in front of my opponent…close fireballs…blanka, balrog, cammy, and close hurricane kicks

Tostada spam AFTER they’ve figured out that I’m just Tostada spamming.

It’s just…it’s just so delicious…

Waking up with EX guac or run.