Bad 3s Match Videos on youtube

don’t hate on me for calling them bad matches. The reason why I’m posting these here is so maybe we can discuss how these players are using their characters totally wrong.

a very bad yun against a very bad makoto

a very bad yun vs a very bad remy

different people: a bad yun (not very bad) against a bad ken

(not sure if i posted those links right)

The Jackie Chan SF was very good.

Yea, I think I saw these. Were they the results from that NC tourney recently posted on the fighting forums. The Yun needed more practice with the genei and did the dive kick constently. The Chun- Li was alright. The Makoto and Ryu constently jumped and never dashed. The ken was okay.

I can’t watch those vids, because I don’t have shockwave:/
(because I’m on gentoo-amd64 Linux)

That LiSyaoran guy (the Yun in those vids) always sounded like he knew a lot around these forums. I guess that’s further proof that theory doesn’t get you that far in 3S.

actually, i don’t know who the players are. I didn’t pay attention to that. But the matches are pretty bad. Meaning, there is a lot of room for improvement.

Dude, you think those matches were bad?

Feast your eyes on this debauchury:

P.S. I have no idea how to spell debautchury.

Yeah, exactly. Alot of these guys who talk around here sound so smart and give you all these theories and knowledge but IRL they suck at the game.

Well it’s not really about talking on the forums and then not being good IRL, I really just want to see if we can find a way to improve their game, and maybe later on they’ll release more match videos and there will be a noticable difference.

C Royd, can you post some comments on the yun? Tryin to better my sucky ass yun.

You will usually find that people from south-east asian countires like Singapore, HK etc dont use the top 3 in 3s - they stay away from top tiers. They are generally much better with characters other than the big 3. That Singaporean vid is not representative of their level of play that is for sure.

i’m from singapore too , but i use alex .
the yun players over there are also pretty sick >_> .

and anyway …about the 3rd vid from singapore …
hmmm is ok what ???

now i understand why most local players recommended us not to record down >_>

WOW thanks for making my day, the shit they say is so damn retarded.

The EY’ing was so damn corny.

since were in the subject of crappy players lets take a look at me. I must have the worst yun skills ever. I just started playing with him and I was kinda neurvous at the time. please believe me when I say that I dont suck with all the other characters…just this one (for maximum enjoyment turn volume all the way down)

Okay… well, if you want improvement, here are a few things:

  1. Use Genei jin
  2. Learn to dive kick - you didn’t do that ONCE in the first round.
    Edit: Make that the first two rounds.
    Edit 2: Make that ALL THREE ROUNDS. Honestly, that’s Yun’s best poke and sets up so many mixups…
  3. Stop dash-punching. It’s not safe. Period.
  4. Learn not to cancel to super when it’s not safe… that cancel from the palm just killed me.

That’s all for now… and I don’t even use Yun that much.

It is his best poke? I remember someone dive kicking against Daigo, effectively recieving multiple throws and multiple supers. And that was a good Yang player. RX’s teammate.

Actually, you’re mistaken. The video indeed shows their level of play. Granted, if those characters are not their main ones, good for them. However, what the video does show is lack of execution, hit confirms, mind game, and zoning. These are aspects of the game which are important no matter which character you’re using. Again, i’m not trying to make them feel bad or anything at all. I’m sure that they put a lot of effort into their 3s game.

The reason for this thread is to help people get better. Everyone plays like a noob when they first start out. The video is a good guideline.

right Ill practise harder. btw: what do you think is his best ex?

Can you please post the vids somewhere else? Like I can’t get them from the link you gave me:/

Yun’s best EX? None, Genei-Jin beat’s it all, and it’s only a small bit more bar.

can you guys pls use other stuff to upload vids other than putfiles ??

putfiles hate singaporeans >_> , because of the hanging the so called innocent drug trafficker in Singapore .

uhh…i didnt put the files there. I randomly found them.