B*tches Gather 'Round: The MvC3 Iron Man Team Thread

This will be a thread for discussing teams built around Shellhead. assist talk go elsewhere, this is with Iron Man on point.

Im liking Iron Man/Sentinel/Dante, or possibly Doom in for Dante. will have to test this of course

Iron Man seems so versatile that a lot of different assists would be useful to for him.

So far I was looking at IM/Wesker/Hulk.

Wesker for unblocakble setups with the Samurai edge and Hulks AAA gamma charge to cover and extend combos possibly. Like you said though, will have to test to confirm anything. All just theory now.

I am considering an Iron Man/Sentinel/Amaterasu team to use if Spencer sucks. Air Raid and Cold Star looking like delicious assists to keep Iron Man’s rushdown flowing: far away you can Air Raid. Mid and close up you can use Cold Star. It’d be great if you could DHC Proton Cannon into HSF in the corner to get some extra combo’s going.

I was looking at IM/Doom/Skrull myself. We’ll see.

I’m rocking Arthur/Ironman/Sentinel atm. Having loads of fun with it.

What assist are you using with Arthur?

I’m using Fire Bottle assist, mainly cause with Gold Armour that thing is rad. Have mucked around with Dagger as well, but axed it since I have sent drones in there.

Trying to work out the timing for Arthur Gold armour DHC into proton cannon to punish stuff. Man would kill for some frame data. Team feel solid atm, but it’s not even day one yet I spose.

Chun Li’s Hyakuretsu-Ken (Lightning legs) assist up to now seems like it’s BY FAR the most beneficial assist for Ironman.

Whilst they are locked down by the legs this gives IM free range to tri-jump mix ups multiple times, crossup/overhead/low all into big damage.

IM wants to get on top of a character and keep them locked down, Chun definitely helps with this.

Damn does skrull have a good lockdown assist? I dont want to use Chun li

Don’t think. His tenderizer assist is AA so maybe in the corner it would lock down.

His two others are Orbital Grudge and Stone Smite. Maybe Orbital Grudge depending on how long it stays out…?:confused:

Oh wow, just been mucking around with IM/Sent/Haggar. Have no idea how to use Haggar on point, but dear lord his assist is freaking sweet. Think Mecha-Zangief from MVC2 lol.

Works well with Sent backing up IM with Drones, and then let Haggar spin around when someone is in on you. Great fun. IM on proton beam, and Haggar lariat are handy for Sent as well. Let Haggar spin around while you stomp on them.

I was thinking Ironman/Doom/Sentinel

Doom rocks and whatever sentinel assist is best… it sounds like a really good team for rushdown… has anyone tried it yet?

I was thinking Iron Man/Morrigan/Dormammu, but I haven’t even touched the game yet so I have no idea if that team would work well or not.

Tried out IM/Chris/Doom at Best Buy… couldnt play since it was on controller though =P

Kind of my psuedo IM/Cable/Doom from MvC2.

Rolling with Spencer/Chris/Ironman myself. Trying out some neat things with Spencer’s otw assist. Honestly I love playing as Spencer a whole lot and slapped on two random guys in hopes of forming a team and it seems to be working out.

I decided I would be running Ironman(Beam)/Wesker(Lowshot)/Dante(Lightning Pillar thing?)

You got the same idea as me LOL but I like the look of Dante on the team over Hulk.

Deadpool (Trigger Happy) / Dante (Jam Session) / Iron Man (Unibeam)

Zone with Deadpool, and rushdown once you’ve got them knocked down with IM assist and wavedash for lows/overhead (forward + M or j.M). Deadpool plays the part of battery/keepaway because his air trigger happy coupled with either Dante assist to keep them from jumping in and IM assist to keep them from dashing in. After getting a good amount of meter (I usually don’t switch out until I get 3-4 meters), switch to Dante for pure rushdown coupled with IM assist to help him get in. IM plays rushdown again with Dante/Deadpool assist to keep them from jumping away so you can mix up with tri-jumps/lows.

Right now im rocking Iron Man(repulsar)/Storm(Whirlwind)/Doom(missiles)
average keepaway and pretty good rushdown with iron man and doom assist

been in the danger room with iron man /x23/storm some really fun rushdown and high low mixups with x23 assist

I played this team for a good while, and it works, but you have to depend on Dorm packing most of your damage, because without decent assists it’s somewhat hard for IM to get his tri-jumps in.

What I’ve been playing lately is IM/Sent/Dorm

Drones allow you plenty of leeway you dash in and get working with IM, and if you keep your combos somewhat limited as far as meter goes you’ll have plenty left for Sent and Dorm to finish anything that gets left behind, all three of these characters are really good by themselves, but together they’re pretty damn scary.

I’m running Iron Man/Sentinel/Wolverine. Fun team so far.