AWOL & ATB Boston Street Fighter 4 Tourney May 23rd!

There’s going to be TWO Locations !!!
Each location will be housing one specific console, will update when I get info

Saturday, May 23, 2009, 12:00 PM

That’s memorial day weekend guys!

Prospective tournament participants may register & drop off the $25.00 fee at the following locations:

AWOL | 190 Harvard Avenue, Allston, MA | 617.787.0600 | info AT

At The Buzzer | 81 Harvard Avenue, Allston | 617 783 2899 | info AT

You can also register online here

Registration Fee
$25.00 In-Store | $30.00 via PayPal
Payment can be made at the tournament locations or it can be sent via PayPal ($5.00 PayPal Fee) to info AT atbboston DOT com

Tournament Format
Each player is guaranteed 3 games.
Tournament format is Round Robin Style
There will be 4 players in each pool and you will play everyone in your pool once.
The top 2 players from each pool will advance to the playoff round.
In the event of a 3 way tie in a pool, the players with the most 2 round wins (2-0) will advance to play off bracket.
Playoff brackets format. DOUBLE elimination and best out of 5 rounds.
Seeding will be randomized.

The maximum amount of players will be a 64 for each console.
Please bring proper ID to verify your identity.
Players who arrive late to their match will automatically forfeit. A 10 minute grace period will be allowed.
Players will be held responsible for any damage done to controllers, consoles, and/or property of tournament locations.
Taunting, trash-talking, and cheating will not be tolerated.
Pausing the game will not be allowed unless both parties agree.
Pausing the game to distract your opponent will not be allowed and repeat offenders will be disqualified.
AWOL and ATB wil be supplying regular controllers, if you’re not comfortable with them, then BYOC (Bring your own controllers)!

Winner must stick with same character, loser may pick a new character.
Blind picks can be requested.

Prizes will be
1st place 50% + prizes
2nd place 20% + prizes

Come on guys, it’s time to get Boston back on the map!!!

Are we allowed to pay our tournament fee on the day of the tournament?

Pryde, are you associated with the people running this event? Are the prize amounts you posted here confirmed? Because I haven’t seen them elsewhere. I don’t have any real chance to win but if I’m going to pay $25 to enter a tournament, it would be nice to know that at least some of it goes to the winners and the “cash prize” isn’t some bullshit amount. Their site also says 100 players, not 64.

From what I know, it seems that the rules and stuff are still being ironed out to make it a better tourney. 100 or 64 i doubt that will matter. I am sure the cash prize will be good and the %'s fixed. We and a few others will help them make it a good tourney and hopefully there will be more. From what I heard this is the first tourney these guys ever ran so the rules and stuff are iffy. Im sure everything will be fixed as it gets closer.

I believe you can pay for the day at the tourney.

I’m not associated with them, but I’m just helping set this up on this forum so we can hopefully find some more gamers out there. There might be some untap potential out there that we don’t know about. Hopefully this gathering will revive the Boston fighting game scene.

As for the limit, I know it does say a 100, but if we’re gonna get a correct playoff bracket going, we might as well get it with an even number instead of an odd number, ya get what I’m saying? 64 people out of that 32 will qualify for brackets and it’ll be easier to break down instead of creating un-necessary byes and such.

Sounds like a lot of fun!
And right in Boston! Good times!

EDIT: i found that AWOL is doing PS3 n ATB is 360

hm…they’re thinking of just doing 360, since no one is signing up for the ps3 version. Come on Bostonians, step up and rep up!

I haven’t got a chance of winning but I’m down – I’ll get my registration in soon.

I think all the ps3 people are jsut showing up. At least the ones I talked to. Cant we jsut give the names and pay when we go? Do you got sticks for xbox?

You wanna side bet on which one of us loses quicker? :wink:

yeah i plan to pay when i get there

This tourney sounds like a scam : )

thats 70% :wtf:

rep this man…

General Guidelines

What an odd stupid number.

Taunting and trash talking not allowed, wtf is this some sort of church tournament? and i’m just waiting for someone to say spaming tiger shots or throwing is cheating… fucking stupid…

make sure you hit pause in the middle of grand finals, if it’s the first time you do it it’s cool…

this has to be some sort of joke right?

Yeah, any good tournament is organized that you give away 120% of what you bring in.

IBS Is no fucking joke buddy. Anyway, I don’t get the big issue, they’re just sort of general rules even if they’re not worded immaculately I think it’s good enough and probably will clarified on site. Alternatively everyone might just behave themselves and all your elitist gasping and eye popping will be for naught :frowning:

It’s their first time running a tourney. Forgive them for not knowing the general rules, geeez.

That’s lame if it’s only 360 at both locations.

I would normally join but seeing as how its on a 360 console (and me playing on a ps3 pad) I will have to pass up this opportunity.

Are these guys players or just some random gaming losers that just want to be around the fighting game scene. Fighting game tournements are best run by people that know the culture espeically when bullshit goes down on tournament day.