Avatar: The Legend of Korra - Book 4

Original series is still dope.

Korra is just teen drama.

I saw a couple of episodes of it. It’s actually not to bad. It’s definatly not the Naruto knockoff i thought it was.

theirs an lj group where u can d/l episodes.

and i believe this is the best american show out right now. they really went all out and studied martial arts styles and stuff.

i hope saka gets a girl next yr. or some powers.

i cant wait till next week.

Saw the first episode of it and I must say I’m very entertained. The animation is so smooth I wonder if they use overseas animators to do it.

The Animators are in South Korea.

IDK why but this show fails to deliver in my eyes. just my opinion not a fact :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope season 2 is better.

While i havnt sat down and gav this show my full attention, me and some friends have seen it while flipping through the channels, and i was very impressed. I thought it was gonna be stupid.

Bump for anyone that hasn’t seen it, and spoilers for beginning of season 2 (starts on Friday)

lol Thought so.:rofl:

finally, new episodes. I’ve seriously been waiting a long time for the next chapter in the Avatar book.

and in the preview, it looks like Zuko’s sister is an…electric bender??? (in addition to being a fire bender.)

lol do i smell brokeness?!

is the first season out on dvd?

Kinda. Nick isn’t releasing as seasons (not yet)-- so it is 4 episodes at a time.

And Firebenders can mess with lightning-- it happened in some episode.

how many eps in a season, do you know? i dont wanna buy like 3 dvds and not have a complete season

Season 1 is 20 episodes, but the DVDs aren’t out for it yet except for the first one.

If you just want to watch it, there are links to the torrent of season 1 in the first post.

should be 24 but you can easily find out by googling. or going to imdb.com

Not really, since from what we’ve seen so far, fire bending isn’t as powerful as the other bending (Except when Rouku does it).

Fire bending is really good, but it is more limited.

And remember that Roku is/was an avatar-- I think he was earthbending too (because of the lava). That one guy that is supposed to train Aang looked mad powerful, too. And of course, Iroh is just beastly :rofl:

Nick on DVDs are bitches, for real.

I have only seen like Invader Zim in actual season like packages and shit. But Avatar is really good stuff.

Never seen Fire benders actually mess with any lighting before, if there element is straight fire based, I don’t even know how that would work.

Behind the scenes.

I wanted to watch this.

Mainly to see how hot Mae Whitman is.