Austin, TX Tournament February 23 Tournament Results

I’d just to like to start off by apologizing for the lack of TVs.
That was one of my biggest worries about the tournament, and I thought I pointed out that TVs were a must.
Ah, oh well… at least next time if I do decide to host another one at Tek Rep, we know what to fix next time around ;o

Also, sorry for the large delay.
The tourny was only delay for so long due to lack of TVs. We were trying to find more TVs, but instead all we found was a laggy monitor… glarrr >_<

BTW, thanks alot Cy4hn for helping me out with the brackets with doing sign ups for the other games.

– Results –

CvS2 - out of 16
1st Rudy
2nd Gen
3rd Oscar
4th Legendy Goku
5th Sauvion

CvS2 had to run in singles matches, but with a losers bracket =/

3rd Strike - out of 27
1st Lee
2d Dan N
3rd Face
4th Jose Ryu
5th Jonlo

Guilty Gear AC - out of 14 Teams
1st Robot/Kensou - Team Base Drive
2nd poon/Crimsondisaster - Team CounterStrike
3rd face/big bryan - Team Fuck
4th Ultimate Faust/??? - Team Oklahoman
5th Ramna5000/Xianoir - Team Ramna

Guilty gear had to run in teams to run a little faster, but for some odd reason GG took quiet some time >_>

Marvel vs Capcom 2 - out of 24
1st Toan
2nd Jake
3rd Joaqin
4th Gen
5th Rudy

Fist of the North Star
>> Canceled

Game was canned due to schedule reasons.
Sorry for those who were interested in joining.

Tekken DR - out of 5
1st Jose Ryu.

Sorry, the “out of” numbers are not correct, they are being posted in the amount of people I believed entered.

With that all said and done I think you all for joining my tournament and I’ll be sure to fix the mistakes of this tournament in my next to make sure everything runs great.


well guilty gear was hard to keep moving because it was hard just to get over there… then u have to sit down in that little space… then some fool spilled a drink so there was a big ass puddle on the 2nd player side… other than that i dont know what took so long

edit: ranmas teamate was victor in that 5th place spot

mvc2 24ppl

1-Toan aka totaltoanage (msp/thrax/scrub) Perfect
2-Jake (matrix) lost to me, me
3-Joaquin (thrax/scrub) lost to ?, Jake
4-Gene Flowers aka Buckethead (combo) lost to SA Joe, Joaquin
5± bitches + Rudy and PMD

Winners final 3-0 me, GF 3-0 me. Damn Gene why you gotta make things soo nice for me? Good shit at everyone, money matches were hella fun.

Looks like the Fist of the North Star “scene” in Austin is just as popular as the one out here in SoCal.

Pozer -

It’s RANMA0005. And he teamed up with Victor a.k.a. Xianoir.

Tourney was packed. Austin should look into finding somewhere other than Tek to run tourneys…somewhere bigger.

I’m still in Austin…help me!!!:shake:

j/k Nice tourney but i didn’t like the weekly.


Ah, the event was actually canned due to the way the schedule was ran.
Otherwise, there were people actually interested in playing.

I’m actually gonna start looking for a bigger place (if possible) after Showdown and see where its possible to host a different tourny.

Otherwise, it may be tek rep again ;(

yo guys damn that was one pretty nice turn out :woot:

toan:it was pretty nice meeting you man hopefully you wont take my 20 bux so easily next time fucken mss:mad: :nunchuck:

pozerwolf: thanx for hosting that tourny any time there is another just post up in the harlingen thread :wgrin:

damn joaquin eliminated me lol

oh well joaquin , justin, eric it was pretty tight chilling with you guys last night playing marvel till 6 in the morning jeez i was fucked up lmao gotta do that shit again. :looney:

ugh gotta hit up that training room :shake:

This tournament was really fun guys, it was awesome to see a turnout this well in austin. Let have more of these!

ggs to all the GG players

I wont go easy on you next time hahahaha

this was fun… till next time in a more spacious area.

I had fun, although next time things should be done to try and prevent starting too late for some events. Even without adequate equipment, scheduling should be done to at least try to start close to posted times.(ie take away TV’s from one tournament in order to start the next) It is street fighter tournaments, so by default they always start late so I’m not stressing too much over it. I’m not sure about the bracket program that was being used, but I heard there were some issues with that, I usually like to have paper backup just in case, easier to work with in case of mistakes or what not. Overall it was a great turnout and the staff did as well as they could I think given the circumstances.

Bigger venue obviously would be nice, but if not I think you should have just put the tables against the wall, that little enclave you created for Tekken/GG was hella difficult to move around, plus might open up more space for people to walk around and not in front of tournament matches. I think the turnout for this event was at max capacity for that venue, if you are planning to make it bigger you may want to consider alternatives. Good seeing some old MvC2 faces, hadn’t seen ya’ll around as much recently. I still hate console tournaments, but thats my preference, can’t teach an old dog new tricks and such. Congrats to all the winners, Gene/Rudy in CvS2, Lee in 3S, Kensou/Jake in GG! Hope to see some of you guys make it down to Houston for Showdown next month!

thats fucked up ranma. i see how it is. no shout out to your main man. imma remember thisssss

Lee was lucky I got to the tourney too late to register…Mopreme too :frowning:
jp Lee, good job taking that shit. Your Dudley is getting beastly! Swingback is cheap.

You forget that I hate you shorty =P I like that MAS of yours though, ok fine props to shorty for the win! Much <3 to Joaquin for killing me!

Thanks for the feedback.
And yeah, even tho most tournies do go late, I delayed the events later than it should’ve been.

Not to mention I had the table in the middle like that because I had other ideas on how things could’ve worked when setting up the tvs, but half way thru it looked like it just was not gonna work.

Bah… it just felt so bad.
The turn out was good, just the way it was setup was rather bad =(

Good job Lee.

i cant count how many times i said “GAHH DAAAMMMMNN!” when lee bashed everyone’s head in.

Shout out to everyone that came out to the tourney. Marvel was crazy, this is Joaquin by the way.

Ranma our games were so close, but I had so many close ones too. Close ones against Joey, Joe, Hamm and Gene.

GGs to all out of towners too, shout outs to all SA peeps, next time we have to get more casuals in.

Shout out to all houston players, dallas players and the all the peeps from the valley.

And lastly good shit Toan and Jake, Cant Stop Wont Stop

Hope to see more everyone and more at the next tourney, peace