Austin Thread @ Arcade UFO

Where: Arcade UFO, 3101 Speedway, Austin TX 78705


From I-35: Exit 32nd Street (lower part of I-35 split). Take 32nd Westbound until you hit dead end at Duval. Left on Duval, right on 31st. Arcade will be at the corner on your right.

From Mopac: Exit 35th street. Take 35th/38th Eastbound until you hit Speedway (you’ll pass Guadalupe). Take a right on Speedway and follow it until you hit 31st, arcade will be at the corner on your left.

Parking: There are about 5 spaces available in our lot, and free parallel parking all around the neighborhood after 7pm (check the signs). Don’t park at the other businesses or in any apartment complexes–you’ll get towed!

i’m definitely down for this

Damn, hell I’ll do anything to help get E’s back.
Don’t look like its possible, so I’m down for the “going-away party”.

Kind of sucks, because there had been some random players I’ve ran into at E’s that had great potential to become better, but never had the chance to get to know the players better.
Plus, as mention before it was a great meeting place.

At the moment, me and my room-mate have been keeping the GG scene alive by getting new players almost every month and inviting them to our sessions (which happen almost every weekend). - would be the GG:AC Austin topic, but posting in here is no problem as well.

Until then…

Einstein’s is going away? :confused:

I’m down for this. I live an hour away from Austin now and I wanted to do some leveling up in fighting games before I go to Iraq…

Just post up when you want in on games and what games.

Wtf what happened to Einstein’s?

Just closed down brosky. No warning or anything. :frowning:

Anyway I hear most of the games stein’s had are going to be put at Tek-Republik soon. So looks like that’ll be our new gathering point.


Thank goodness I didn’t waste my time going down there to be disappointed the days before and after New Year’s when I was in Austin.

That’s a nice location for the arcade. When I come back to Austin I will make sure that I stop by there for game’s that weekend.

Mike Jones, Lee and I will be there playing 3s tonight. I know fubarduck will be out as well. So there will be some definite 3s going on tonight, show up if you want to play/chill.

Once you guys get the mvc2 machine, I will get some of the remaining Austin players to check it out. We been getting into 3s a little bit but we still not that good. I am just glad they are able to do this to keep arcades alive in Austin, peace.


Wow, making it 3 songs, while technically a price hike, is actually really helpful for when there’s lines (assuming the rest of the Austin ITG community comes over here too). Seriously, four songs with unlimited selection time, especially when the songs are on average pretty friggin’ long (being a hacked machine after all), often resulted in some incredibly long wait times. So I’ll be glad to see that go next time I’m sitting in a long-ass line.

I’ll be there to check it out tonight. As for the DDR machine, no one cares about Extreme so who cares if that ever goes back up. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Okay that kinda sucked, I guess the ITG2 machine WAS working but when I got there it was having the quote-unquote “issues” (and the Extreme machine wasn’t operational yet either, not that I care about it anyway). Do you have any ETA on when the ITG2 machine will be back up, hopefully in time for this all-nighter thing? And if you need help getting it to work I know a lot of people who are pretty well-versed in working with ITG2 machines so just let me know if I can help out, want it back up and running as soon as possible. Thanks!

We’re sorry for the inconvenience last night, but the machine has been repaired and will be ready for the all-nighter tonight. Thank you for your patience.

Cool, I’ll probably stop in again after the hockey games are over. Thanks a ton for the update.

BTW I submitted it to DDRFreak since they had already taken Einsteins down, so hopefully other DDR players who don’t know about this forum will start to see it now.

EDIT: Okay, some complaints after my first night there. Actually really just one: I figured the volume was going to be turned down from Einstien’s, because it was blasting loud at Einstein’s (always awesome), but holy crap I was not expecting it to be THAT friggin’ low! Worsening the problem is that the people on the computers directly behind the ITG2 machine were by far the loudest, most obnoxious people I’ve ever been around. They seriously made as much noise as they could for pretty much the entire time I was there, and at least three other people who were playing on the ITG2 machine tonight complained to me that they could not hear the songs over their sustained, obnoxious noise. That’s kind of an important thing, hearing the music in a rhythm game.

I’m pretty sure the computers there was kind of like an overflow thing due to the all-nighter because I don’t remember seeing anyone on computers right behind the ITG2 machine when I went there last night. So I’ll give it another shot sometime later this week. But yeah, I’m not going to keep going and spend money on a machine when I can’t even hear the music, and I’m sure plenty of other players will feel the same way after the “omg, the machine’s back!” sort of deal starts to wear off. So I strongly suggest you guys turn the volume up, at least a little bit. If the computer players are always that loud I’m sure they won’t be able to hear it over their own obnoxious noise anyway.

Thanks for your concern.

We have been working closely with Chris, the owner of Tek Republik, to put all of the games at a reasonable volume while still maintaining the generally low-key atmosphere.

The BYOC area for computers is really only popular during all-nighters, so there won’t be a lot of people in the middle area behind ITG during normal business hours.

I will inquire to see if we can turn the volume any higher, and perhaps a reasonable compromise would be to turn the volume up specifically during all-nighters to balance the higher energy of the venue on those nights.

As part of the gaming community, we’ll do our best to make ends meet!

I’ll be coming by Tek Republik this Friday night. Any 3s players gonna be there?

25 cent games is awesome. It’s alot better pricing than other arcades I know… :cough:PZ:cough:

^ lol at your location…Fort Hood…

Things to do when leaving the house in Killeen - Get fat, drink at Bennigan’s/Boston’s/Harker Heights, go to ghetto ass clubs or dirty strip clubs, or leave town.

Killeen’s ST glory = dead

I wanna check Tek Republik out next weekend, since I’ll likely be going to sixth on Friday.

You should go to Tek Republik first, then 6th around midnight. That’s the fuckin plan!!!

SA Tournament for Arcana Hearts and Guilty Gear

Yeah. I joined the Active Army because I wanted to be stationed in the Pacific, but if I’d known in advance I’d end up at Ft. Hood, then I would have just joined the Guard/Reserves…Hood is 3 hours away from my folks place in the suburbs of Houston. >:(

Have you heard of Club Titanium? We’re banned from it because apparently they like to beat up soldiers there and the management doesn’t do anything about it. Killeen = fucking dive.

On a lighter note, I have all of tomorrow off, and I wanted to head out to Austin early, planning on getting there about 9 AM. Anyone wanna show me around? PM me.