Austin Thread @ Arcade UFO

You should have been there 4 years ago…all of us played ST and other games like 4-8 hours at a time. It was legendary.

Yeah the military will send you to random ass places. Someone should have told you that, lol. Have you been to the sandbox yet? I just commissioned in the air force…but I don’t really do anything until 4 years from now since I’m being paid to go to school.

Ah, Friday night was cool at Tek… except for all the random kids being retarded and messing with the cabs.

Still, would’ve stayed longer but my ride was being a bitch (yeah, point at you vincent, lol).

I think I may hit by again tonight ;o

I’m going to the sandbox in the middle of June. Kuwait for 2 weeks, then Southern Iraq.

So you’re going to be a Second Lieutenant in the Air Force? Not bad. I should have joined the stinkin’ Air Force.

i heard god came, ran teh train, and left.

Werd, with Phil and Eric right? No one plays anymore, I don’t know what happened to everyone. I hang out with Phil every now and again, and Aric is out in Cali, only God knows what happened to everyone else, but I’m down for ST and 3S though. Been playing KOFXI and NGBC though.

Fuck it we should start up ST again though. I miss those days

Well be safe.

I’ll be an O-1 for now, but then after getting my DDS at dental school, I’m promoted to captain.

Wow those names haven’t been mentioned on these forums for like 2 years. Btw, who are you? Have we met?

I’m up for 3rd strike or mvc2 @ Tek Republik. I also play kof2k2 but I suck at it. Let me know when. :looney:

(I’m actually frodo, this is an old username)

3S pretty much every Friday night for sure. I’d post up on here when I have free time during the week to play, but 99% of the Austin 3s players don’t post or check this board regularly. Do you live in Austin now?

Hope we got some Guilty Gear players hitting by friday night ;o

Yeah, I live in Austin now, at least until the end of July. Here’s the street I live in:,+austin,+tx&sll=30.382872,-97.722659&sspn=0.015105,0.029182&dirflg=r&ie=UTF8&ll=30.404841,-97.713647&spn=0.007551,0.014591&t=h&z=16&iwloc=addr&om=0&start=0

Oh right on, you live close to Hsien. Anyway since you’re in Austin until July you should give your number out Friday at Tek Republik. That way people can call you anytime 3s is going on. People won’t/don’t post on the board when they play 3s, usually just call some people and get together and play.

Sure thing.

I need a arcade stick for ps2 though. People have recommended e-bay for stock horis, but anyone know where to get custom-made ones? If I wanna go to any console tourneys the best I got right now is a ps3 hori for tekken, got nothing for 3rd strike or marvel.

St !!!

I just moved down from Denton a week ago. If anyone wants to game sometime I could probably have 3 or 4 people at the house. I play the following
ggxac- hos,may,ky,eddie
cvs2 a-sakura/ken/hibiki , k-gief/maki/kyo
3s- Q, alex, makoto
ngbc- mai/big
ss tenka- rimururu/shizumaru
double dragon- abobo… for reals
sfa2- sakura
and other random shit.

give me a call if anythings going down or if you want to game
903 399 6659

I’ll be going today to Tek if you want some 3rd strike or mvc2.

What time are you planning on going? I don’t have any plans tonight, might stop by there around 10p or so.

perhaps I will. Around what time would anyone be heading down there ?

I’m usually there around 9 (randomly), most of the time playing ITG2, but I tend to jump in on 3S or GG:AC (when people actually play it).

I suck at 3S tho, I use yang…
Blehh… ;o

yea I “just” got back into 3s after a year of not wanting to play it at all, so im trying to get better. accent core/cvs2/st are my best games and DOUBLE DRAGON… i’ll money match anyone at that shit.

I don’t know do I know you? My name is Steven, I started playing and the first tourney I went to was Texas Showdown. So I dunno, anyway Phil and I are tryin to go down on the 23th to play.

Yes no one is left, not even Jeff, I figured Jeff would be the longest but he joined the air force. And Carlos, how I miss his vega, only using a whopping three buttons lol, (LP, HP, HK), but yeah it’s just me and Phil now. And Phil doesn’t even play too much anymore. Been trying to get more ppl onto ST but everyone wants to play 3s. Regardless, I will attempt to hold down Killeen’s ST glory.