Austin Thread 6.0! Whizzbang tallyho

Hello Austin!!!

Remember playing games? Well, we are going to do that again!!

Let me begin this thread by mentioning that myself and other members of TGA have arranged a night in which 2D gamers can get together once a week and get some games in. This is because since everyone switched to Guilty Gear #Reload from regular XX, Einstein’s now has ONLY 3rd Strike for us to play. I like 3rd Strike as much as the next Austinite, but there is unfortunately no way for people who play other games to get together in a public setting and get some games in. This also gives the console-only players a chance to play on non-arcade controls.

So, without further adieu . . .

TGA presents . . . 2D night at the Lancave

When: Every Friday, 8:00pm-12:00am
Where: Lancave at Jester West. click here for directions.
Cost: $2 per person
Games: Capcom vs SNK 2, Marvel VS Capcom 2, Guilty Gear XX #Reload, and Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike.

I will bring all the joysticks I can, but that won’t be enough-- so make sure to “BYOJ” if you have one!

We will try to have one set-up for each game, but this Friday (Oct. 15th) there is going to be a UT tournament that takes up all the monitors so we’ll only be able to use the two HDTVs for set-ups. So, this Friday, we will be doing only GGXX#R and CVS2, but every Friday after that we will have all 4 games available. We will also add Capcom Fighting Evolution to the mix (replacing CVS2) as soon as it comes out–the release date for the US version is Nov. 17th, so we will have it for everyone to play as well starting on Friday, Nov. 19th!

Let’s try to use this thread as a way for Austinites to communicate and get an idea of who all is going to the console nights. There is already a hoppin’ Austin thread on Gamecombos where all the Guilty Gear players have been posting right here.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see everyone Friday night!

Hey Ryan! Just saying hi from Louisiana.

Did you announce the GGXX #Reload 3CGI vids are available for download anywhere? I just found out by randomly browsing the page.

damn it’s about time someone takes action for the scene in Austin. No thanks to the useless shitfuck arcades einstein’s and le fun. Hopefully this is still goin down when I get back in the spring.

Oh yeah, fubarduck, maybe this isnt the thread, but i was wondering if Yoshis (BLT-Tsubojiru) SC2 finals were capped?

Nope, but you just announced it for me, thanks =)

Nope. Unfortunately, we didn’t find out our capturing equipment worked until AFTER the SC2 finals. We were all very disappointed, as this was by far the best final match at the 3CGI this year. Oh well, live and learn.

I will not be able to make it this weekend, but was there last weekend.

The price is right and the setup is awesome. Thanks to Ryan and the TGA guys for making it happen.

If you can’t find free parking on 21st street (road on the North side of Jester), you can park down by the stadium for free on a weekend.

yea this is fuckin awesome…hopefully there will be some marvel players though

So when CFE comes out there will be no CvS2 at all? boooooo! I’ll still be going though :).

Hey Ryan, don’t mean to come off like an ass or anything, the idea sounds great. But are you saying everyone abandon Einsteins?

I mean, shouldnt we support what is left of the local arcade scene?

Im pretty sure Ive been going to Einsteins longer than any of you (first time I went I was around 16… Ill be 30 on Sunday if anyone was curious) and I would hate to see it close and further along the drags current trend of becoming a shitty strip-mall.

Hey man, I feel you. You just have to realize that this thing is fri. night for a couple of hours…not 24/7. Besides, Einsteins gets most of it’s business from regulars going M-F b/t or after classes. I’m sure this won’t have much effect on Steins, but I could be wrong.

don’t spam our thread. are there any mods who can delete this?

I completely agree with you, but like Jaime said, it’s only for a few hours out of the week–and most of Einstein’s business (for 3rd Strike, at least) comes during the daytime on weekdays, anyway.

Additionally, we can only support E’s so much. I love that place, and have been going almost every school day for a little over four years now. However, there is only so much 3rd Strike I can play. I play a lot of other 2D games, and if they can’t keep up with the trends (upgrading to #Reload, getting Fighting Jam, maybe even getting an MVC2) how can we be expected to give them all of our business? I am simply providing an outlet for the rather large group of people that play other 2D games who ALREADY haven’t been able to play at Einstein’s for a really long time due to their generally poor choices in game selection.

You also have to realize that Mopreme and Mike Lai have had 3rd Strike arcade boards for a long time now, and that hasn’t really affected Einstein’s 3rd Strike business THAT much. Since there’s a near-perfect port on PS2 now, there should be no one playing at E’s at all in theory–but we are still devoted to that place, and that is why they will keep getting our business in between classes and on random nights.

Hope to start seeing you at our get-togethers, regardless!

Add me to the list of who owns 3s arcade board :bgrin: (although we really need to buy/build a new cabinet because neogeo cabinet is too cramped) :arazz:

The whole LanCave deal sounds like awesome idea. Cheap, too. Nice. I’ll try to go this Friday. See ya there!

I’ll try to make it fri. night as well…but I gotta fix mopreme’s stick first since AlexanderYOONZZ decided it would be cool to break it for no reason at all.

Hooray. Go pad warriors :clap:

As of right now, my only other means of practicing #R involve using the Xbox controller, so I’m definitely gonna try to make it.

Turliz, we all saw about the tournament in the other 28 threads it was posted about it in, and yes, I may attend. Tournaments need (at the most) 2 posts on SRK–one in Tournaments & Events and one in Southwest. Your post here was spam. If you don’t delete it, I will make sure you get an IP ban.

Wait, wait. What console is it again? THe release date looks rather too early or something.

just drop it turliz

This is mega phat and I will not attend this time but probably the next

So who IS showing up tonight?

Anyhow I’ll come. In the future, anybody want to teach me Marvel? All I can do is scrub around with Mag/Psy =p

No dicussion needed. Peace out.