ATTENTION! I unlocked the sagat secret! He is back baby!


THE MAIN COMBO Is the 3 Bars Angry Scar, (Hard tiger knee Into Fierce Tiger Uppercut) Most realistic combo

Roman: [media=youtube]p0J7RY3q-9E[/media]

This is me Playing at the Tournament
YouTube - ?psychoChronic Mosh?‎ Go to the Match with me against seth

This is just the final Match(AMAZING COMEBACK!!! HYPE)
[media=youtube]6Bf1Zqxr3Ag[/media] (SHout Out to BuddahForce For the great matches)

At The A&C Games Tournament i came in first place and won A Real arcade pro 3 Hori Joystick

  1. Its A (Need: 1 Angry Scar) Tiger knee 2nd Hit into FADC (2 Bars) Into Tiger Uppercut (DAMAGE: 380 something)
    With 2 more bars you can FADC Again into ultra. It all Equals Into 4 bars For FADC and 1 for Angry Scar.

  2. This combo works on every character except Rufus and Blanka And when we really think about thats ok because we want to stay away from them

  3. (For The combo)
    In The corner You can also do an ex Tiger uppercut To replace the Uppercut for even more Damage!

  4. Also In the corner with 1 angry scar If you space your self far enough for 1 hit with the medium tiger knee your opponent is still in the air and it is possible to juggle again with the tiger Uppercut

  5. Another Combo(Very Strict Timing)
    Medium Punch Into Angry Scar, crouching Light Punch into Tiger Knee, FADC Into Tiger Uppercut Or ex if they in the corner

  6. The Max Damage I have done using this combo Is 652 Damage Starting with jumping forward fierce Then standing Medium Punch into The deadly Combo with the ultra. (At Evo Seth Killian was defending sagat saying he was not nerfed Very confidently he said he got better. well I AGREE FOR SAGAT TO HAVE THIS MUCH POWER IN ONE COMBO HE IS NOT OVERNERFED I TAKE BACK WHAT I SAID BEFORE!) BTW The old Uppercut into anti air forward roundhouse takes off 200 Damage 2 Bars? with one more ex bar 370 something is it worth it? HELL YAH!!

  7. EXAMPLE Look The New Sagat In Action.

  8. Guys The Tiger Knee Into Tiger upper cut into Ultra is just to show you sagat is still on top in terms of damage. no matter how much People are going to hate. Real Sagat players are going to take this & Appreciate what i found out and get better .

  9. what i call fake sagat players feel like this is useless they Don’t use it at all, just cry somewhere else because this sagat forum is for real sagat players Not The scrubby Overpowered vanilla loving sagat. BTW I have use this in a match against Emblemlord WHAT YEAH! If you still don’t understand read below

  10. The point was that your not going to be using 5 Bars In the match Is supposed to show that sagat does have the strength which it is just reformed in a different way. The combo Heavy Tiger Knee Into Scarded Uppercut is only 1 angry scar and 2 for FADC The strength From sf4 was put into this sort of an advance combo. so Scrubs Like don’t have to abuse sagats strength.


Awesome! Thanks for the combo Moshtaba. And congrat’s on the tournament win!

This doesn’t make up for his nerfs, he’s definitely worse off, but still sweet combo either way. 5 bars is a lot. Used to be that Sagat was doing that kind of damage with just 2.

By the way if you’re just looking for big numbers, neutral jumping fierce is Sagat’s hardest hitting combo starter.

Lol uncle phil you gotta stop worrying about the old sagat. The 5 bars was just supposed to show that he still has the damage. And the Strong muai thai Boxer Is still there. For Really Good sagat players This is a dream come true because its high damage and easy to pull off in a match.

Its just that it has turned into more Bars with it The Tiger Knee Into Tiger Uppercut Is just 3 Bars And takes off huge damage against any player.

Also you can use 1 angry scar. to juggle in the corner from a tiger knee

It may not be like the old combo in vanilla But its better then complaining about how his old combos are weak. Because The Old uppercut into Leg Is 200 Now. And my combo is 380 something. Since everyone is nerfed this is amazing!

Guys This is not the same Sagat in Sf4 Some things are still their like the zoning But These are the new ways of punishing. You don’t have to use 5 bars But 3 Is how much we need now since the game has changed.

Yeah, no.

What it requires:

-full Super bar
-not using TU after you charged it with AS, otherwise you’d need to use AS again and then rebuild that meter
-not using TU FADC, handicapping your get-out-of-trouble options
-Rage meter to perform the Ultra
-a focus crumple to be able to land a close, cancelable normal into TK
-a succseful jump-in

The number of times the situation arises to EVER use this (you WILL need to anti-air with a TU after an AS, you WILL need to FADC out of blocked TU’s to get out of trouble) will always be miniscule.

That’s not to mention the Ultra aspect of it. There are usually two times you have Ultra available: getting your ass kicked, or late in a round where both players probably have Ultra from a close fight. Regarding the prior, if you’re getting your ass kicked with Sagat, you are being rushed down. You will not land this combo while someone is rushing your shit down. Your only hope in that situation would be a focus crumple, and even THAT occurring requires your opponent to have shoddy rush-down, and if you land a focus crumple, this combo loses its scariness because it’d start at 80% damage scaling.

Most importantly, if you’re being rushed down that’s usually when you’re going to want to TU or TU FADC outta there. But you can’t FADC, you’re saving the meter! Maybe you can’t even TU because you’ve already AS-ed it and you need to save it for the (your) combo you pray to god you’re going to land later. Should you dare TU, you need to AS again AND regain a bar of meter. You’d be getting mauled, handicapping yourself to no get-off-of-me move, while you try to preserve that teeny tiny chance that you’d land this combo.

Now let’s say it’s late in the fight and both players have been beaten enough that you both have Ultra… in that case… why would you possibly need this combo? Any combo with TU FADC Ultra is probably going to be good enough to secure you a win.

You will not pull this combo off in a real match. You just plain will not be given the opportunity. The only way you’d land it is if you spend the entire round making sure that, should the opportunity arise (don’t hold your breath), you already used AS and have full Super. You’re going to lose against a high-level player if you play like that. And I don’t care (no one should care) if you land this online against an opponent or if you land this against one of your local scene’s players, this combo will get you nowhere at the highest level of play… and that’s the only level of play that matters when discussing how strong a character is or where they are in the tier list.

I mean, it’s a neat-as-shit looking combo, and not impossible to land, it just takes so much meter managing to pull off. You need to use meter during a match, you need to focus on other things during a match…

But on the other hand: hell yeah big damage.

LOL ITS PLAYERS LIKE YOU THAT RUIN THE SAGAT SECTION. YOUR BASICALLY INUSLTING ME YOUR BEING ALL NEGATIVE. Honestly I showed you something Take it or leave it If you feel like your such at a high level You don’t need to use 3 Bars Then Go F*K Yourself. I’m showing something to Sagat players that there could be a situation when your opponent fucks up and you could use a combos like this to get huge Damage off the other player (Example #5). But Go ahead be a douche and tell everyone this combo is useless. Because when i am using this combo smashing other players You could uppercut into leg All you want. BTW I have played at high levels and I know that this combo (Tigerknee Into uppercut) won’t happend all the time because Sagats Tigershot game is more impotent But your saying This is completely useless at high levels. You don’t have to do this all the time If you feel like doing the uppercut because your pressured then do it. Pros will learn this combo and master it. ALL i have to say Is GTFO Because your living in Vanilla world.

If someone actually SERIOUSLY lands this, I will eat my hat.

  1. EXAMPLE Look The New Sagat In Action.

That damage just from TK-> Scar’d TU is pretty beast. Will add it to practice mode.

You know what, I sorta misunderstood the point of your OP. Partially my fault that I assumed the main point of your post was the 5 bar combo, and that’s why I adressed that combo exclusively. I figured that was your ‘big find,’ not just TK FADC TU. So my mistake if that wasn’t the point of your post. I was right about your 5 bar combo, let’s not kid ourselves, but I guess that’s not the point you were really trying to make. So my mistake for not addressing that. I wasn’t shooting down TK FADC TU.

I would absolutely use three bars to land the TK FADC TU combo… not 5 to land your other unrealistic combo. So let me make it clear:

-A combo like cr.fw xx TK FADC AS TU is a reasonable combo to use, thank you for pointing it out
-Your 5 bar 6XX damage combo is not a reasonable combo. That is what I was referring to in my entire post

I think it’s a very nice punish… though I don’t know how often you’ll have the opportunity to land it. If you can land it it’s a great punish, but SSFIV Sagat is still SSFIV Sagat, unforunately.

I am sorry if i misunderstood you but yes the 5 bars was just to show that the damage of the character is still there but the 3 bars is what basically what that combo Big find is. Also i am learning other ways Juggling the Scared Tiger Uppercut.

To show you how much i have been using it out of roughly 100 games i have done it not forcing it 60 or more times. These include the high level players i have played against. Im sorry i don’t know about you guys but my zoning game is great and i have not been having problems like others and i thought this would really help the sagat players with punishment problems.

Well I don’t know everyone take it or leave it.

Hey Mosh i’ve been using this combo since day 1 and yeah its a great punisher!Don’t expect anyone here to appreciate it though cause i posted it awhile ago in Sheraphing-Angel’s SSF4 Sagat Gameplay+Changes Thread and no one gave a damn.Also try EX-uppercut->ultra1 on Hakan after the FADC (anywhere on screen),its super easy!Oh and btw,excellent play in the vega video!U sure are a joy to watch!!

Can you AS after the fadc and then hit the combo?

No, you gotta TU right after the FADC. Extremely legit punishment combo though. Like ~450 damage or something (plus a shit load of stun). For three bars, one of which you can reserve, that’s pretty damn good. It is a limiting factor though that you have to have AS BEFORE you attempt the combo. That means between you activating AS and them fucking up, you can’t use TU if you want to land this.

You know, it would have been mad sexy if Sagat’s standard TU had AS-TU juggle properties innately. It would almost make the damage nerf from the transition from vanilla worth it.

This is so old lol. My boy Roman figured this out months ago and showed me. And you need Alot of friggin meter. Nice combo, but it’s not game breaking and yes, you are required to sit on meter while you wait for the chance to do this. As far as Ultra set-ups and comeback potential goes Sagat still outclasses pretty much everyone even with the damage nerf. What he needs is better BnB’s not better damage off Ultra set-ups.

Wait your boy roman lol I’m pretty sure Roman is my boy too I have done it to him like 20 Times in the match I’m thinking he might of got that from me? I knew this months and months ago i just waited till i won the tournament. to show everyone. LOL I don’t understand talking about meter seems a lot but when your doing tiger shots all day and other factors are in Play Bars are thrown away in matches. I know Almost everything else sagat can do in this game and this has made my game 60% Better because saving bars all the time was a problem this helped me save bars and use them effectively

Ye man Thanks for watching the video. I am just trying to show that sagat is not the same sagat from vanilla he has a new style of play that was made for him With the Angry Scar with a bit from sf4 and most from SST2 & Alpha But Your supposed to conserve your bars bars but when needed you can use them. Its not like everyone has to do it in every match.

i find it funny that this thread even exists…the very title of this thread lets me know the overall mentality of these forums…sagat’s damage output was dropped…of course, but does that really make him that worse off? not with how he can control space similar to how guile and akuma can do the same…sagat, in my opinion, is more like he was back in turbo 2 and how he and gen were in alpha 2, meaning u had to work for the win…now that his damage has been dropped, the whole bandwagon train as i call it has ended and i find that to be quite humorous…great combo but seriously, did anyone give sagat a chance in super before they automatically assumed just b/c his damage and health dropped, he’s worse? if you’re one of those people and u call yourself a TRUE sagat player and not a bandwagon player, don’t be so closed-minded to it all…think back about what j wong said about adon before super 4 had been released…ironic how things turned out for him huh?..i know i’ll probably get flamed for this but this is an open forum and i felt i’d express myself as such…

sorry to spoil the thread but I and a couple of other sagat players found this out a while ago , its posted in the sagat combo thread aswell a few pages back if i recall correctly. nothing new and doesnt make sagat top tier.

Pros have abandoned Sagat a long time ago.

More in line with his ST self?!?!? Sagat could dizzy you with ONE jump in combo in ST AND do half life with that same combo. His damage was HUGE. Damage on his uppercut was almost 25% life. Sagat IS worse in Super. It’s not speculation it’s fact. No one said he can’t win or he’s hopeless. They said he’s worse and that’s a fact.