ATTENTION! 209 Area-(209 Region in Cen-Cal,CA) Players Interested in a OFFLINE FGC SCENE/LOCAL TEAM

**Hey 209 Area FGC Members, Gary (ShockBeast) here, & I’m trying to start a local FGC Scene cause i’m tired of going to San Jose/Stockton/Sac/Fresno/Etc. on a Weekly Basis for Offline Competition needs. I Reside here in L.B. (209 Area) & finally got fed-up with my traveling, and am posting this thread in the hopes of uniting some of you Local 209 Area FGC Players, (I know you guys are out here cause I saw a couple of your posts here in Reg.Matchmaking, I’ll try to get you guys in this thread by messaging you guys individually).

My Short-Term goal by posting this thread is to tally-up how much of us FGC Players are out here locally & to try to start a Monthly or Bi-Weekly Gathering Event on a regular basis so that we can attend & Level-Up our Local Scene. When we reach around 5 or so Local Players in this thread (No Specific#, Although 3 would be sufficient enough to move forward), we’ll try to meet-up in a local coffee-shop & discuss our options such as gathering event location/times/set-up/etc.

My Long Term goal is to eventually form a Local Team for our FGC Scene & Run Consistent Streamed Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthy Fight Nights!! Separately from MBF (Online Weekly), Although we can incorporate MBF into our Gatherings with Various Set-Ups for Multiple Games, & Put Ourselves on the FGC MAP so we can attend bigger (Drivable) events together as a Team such as NCR/SCR/EVO/etc. (While wearing our Team Logo Shirts) & Eventually have our very own Local Arcade here in the 209 Area. That Dream is a bit of an imagination right now, cause we gotta take the 1st step First & start a local FGC Scene.

I can also be contacted on the Following:
PSN: @ Shockbeast. (Add me if you have PSN)
Twitch: @ ShockBeast (Use the Twitch Message Email)
Twitter: @ Shockbeast_
Disqus: @ Shockbeast
or just simply reply to this thread, (as It will also go into my Email Inbox) I look forward to hearing from you local players especially, Also do your part to unite our Local FGC Scene. If you know any Local Players, Forward this posting link to them. (For the purposes of this Thread) 209 FGC Local Scene does not have to be 209 specifically itself, although I would like for us to stay within 209 as much as possible with a radius of about 50 Miles so we don’t inconvenience ourselves too much. I will try my best to monitor & update this thread as more locals join this posting, & will keep you guys updated. I hope to get something in motion soon, So Stay tuned for more Info & do your part to grow our passion for the FGC <3 Community. THANK YOU!! :slight_smile: ------Gary

hurray!!! finally an LB scene … count me in … my psn is Mr__CHUCKLES add me

Send you a Friend Reqst, Add me!!

Once i get home I’ll add

i didnt see your friend request. i send you one …i think its ur psn …ryu avatar

THNX!! I did send it, but I used only 1 Underscore & it looks like I sent it to the wrong ID (Demon Avatar) :confused: & the Avatar didn’t match the Reqst u sent, but I just accepted ur Reqst right now (Clown Avatar). :slight_smile: I’ll try to stream tomorrw, We’ll chat on Twitch, add me on there too.

the two underscores always gets people . ya mine has clown avatar. i never on twitch but if i remember ill make an account before i head out of town this weekend

**ANNOUNCEMENT: Hey L.B. Scene Forum, Thought i’d Post some Announcements to Hype-Up This Thread. I’ll be starting Season 2 of our USF4 WEEKLY TOURNEY Soon at my Arcade-Bar GameRoom, Stay Tuned for Season 2 Reveal Announcement by Following me on Twitter @ Hope to C U Guys Out Here so We Can Run Some OFFLINE SETS as well as Participate in MONDAY BAR FIGHTS!! (WEEKLY STREAMED ONLINE/OFFLINE USF4 TOURNEY with a PRIZE-POOL PAYOUT SYSTEM to TOP-3 Finishers (PSN PRIZE-CODES UPDATED WEEKLY)…Here’s the SRK Announcement Thread for MBF Season 2. You can also Enter by going to the Twitch Channel Above from a Computer. SFV MONTHLY (SS Qualifier) ONLINE TOURNEY with a TOP-3 PRIZE-POOL PAYOUT SYSTEM **

LB, huh? I haven’t been there in nearly half a year.

Ohh Bummer…U use to be local??

If you consider an hour away local, yeah still am. Sorry about the late response.

it’s all good, I thought you meant you actually use to live in L.B. That might be an inconvenience for you to come over to L.B. for a Bi-Weekly, but if your down, Count Yourself In.(Compared to alot of my Online Friends, an Hr. Away is pretty Local in Offline Standards, LOL!!) I use to go to a place called GFL for a Bi-Weekly in the Bay when I lived over there, that was about 2Hrs. From my house over there. How many miles are you exactly from L.B., If we hold our Offline Sessions 1nce a Month than that won’t be too bad?? What you think??

thats the down part of living in this small town. everything is an hr away in every direction. ugh . i would drive to fresno,modesto, sanjose, even frisco once. well that was for fun. we played for drinks looser buys the winner a drink. let just say i was down almost 10 beers.

I know exactly what you mean Chuckles, I finally got fed-up with all that traveling too & thought there has to be at least a couple of FG Players in a town of 37,000. :slight_smile: Hopefully we get a few more people to join our group & we’ll have an L.B. Team in no time. Sooooo Exited Guys, Finally things are starting to come together. BTW, You are gonna love what i’m doing to the Arcade-Bar GameRoom (No Spoilers).

best player from oakdale reporting in

Gustine player coming at ya! Ready for a few offline sets with you all.

This’s what I’m talkin about!! Way to go Local Scene!!, better start thinking what are Team Name is gna be!! You seeing this Chuckles??, Didn’t knw we had Killers Lurking around our neck of the woods, Sup BonBon & Natsu, Welcome to the Forum…looks like we’re gna hold have to hold those Offline Sets Sonner than planned Chuckles…“Shock: Damn gta hit the Lab Sooner than I thought, lol” Hey BonBon, Natsu,& Awakened, What’s ur Schedule like?? Days, Times, etc.

Hey BonBon, I jus googled Oakdale from LB, ur hovering around 50mi., u cool with that travel-time/distance?

I work monday through fridays, from 2pm to 10:30 pm. I usually have weekends off.

Cool, I want to hold our offline sessions in the overall best schedule for all members in the thread, so everybody post ur availability times on here so we can come to an agreement on times/days.