Atrocitus Would be Proud- The Injustice Rage and Hatemail Thread

Now that Injustice has it’s own section, might as well make a hatemail thread. Post any funny rage or hate you have gotten.

I’ll start. During my first match the opponent kept complaining every time I hit him, eventually he just stopped fighting and said that I wasn’t going to win anyway. He ended up rage quitting and sending me a message saying lol virgin. I was amazed how fast it took me to get hatemail.

I received my first hate mail during pre-release. Player named hidden-ninja2 played Batman and he wouldn’t stop jumping. He would jump to make his approach and start his offense. Luckily I manage to find my AAs with Nightwing at point and would punish him every time he took to the air. After running into him a few more times he says I’m a spammer, a dick and to stop using interactables

Technically since your playing Nightwing, you are a Dick lol (sorry couldn’t resist the easy joke).

I have another one, he was playing a Deathstroke (I think, don’t remember, he really didn’t get much offense) and I was Sinestro, I kept zoning him out, and him and his friends were on the other end constantly complaining about how I kept attacking him from the other end of the screen, or commenting on my screen name. Eventually he rage quit,only for us to be matched up again. All I hear is “oh $#!t, Sandwich”, and then he quit again. The only time i’ve ever heard the word sandwich uttered with fear.

Well if you’re using nightwing you are a dick (grayson)

So far only 1 mail saying that aquaman is broken and how i have no life because i won with combos (he was using a lol lazers superman :confused: srly he only was doing lazers and a little 3hits combo lol)

And a lot of mic hate and ragequits lol king of the hill and survivor modes

Not mine, is from sephi22 on NeoGAF but omg:

Mic hate in King of the hill tends to be hilarious. I was in one room last night where one player kept complaining about how the dominating players kept spamming projectiles to win (Said dominate players used Superman and Black Adam). To add extra hilarity the complaining player mained Raven. He would get zoned so easily every time it was his turn. They went in on him so hard.

All ready explain at the other threads but end up against a nightwing player who only use IO to win. Spam my arrows and used a IO for the finishing blow resulting in a message telling me to play fair.

Another one is a KOTH lobby where everybody are complaining about the IOs as the power characters were abusing them. They never bother turning it off yet still bitch about whenever somebody used an IO.

I beat this guy 4 games straight in a player match with Nightwing. I kept on zoning him out with his ground splash attack and he was never blocking. After he left the lobby he send me a message saying “only play 1 char and that too like a coward pathetic” ._.

Edit: I was playing Nightwing, he was playing Catwoman. I was zoning him with Nightwings ground splashes because he wouldn’t block. He sent me a message saying ‘Having fun spamming?’ I said ‘Let me show you my Deathstroke!’ Before I even drained his first health bar he ragequit. I sent him a message saying ‘Nice ragequit.’ He replied saying ‘Yep, you’ve proven your worth’ and I replied with '2-0’
I am having lots of fun online

I only fought in one KotH room that had voice chat, and it was a great time. So much salt and mockery. Now everybody is quiet in every room I go into :frowning:

I haven’t recieved much hatemail. First one I got was from an Aquaman who kept spamming ground trident nonstop, and I was using Superman. So I would counter with jumping heat vision. When I won, he bitches about me spamming heat vision, to which I asked how I’m a scrub for spamming a move to counter the move he was spamming. If a “scrub” beats you, that makes you lower than a scrub. Next message, which I anticipated, contained nothing but swearing and insults, which I also anticipated.

I hear a TON of people whine and cry in game while I body splash them all day with Doomsday.

Though I do not own the game, my friends and I do and during the day we play Injustice in the lounge at school. My friend who brings his PS3 and his copy of the injustice and made up a rotation; if you lose you stay on and the winner leaves so that the loser can improve. One friend didn’t enjoy this idea because he believed the winner should stay.

I’ve had my experience with 2D fighters and I tend to play offensively, as well as to choose rushdown-esque characters. That being said, I picked Catwoman while my friend chose Doomsday before our fight. I trapped him to a corner and senselessly attacked, and he would call me a bitch whenever I would block. I destroyed him. Two days later, I went through an entire rotation defeating nearly everyone on the list. However, because I won so many times, I had to sit out a rotation, meaning I couldn’t play anymore until it made it back to the beginning of the list. I went from my name to the name before mine, and this counted as a rotation.

Sometimes my friend get on me for using female characters and that I should try winning with someone with a penis, and I did so using Batman twice. One even told me that I could play if I use someone other than Catwoman because they wanted to have fun and that they didn’t want me to slaughter everyone again, despite that I got stomped many times when I first played this.

Got a couple today.
First person beat me in a match (I was Grundy, he was Bane) but the we started switching characters, and I beat him with Aquaman, Black Adam and Ares. He told me to stop spamming, you piece of $#!t. I then spell checked his message for him.
Another person was using Joker, I was using Aquaman, he ended up rage quitting, and sent me a message saying “You should stop spamming kid, it’s pathetic”. It is amazing how condescending people can be when they are sending hate mail over a video game.

i got a 1 day suspension because of a rage quiter, only people i ever send a message to are peope who quit, some dude named
MohammadsavesU, so i sent him a message that said i guess MO could not save you,

starting to really luv all muslims There dandy, great folks, we need more

I’m failing to see what Islam has to do with the way he plays a video game online…

Ah, such great logic.

No, wait. It’s a complaint of an idiot.

I have yet to get a rage mail, instead I rage quit! Okay seriously, sometimes I can’t stand things like Aquaman’s damn low pokes with his trident online. Anyone else find it so darn annoying? To clarify I usually play as Green Arrow, Doomsday, or Bane. First one doesn’t have a good counter poke because of the range and the other two seem to be too slow.

Though I have had some rage quitters.

I’ve gotten quite a few, possibly because A) I play Sinestro, and B) When people rage quit on me I send them a message titled “R-R-R-RAGE QUIT!” and bid them GG.

Anyway, one Aquaman rages at me and sends me hatemail before I can even get my message out, so I take the time to reply. He accuses me of spamming because he kept trying to do “From the deep” and I would block, then counter with boulder. When he saw this didn’t work, he would try to approach, then I would do combos that put him full screen again. I explain that if it were “mindless spam” then I wouldn’t adapt to counter whatever he throws at me.
By the 3rd or 4th message proceed to tell him what Aquaman should do in that matchup, including how to avoid my zoning traps and punish my combo starters (I knew this stuff since I’d been blown up by a local Aquaman the previous day). This made him go from super salty to “…Well shit… Thanks for the tips. I have an offline tournament coming up soon and I’ll keep those in mind.”

Yey my firsthate voice mail thanks for he11gatekeeper a horrible siniestro player he sent me a message saying “yo why are a bitch fighting long range get some skills sryl”

Did he actually say that word by word and letter by letter?

I get lots of rage quitters.
Some nightwing in a koth said in the chat “Spammer” after I rushed his tight little ass down with Superman and never let up.
Some terrible flash got mad at me for destroying him with grundy and he said a bunch of curses and insults on the mic.

I had a whole KotH room raging when I busted out Doomsday and Raven on them. Apparantly using a zoning characters tools, and AA, is spamming. So if you keep jumping at me, I shouldn’t use singularity? Do explain why I am supposed to let you have free jump ins.

Trying to figure if some rules were establish amongst the community of how we should play a game.