Atlanta KRUNK [Gaming] CON! Sept 2,3

Damon and Jinmaster Presents:

2865 Lee Holloway Avenue (Bankhead Ave) Atlanta, GA

$10 Admission for the entire weekend - Separate entry fee per game

Saturday (Day 1)

Registration Starts at 9 AM
($10) Halo 2(XBX) Free For All - 10am

($10) Halo 2(XBX) 2 vs 2 - 10am
($10) DOA 4(360) - 10 AM
($10) Super Smash Brothers Melee(GC) - 10 AM
($10) Tekken 5(PS2) - 12 PM
($10) Street Fighter 3: Third Strike(PS2) ? 2 PM
($10) Marvel vs Capcom 2(DC) - 4 PM
($10) Soul Calibur 3(PS2) - 6pm
($10) Guilty Gear Slash(PS2) - 6pm

Sunday (Day 2)

Registration starts at 11AM
($20) Madden 07(PS2) - Noon
($20) Fight Night(360) - Noon
NBA Live (TBD)
NBA Street (TBD)

60/20/10 Payout for each game.

For more information call 240-765-8824 or 757-927-0151
Or go to:

bankhead hwy lol

An event called KRUNK CON!!! Too good…too good. Whoever came up with the name gets cookies from Lil Jon. Someone hit me up with a ride down to Chopped and Screwed con! (scratches turntable). :lol: :lol:

I really would like to come to this but…all the way down in ATL. We’ll have to see about this.

We can try to work something out travel wise. I do live in MD after all…we can see if we cant get something worked out…also, if you buy a train or plane ticket now it should be really cheap. You know Ill look out for you as best I can.

I will make sure Augusta is repped for this event.

I think I’ll practice my ass off and make my SSBM debut at this.


Best SRK handle ever.

maybe ill try to show for this one

I think this is a joke.

It’s so close I may as well go get my ass kicked, err I mean, bring the pain!

is this for real?
cause i dont want to go get a 300 dollar train ticket for nothing

That should have been your first clue it’s bullshit. That’s not a real addy.

I know Damon (orig poster), and he’s not the type to do a joke event. He worked w/ Jinmaster setting up VTYME. Seems the title is not one to be taken seriously.

Well I just assumed he meant buckhead hwy.

If it is a hoax, this isn’t a good way of getting people to come to a tournament that he is running in the future.

But we’ll see what he says about it.

People, (thanks for the confidence Renegade)

This is a REAL event. I just had to go down there this past weekend to confirm the address and everything. It was wrong. It is corrected now. I have a lot of work to do to get the place up and running for that weekend (and future dates) so please bear with me. I will field any and all phone calls or emails ( I am actually going to (hopefully) inherit the location and turn it into a full fledged Gaming Center (Im no longer with X3O and will change my handle asap but I will be doing events for them - GGL Damon will be the new handle). I just need to do a few successful events. No jokes. Those that know me know Im a good dude and I will do my best to make this a success…if it does there is MUCH more to come.

About the venue:

Its a two story building with 4500 sq ft of space. There are two bars one on each floor. Its right next door to a soul food restaurant and a barber shop so if you get hungry and need a haircut, have at it. Not to mention the guys in the barber shop throw down serious money for Madden Money matches…if that your cup of tea. The D4L (The guys that sang Laffy Taffy) studio is within walking distance. The barber shop gets a lot of traffic from local ATL celebrities. I think it will be a good time.

I will be driving down there the Wednesday before the event to get everything set up. People that have contacted me for a ride MAY still be welcome but as you know space will be limited and you will be responsible for your own hotel arrangements. I can help find that out for you though. As a matter of fact some of the ATL guys (thanks for the hospitality) were willing to house Jinmaster and I so they may do the same for you all. Hit me up.

It’s a real Address. Jinmaster and Damon spent $400 out of their own pockets to go to Atlanta to personally check out the place.

From what I heard, the place is off the hook. Its a 2 floor building, that us gamers will have all to ourselves. Jinmaster and Damon are spending a lot of money and time to put this together for us.

The least we can do is attend.

Thanks for the clarification man. I’ll make sure that Augusta is well repped for this one.

No problem. As always I aim to please.

Yo put me down for 3s, yo whats up wit CvS2 yo put that on the roster yo, whats good yo…holla

Bump for people who haven’t seen it.

I will probably be entering mvc2, 3s, and cvs2 I think.