Asuka Kazama | Backdashing and F+2'ing you all day

Asuka thread.

Any Asuka players here?

I really like T6 asuka. She has a lot more options than in DR. Her tier remains pretty much the same, if not slightly higher. Although with a lot more combo options and a few more mixups and moves. She seems to be a lot more fun now.


i think she’s worse in this game tbh

Asuka is a good character, even better in 6, at least according to a good friend of mine who was playing daily in Taiwan, he hasn’t played BR yet since he back in Dallas now, but from what he told me, T6BR everyone is good, just gotta learn to play the character.

If you have T5DR we can play some matches, I haven’t played in a while, but I plan to un rust myself abit before T6BR comes out.

When I played 6 when I went down to Houston, I def felt that she had more options then she did in 5, The dallas scene for Tekken from my knowledge has died alittle bit, but I am almost certain when 6 comes out itll revive itself.

might feel better but the new moves have weakness

Yes I am aware she was hit by some nerfs. The unsafe ws+3 for me was one of the more harsh nerfs. Maybe it’s just the style of the game or probably it’s the fact that Asuka is now a half-bar combo+oki monster with better wall stuff now.

I haven’t played T6 in a year, I was playing DR the other day though and I felt limited. Doesn’t help that nearly every move of hers can be sidewalked to the right in DR. Due to changes that’s no longer such a problem.

She can still compete just like anyone else in the game, and she does have some great editions but you gotta play her totally different in 6 IMO, which isn’t really a bad thing but I just feel that overall she was better in DR.

However some of the things I like include being able to get A LOT of damage off of B+3, one of her best moves. It’s also much easier to wall carry off of 1+2 now that you don’t have to do continuous 1+4 anymore. Being able to combo off of CH u+3 is pretty cool too.

Yes, agreed with the combo damage on B+3 that’s invaluable.

Special mention for SS+2 as well. This move can pretty much sidestep anything and get her out of anything, much better than it was in DR. I even prefer it to her old SS+2 the standing launcher.

Also d/b+4, 3. This move is actually important to Asuka. A high crush CH move. Just the threat of d/b+4, 3 can make your opponents hesitate. It’s up to you to know when to throw it out. Mistime it and you’re gonna get ducked and launched.

She can punish slightly better too. For example her new 12 frame punish of 2, 1.

2,1 and 2,3 are i13. B+1+4 is i12 though and a NC now.

1,1_1,2_1,3_1,4 are also NCc now.

lol, posting here instead of tz eh guys?

just few observations…

whiff b+3 and its dash in d/f+2 your ass. block b+3 and its still d/f+2 your ass.

1+2 sucks. underrated nerf, gets stepped like crazy (practically everything gets stepped like crazy in this game except the homing moves) and has less range (1 full bdc and it whiffs). still gotta use it for some mixups, but not worth it any more imo.

b+1+4 is i12 and shitty, but better than nothing. kick tracks 360, punch doesnt track for shit. semi-legit mid/low mixup, but i still think you can block/low parry on reaction once you see it enough. mid 4 ender puts them bt with no easy beefy followup. beastly players will step the punch and hopkick the low. sweet.

punishment sucks. list:
-10 use standing 1
-11 use standing 4
-12 use b+1+4
-13 use 2,3
-14 use 3,1
-15 use d/f+2
-17 use f+2

prob would want to use 2,3 to punish -13 and -14 due to knockdown, but 3,1 is more damage and leaves them standing if thats your thing. hopkicks will own most your moves, but if you block it then you get that ultimate punishment that is 19 points of damage on b+1+4.

f,f+2 is supposed to be i13 or so, but its more likely to be 14 or 15 with the dash. hella damage. breaks floors. wont shift to attack throw on the side and back. does like 40% on rage. d/f+1,2 also deals tons of damage.

2,3 is -17 on block. totally sweet. they can block, hesitate, then d/f+2 for half your life and lunch money.

d/b+4,3 is a hard ch hit confirm. you have to know you are going to hit d/b+4 as a ch, but its so slow its kinda hard. usually what happens is they do a move after you initiate the d/b+4 so you ch them late.

ws+1,4 cannot be delayed at all but im sure yall knew this. pretty lame. easy rollback on hit.

f,f+3 tech crouches and KDs hard, but ends in fc and is -14. if it hits, ws+1+2~d is easy pressure. you can do one cancel then do it again for ch hunting. f,f+3 W! is good, but you gotta remember to cc then do your bounding move. so, f,f+3 W!, cc b+4,2, b!, b+2,1,4 or something like that.

ws+1+2 on ch will make people explode. free f+2 followup that doesnt scale.

easy juggles:
d/f+2, u+3, 2,1, 2,1,1+2, b! iws1,4 - for damage and no wall
d/f+2, u+3, 1+4, b+2,4,3 - best wall carry

1+4,2,d+4 - most dmg wall combo, must be on high wall float/hit otherwise the third hit will whiff and they will tech the low kick into ownage. wont work after a b+4,2 bound at wall usually because the b+4 hits them against the wall and counts for the wall combo.

got hella more info, but its time to sleep.

probably the worst character tbh

she can still work it like the rest of em.

OH SHI- insomnotek sighting!

She’s got some beefy stuff in BR, but at the same time she’s recieved so many trade-offs that I’m not too sure i’ll play her beyond casuals.

So, been playing tekken 6 in the arcade for awhile now, but I mostly have no idea what I’m doing. :lol: Haven’t played tekken for awhile

Planning to pick up on my old main asuka, but just need to know a few things.

What are some good BnBs/launchers?

What’s a good juggle combo to use?

How do I wavedash? Forgotten the motions for it.

asuka in a nut shell:

d/f+2, u+3, 2,1, 2,1,1+2, b!

f+2, u+3, 2,1, 2,1,1+2, b!

d+3+4, d/f+1, 2,1, 2,1,1+2 b!

b+3,4,1+4, 2,1,1+2 b!

u/f+4, 2,1, 2,1,1+2 b!

1+2, 1+4,2, 2,1,1+2 b!

CH b+4, 1+4,2, 2,1,1+2, b!

CH u+3, d/b+4,3, d+2 b!

CH ss+4, d/f+4,3, d+2 b!

CH d+2, 1+4,2, 2,1,1+2, b!

3~4, ws+4, f+2

ws+3, 2,1,1+2, b! b+2,1+2,4
d/b+2, 2,1,1+2, b! b+2,1+2,4

post bound enders are ws+1,4 (not after d+2 bound), b+4,2 and d/b+4,3. dash 1+4 works for post b! wall carry.

asuka doesn’t have a wave dash. she has a f+2~d cancel, but its no where near as fast as a wave dash.
to wavedash with mishimas and baek, its f,n,d,d/f over and over again.

Probably the worst quote tbh. :rolleyes:

Did that F+2 cancel change at all from DR to BR? Cancel frames and such still the same?

still the same.

be wary of canceling in someones face though. d/f+2 will eat up all asukas options after the cancel.

I’m definitely maining her. Kinda wondering how she’ll do in terms of character ranking.

lower 20 for sure.

lowest 10 maybe.

this is out of 40 characters.

Damn, why so low? Although I do like shit-tier characters.