Assist tier list ..... Let's hear them

Hey community I have been looking for a great assist teir list and cannot find a decent one out their revised to accommodate umvc3, maybe I need to look harder or if you have input I would love to hear it.

pretty acurate

Cool thanks

I’d move Mystic Ray up to S and Shopping Cart down to A, but yea that’s fairly accurate otherwise.

Mystic Ray above Shopping Cart? No way.

Mystic Ray is good, but it’s not an S tier assist by any means.

I think because any projectile pretty much stops the cart and MR had to be blocked full screen. The placement is accurate.

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what makes ammy assist so good?

longest lockdown assist in the game

can u give me some examples of how its utilized?

Sorry I can’t copy the exact moment the match starts but try watching this video.


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Generally amazing for people with high/low and left/right mixups. It won’t be as useful for opening up an opponent if you don’t have those, which is why I gave up on my old Felicia/Ammy team. (Even with her it was decent at herding side techs though when I guessed wrong on the reset.) This is probably true for about half the cast.

Ammy is the number one best lockdown assist in the game. If you have a character with good mixup potential, you have basically landed a hit if your opponent is caught in blockstun from the assist. It is the assist you never want to have to block in the corner.

I never got whats so good about jam session, then again ive never used it

lol… Exactly.

Mystic Ray is really good and I love using it but Shopping cart is way better. Shopping cart is basically just Akuma’s tatsu assist. It’s so easy to hit-confirm off of too. It’s just a better assist in general.

This might sound silly but

I think Repulsor Blast > Jam Session

It forces people to block on incoming, making it significantly harder to escape incoming mixups.
It’s great as an anti air assist, making it vital for characters without AA options.
It allows for some specific combo extensions with characters like Zero and Vergil.

It’s a good assist. I personally don’t believe it’s as good as Hidden Missiles, Vajra or Cold Star, but it’s pretty good.

Vajira is so FUCKING ANNOYING to play against.

I love Vajra so much. It’s like “Oh, you’re trying to approach? You’re trying to keep away? You’re trying to do anything? LOLNOPE, tracking divekick to the face.” I really don’t know why more people don’t play Hiryu, he and his assist are both super good.

Mainly because if you don’t have a point which can self OTG and get a combo, then the assist doesn’t do more than annoy people. Wesker, Doom, Dante, Viper. Vergil make that assist really scary.