Assassination 101: Making the most of X-23 using Wesker + Akuma

First of all, I am by no means trying to say that Wesker and Akuma MUST be on every X-23 team. This is just my team that I’ve been playing around with and have found various strategies and combos that seem to have great synergy with X-23. It’s more like a little example of what you could achieve with the right assists, and things you could try out with your current team. So in saying that, i just thought i’d crack open my X-23 team and share some strategies, combos and follow ups that i’ve been using. So my main team is X-23 (Ankle Slice), Wesker (Samurai Edge Low Shot) and Akuma (Tatsu) and i?ve been using them since basically day 1. I was using Doom with beam assist, but i realized after gaining more understanding with X-23, that she benefits most from being able to combo using both of her assists. Doom beam doesn?t allow her to extend her combos as well as Akuma Tatsu, and IMO it?s very Important that she makes the most out of every hit, and Tatsu opens up more options for her when you do land that touch. X-23 also has all the tools to get in without a beam assist IMO. Dive kick talons, forward and upforward talons that allow you to block / airthrow / attack straight after the animation, j.2H dives, fastest dash in the game mixed with her great, far reaching normals, quick jumps, 2 invincible hypers, mirage feints blah blah blah. With X-23, it?s all about finding those little cracks and literally weaving your way in. And we all know how dangerous she is when she gets in. That?s where i think Wesker and Akuma benefit her the most out of any other character. When she does land that hit, they allow her almost limitless options. They take her combo game to a new level which i think x-23 players aren’t fully utilizing atm from what i’ve seen. The bnbs i use build almost 2 meters and take the opponent all the way to the corner from almost ANY touch, where the opponent has to deal with either her deadly resets, that rival that of Wesker, (I?ll go into that shortly) or a dead character via DHC glitch. I think X-23 players need to milk the most they can out of every opening. Put the fear of X-23 into your opponent because she can literally combo from ANYTHING (except for Back Airthrow and her Ground Throws ofcourse) AND do significant hurt from the tiniest of opportunities. So here im going to run through all of the things you can do when you land that tiny opening :badboy:.


  • Any single hit jump in (Jumping normal, j:qcf::l: Talon Dive) / j:d::h: -> :l::m: / spaced, uncharged :qcf::l: Neck Slice (follow up with :m:) / Unblockable setup with Wesker assist (Call Wesker assist + :qcb::h: -> j:s:) into ->

  • :d::l:(optional low) -> :d::m:(1 hit for max damage) / :m: ->

  • :h::qcb::h:, j:m:j:h:(j:d::h:*):qcf::l: - Land - :m:(one hit):h::qcb::h:, j:m:j:m:j:h: - Land - instant j:m:j:m:j:h:j:s::qcf::l: - Land - :h::s: -> SJ -> j:m:j:m:j:h:j:d::h::qcf::l: - Land -> Ender:

  • Add for higher damage variant. It adds more hitstun deterioration and requires tighter timing so i leave it out as a standard bnb.
  • 443 500 DMG / Builds 1.4 meters before ender (463 000 DMG for stronger variant)


  • For one meter - Charged :qcf::m: Ankle Slice xx :qcf::atk::atk: Rage Trigger

** For Resets -
(Call Wesker Assist + Charged :qcf::l: Neck Slice) or
(Call Akuma assist + Charged :qcf::m: Ankle Slice), :h: xx :qcb::atk:+:s: Mirage Feint Cancel (MFC))

***For Snapback -
(Call Wesker Assist + Charged :qcf::l: Neck Slice) or
(Call Akuma assist + Charged :qcf::m: Ankle Slice), :h: xx :qcf::a1: or :a2: Snapback

**** For Stylin’ with 4+ bars… Big Damage -
[Call Wesker Assist + Activate :qcb::atk::atk: Dirt Nap -> :dp::h: Crescent Sythe xx :s: Dirt Nap Button (Mash :s: on third hit of :dp::h:) -> dash forward -> charged :qcf::m:ankle slicer xx :qcf::atk::atk: Rage Trigger] or
[Call Akuma assist + Charged :qcf::m: Ankle Slicer xx :qcb::atk::atk: Dirt Nap -> :s: Dirt Nap Button (Mash :s:) -> dash forward -> charged :qcf::m: ankle slicer xx :qcf::atk::atk: Rage Trigger]

***** For DHC Reset *Go to the bottom of the post for Wesker Follow ups -
(Call Wesker Assist + Charged :qcf::l: Neck Slice xx :dp::atk::atk: Weapon X Prime) or
(Call Akuma assist + Charged :qcf::m: Ankle Slice xx :dp::atk::atk: Weapon X Prime -> DHC to Wesker :qcb::atk::atk: Rhino Charge)

This is THE combo. It takes your opponent for a ride all the way to the corner, great damage, builds almost 2 meters, AND it sets you up for the DHC reset or her nasty reset game with Mirage Feint Cancelled :h:. You can do it of of any single hit jump in, (like a counter hit j:d::h: or L Talon Dive) any ground strike that leaves the opponent standing, even off of an Unblockable setup with Wesker! Once you get it down to muscle memory it becomes as easy as breathing! The hardest thing for me was getting that one hit :m: in the middle of the loop down consistently. LEARN IT! It gives you just the right amount of height and lessens hitstun deterioration. It makes the rest of the combo so much easier. The way i do it is i slide my finger (or thumb if using pad) straight from :m: to :h:. It’s probably the hardest part of this combo if you’re already decent with X-23. You’ll also have to alter it slightly for characters like ironman where instead of doing the one hit :m: after the first L talon, do a 2 hit. And with Tron, go straight into launcher instead of doing :h: before it. Also, the :h: before the :s: at the end of the combo is a bit tricky to time. After practice it becomes quite easy. But you’ll have to watch your opponent carefully. You need to time it so that you hit the :h: as low as possible before you launch. This is very important because how you hit that :h: is going to determine if your going to be able to follow up properly after the launch. This is also why the single hit :m: in the middle of the combo is so important. It places them at the right height so that timing that last :h: isn’t such a hassle. Luckily it really does get easy enough to be practical and consistent :smile:. So this is my standard bnb. The combo i use for when i start with a multi hit jump in (double j:m: from :m: Talon or :h: mirage feint, j:s: to :l: talon, j:d::h: into :l: talon), multiple c:l: or charged Neck/Ankle Slice:

:m::h::qcb::h:, j.:m:j:m:(j:h:)j:d::h::qcf::l: - Land - :m:(one hit if you’re doing the high damage variant):h::qcb::h:, j.:m:j:m:(j:h:*)j:d::h::qcf::l: Talon - Land - :m:(one hit):h::s: -> SJ -> j:m:j:m:j:h:j:d::h::qcf::l: - Land -> Ender:

  • Do this instead for higher damage variant but higher execution
  • 412 500 DMG before ender (432 400 for higher damage variant)

This combo works from basically any hit and is my go-to combo when i think hitstun deterioration is against me. The stronger variation has j:h: in place of the second j:m: in both parts of the ground loop and you’ll need to do a 1 hit s:m: after the first :l: Talon. The Timing is tighter, and you have to do 2 one hit s:m: so i go for it when im confident. It builds crazy meter aswell.

Wesker Assist Max DMG BnB
Any starter:

  • :h: xx MFC, :h::s: - SJ - j:m:j:m:j:h:j:d::h::qcf::l: - Land - Call Wesker assist -> wait a fraction, charged :qcf::l: -> :h::s: - SJ - j:m:j:m:j:h:j:d::h::qcf::l: - Land -> Ender

  • ~480 000 before ender / builds 1.33 meters

This is max DMG for X-23 using this team. Easy to do, you can start it from anything, builds crazy meter and you can hit confirm it from a :h:MFC! Hitconfirm your :h: MFC into this combo or If they block, stop at the :h: MFC and continue your pressure. Does significantly more than X-23s loops so if your looking for big damage and still have access to both of your assists, this is the way to go.
(shoutouts to sakeido for this one!)

Forward Air Throw BnB

  • [If throw was done close to the ground call Wesker first and then dash in. If Throw was done high up, Dash in first and then call Wesker and dash in again]
    -> Wesker OTG hits, :h::qcb::h:, j:m:j:m:j:h: - Land - instant j:m:j:m:j:h:j:s::qcf::l: - Land - :h::s: -> SJ -> j:m:j:m:j:h:j:d::h::qcf::l: - Land -> Enders with Akuma only

  • 351 200 DMG / Builds 1.2 meters before ender

X-23’s full combo off of an air throw :). Builds 1+ meter along with mad damaging opportunites from a 1 frame airthrow that has great range! Imagine killing off your opponent right at the start of the match from an airthrow… Move over Magneto! Also her main reset tool in the corner after s:h: xx MFC (Mirage Feint Cancel). The MFC cancels all of s.H recovery so X-23 has 0 lag after hitting an airborn opponent so she can start her mixups straight away. Forward jump airthrow catches neutral and back tech, while straight up jump catches front tech. Evil stuff. If they start mashing throw tech?:

Air to Air BnB
Air to air :qcf::l: Talon / air to air :qcf::m: Talon -> j:s: / j:l:j:m:j:h::qcf::l: Talon / j:m:j:m:j:h::qcf::l: Talon / j:h::qcf::l: Talon

  • (wait for the opponent’s feet to be at head level to X-23) :m::h::qcb::h:, j:m:, j:m:, j:h: - Land - instant j:m:j:m:j:h:j:s::qcf::l: - Land - :h::s: -> SJ -> j:m:j:m:j:h:j:d::h::qcf::l: - Land -> Ender

  • 444 000 DMG before ender, using j:l:j:m:j:h::qcf::l: Talon as starter

This is X-23s ‘random air moves into full combo’. X-23 has great air normals. They?re lightning quick and have surprising priority for anti airing. It’s also the answer to Throw tech mashing :). After a MFC?d s:h: in the corner, if they’re mashing throw tech, u can jump up forward with j:l: if they tech neutral or back and follow up with j:m:j:h: xx :l: Talon into bnb. If they front tech while mashing you can jump back and hit j:l:j:m: xx :l: Talon and the :l: Talon will take them right back to the corner in the perfect position to continue into the bnb. You can even fake them out with an instant j:d::h: to see how they react (incase they have an invincible hyper or double jump etc) and punish accordingly. Even if they block the air string - j:l:j:m:j:h::l: Talon, you end up right in their face in the corner where you can abuse them more with X-23’s godly pressure with MFC normals with massive frame advantage, high / low game, left / right game and command grab! And if they air pushblock you, you can cancel the pushed move with either :l: Talon or :m: Talon to get either infront of their face again or above their head for overhead opportunities while still keeping them in the corner. Here?s what i?ve got for the command grab (:qcf::h:):

Command Grab BnB (:qcf::h: Decapitating Slice)
:h: xx MFC,:h::qcb::h:, j:m:j:m:j:h: - Land - instant j:m:j:m:j:h:j:s::qcf::l: - Land - :h::s: -> SJ -> j:m:j:m:j:h:j:d::h::qcf::l: - Land -> Ender

  • MFC = Mirage Feint Cancel. Input = :qcb::atk:+:s: and hold for half a second
  • 372 300 DMG before ender

Max damage afaik from her command grab and goes into every bnb ender option! The timing for the first s:h: is tough. Just do it as soon as the command grab is finished. It becomes second nature with a little practice. Her command grab is slow but i think it?s very underrated. She can pressure pushblock with it and with an assist grants her an unblockable of sorts. With Akuma you can do a block string -> c:l::m: etc and input Akuma assist + :qcf::h: a fraction after. This will grab your opponent a fraction before Akuma hits on hit or block. It even grabs if Akuma does hit them with the initial hit of tatsu! If they jump or press buttons, Akuma will hit them and cover your command grab recovery. If Akuma hits you have loads of time to hit confirm into a bnb!

Akuma Tatsu BnB
(wait until the opponent is level with X-23?s body) -> :h: xx MFC(or :m:*), :h::qcb::h:, j:m:j:m:j:h: - Land - instant j:m:j:m:j:h:j:s::qcf::l: - Land - :h::s: -> SJ -> j:m:j:m:j:h:j:d::h::qcf::l: - Land -> Ender

  • for an easier follow up, start with :m:(2 hits) for less damage (382 900 DMG before ender)
  • 412 900 DMG / Builds 1.5 meters before ender

Great Damage off of a quick, high prioriy assist, and again, builds 1+ meter. You can hit confirm from practically anywhere on the screen and wavedash in and still follow it up! It?s great when you?ve trained your opponent to block your strings so u can left / right mix up with L and M feint into bnb.

I?m just going to quickly go through some 100% combo?s you can do if you happen to catch 2 characters:

Any starter:
:m::h::qcb::h:, j:m:j:h::qcf::l: - Land - :m:(one hit):h::s: -> SJ -> j:m:j:m:j:h:j:d::h::qcf::l: - Land - :qcf::m: Ankle Slice xx XFC -> :s: -> SJ -> j:m:j:m:j:h:j:d::h::qcf::l: - Land - :qcf::m: Ankle Slice xx :qcf::atk::atk: Rage Trigger xx DHC :qcf::atk::atk: Wesker Phantom Dance (Will kill 1 100 000 hp and below characters) xx :qcf::atk::atk: DHC Akuma Beam (For those above 1 100 000 hp)

Off of Tatsu (I catch 2 characters with it pretty often)
:m::h::s: -> SJ -> j:m:j:m:j:h::qcf::l: - Land - :qcf::m: Ankle Slice xx XFC -> :s: -> SJ -> j:m:j:m:j:h:j:d::h::qcf::l: - Land - :qcf::m: Ankle Slice xx :qcf::atk::atk: Rage Trigger xx DHC :qcf::atk::atk: Wesker Phantom Dance (Will kill 1 000 000 hp and below characters) xx :qcf::atk::atk: DHC Akuma Beam (For those above 1 000 000 hp)

Dirt Nap
Assist, No X-factor:
:qcb::atk::atk: Activate Dirt Nap and hit :s: -> Dash forward + Wesker Assist -> As soon as Wesker hits, do:
:qcb::h:, j:m:, j:m:, j:h: - Land - instant j:m:j:m:j:h:j:s::qcf::l: - Land - :h::s: -> SJ -> j:m:j:m:j:h:j:d::h::qcf::l: - Land - Call Akuma Assist + :qcf::m: Ankle Slice into (xx :dp::atk::atk: Weapon X Prime xx DHC into :qcf::atk::atk: Wesker Rhino Charge if started with 4 bars for characters with 800 000 p+) or (:h: xx :dp::h: Crescent Sycthe for 800 000 hp characters)

  • 961 000 using (xx Weapon X Prime) / Builds 1.25 meters before Weapon X Prime
  • 821 400 using (:h: xx :dp::h: Crescent Sycthe) / Builds 1.5 meters

X-factor Lvl 1 meterless:
Activate X-factor -> :qcb::atk::atk: Activate Dirt Nap and hit :s -> Dash forward, charged qcf::m: Ankle Slice, instant :m::h::s: -> SJ -> j:m:j:m:j:h:j:d::h::qcf::l: - Land - Call Akuma Assist + :qcf::m: Ankle Slice -> :h: xx :dp::h: Crescent Sycthe

  • 1 203 800 DMG / Builds 1.33 meters

These are the only two Dirt Nap combos that matter in my team. Dirt Nap with X-factor lvl 2 or 3 is dead character no matter what you do. Dirt Nap is cheap lol. An unblockable Attack grab that has the same speed and priority of her j.L? What were the thinking? It was made to kill characters coming in after a kill. Just time it so that as soon as they pop their head in, your already in their face with an invisible eye gouge. She?s one of the few characters that can guarantee you a dead character that?s coming in after a knock out. Some characters can avoid this with double jumps or invincible hypers etc, but for those character?s that can?t, they didn?t even have a chance to breathe on you. And for those that can escape it, you can still put the fear of Dirt Nap into them by reading they?re reaction and punishing accordingly into a massive punish. Even just the fear of you having 3 bars can put you in a favourable position against your opponent. I?ve sweeped whole teams by starting a round with resets to knock out their point, building 5 bars before they?re 2nd character comes in, lose 3 bars to Dirt nap kill 2nd character, gain one whole bar from combo, activate X-factor, Dirt nap kill Anchor. So really i only had to work for that first kill. It?s not going to work on EVERY team, but it?s a great option she has access to under her already heavy belt of options.

Mirage Feint Cancel BnB
4 x :h: xx MFC variant (works midscreen and corner on all characters):
Any Starter -> :m::h: xx MFC, :h: xx MFC, :h: xx MFC, :h::qcb::h:, j:m:j:m:j:h: - Land - instant j:m:j:m:j:h:j:s::qcf::l: - Land - :h::s: -> SJ -> j:m:j:m:j:h:j:d::h::qcf::l: - Land -> Ender

  • 419 200 DMG / Builds 1.25 meters before ender

5 x :h: xx MFC variant (works midscreen and corner on all characters):
Any Starter -> :m::h: xx MFC, :h: xx MFC, :h: xx MFC, :h: xx MFC s:h::qcb::h:, j:m:j:m:(j:h:*)j:d::h::qcf::l: - land - :m:(one hit):h::s: -> SJ -> j:m:j:m:j:h:j:d::h::qcf::l: - Land -> Ender

  • Do this instead of the second j:m: for more damage but tighter timing
  • 408 800 DMG / Builds 1.2 meters before ender (417 800 DMG for stronger variant)

Make sure not to cancel too fast. You want to keep the opponent at just above head level. It’s more lenient than it looks.

:d::h:MFC variant:
:d::h: xx MFC -> :m::h: xx MFC, :h: xx MFC, :h::qcb::h:, j:m:j:m:j:h: - Land - instant j:m:j:m:j:h:j:s::qcf::l: - Land - :h::s: -> SJ -> j:m:j:m:j:h:j:d::h::qcf::l: - Land -> Ender

  • 422 000 DMG / Builds 1.2 meters before ender
  • MFC = Mirage Feint Cancel. Input = :qcb::atk:+:s: and hold for half a second

Max Damage I think… I go for this when i?m abusing MFC (which i think all X-23 players should start incorporating into their game) and when im too slow to hit comfirm into an X bnb. Hit confirm into this, build loads of meter and profit. Very easy once you get the timing down. Does less damage and builds less meter than X BnB. If it did more, this would be my BnB of choice. I don?t hold onto S when i play so i just hit H and go straight to 214 M+S (which is X + O because im a ps3 pad player lol) and hold it down for half a second. It?s not as fast as canceling with L feint but the difference is slight and i still get great results out of it. I also don?t like holding on to S because i feel like im crippling myself by doing that. Once you get the 214 M+S or 214 L+S down it becomes reliably easy. Also, don?t do the combo too fast. You?ve got a bit of time for the first couple MFCs before hitstun starts to kick in. You want to keep them pretty low for the rest of the combo to flow better.

X-Factor BnB’s
BnB XF lvl1:

  • Activate X-Factor -> :m::h::s: -> SJ -> j:m:j:m:j:h:j:d::h::qcf::l: - land - dash -> charged :qcf::m: -> :m::h::s: - SJ - j:h:j:d::h::qcf::l: - land - dash -> Call Akuma assisnt + charged :qcf::m: -> :h::dp: Crescent Scythe

  • 1 072 700 DMG

Forward airthrow XF lvl1:

  • Activate X-factor -> Forward airthrow -> dash -> charged :qcf::m: -> :m::h::qcb::h:, j:m:j:h::qcf::l: - land - :m::h::s: - SJ - j:m:j:m:j:h:j:d::h::qcf::l: - Land - dash -> Call Akuma assist + charged :qcf::m: xx :dp::atk::atk: Weapon X Prime

  • 1 078 300 DMG

Ankle Dive Loop XF lvl2:

  • Activate X-Factor -> :m::h: xx MFC, :h::s: -> SJ -> j:m:j:m:j:h:j:d::h::qcf::l: - land - dash -> charged :qcf::m: -> :s: - SJ - j:h:j:d::h::qcf::l: - land - dash -> charged :qcf::m: -> :s: - SJ - :h::d::h::qcf::l: - land - dash -> charged :qcf::m: -> :s: - SJ - j:s:

  • 1 356 900 DMG

Forward airthrow XF lvl2:

  • Activate X-factor -> Forward airthrow -> dash -> charged :qcf::m: -> :s: - SJ - j:m:j:m:j:h:j:d::h::qcf::l: - Land - dash -> charged :qcf::m: -> :s: - SJ - j:m:j:m:j:h:j:d::h::qcf::l: - Land - dash -> charged :qcf::m: -> :s: - SJ - j:s:

  • 1 363 200 DMG

Ankle Dive Loop XF lvl3:

  • Activate X-Factor -> :m::h: xx MFC, :h::s: -> SJ -> j:m:j:m:j:h:j:d::h::qcf::l: - land - dash -> charged :qcf::m: -> :h::s: - SJ - j:m:j:m:j:h:j:d::h::qcf::l: - land - dash -> charged :qcf::m: -> :h::s: - SJ - :h::qcf::l: - land - dash -> charged :qcf::m: -> :h::dp::h: Crescent Scythe

  • 1 725 300 DMG

Forward throw Ankle Dive Loop XF lvl3:

  • Activate X-Factor -> forward airthrow -> dash -> charged :qcf::m: -> :h::s: - SJ - j:h:j:d::h::qcf::l: - land - dash -> charged :qcf::m: -> :s: - SJ - :h::d::h::qcf::l: - land - dash -> charged :qcf::m: -> :s: - SJ - :s: -> :h::qcf::l: - land - dash -> charged :qcf::m: -> :h::dp::h: Crescent Scythe

  • 1 467 200+ DMG

DHC Reset Follow ups with Wesker:

Meterless, 1 assist:

  • :df::h: -> :d::m::h:(both hits):qcf::m: -> backdash:d::m::d::h::s: - SJ - j:m:j:m:j:h::s: - Land - :a1:or:a2: + :df::h: -> :qcf::l: -> :df::h:

  • 526 600 DMG

Main DHC meterless kill follow up after an X-23 bnb that does ~600 000 + DMG. A sure kill on most of the cast.

1 Meter, Akuma assist:

  • :df::h: -> :d::m::h:(both hits):qcf::m: -> :l: Teleport follow up (you should be in the corner with opponent facing midscreen) :d::m::d::h::s: - SJ - j:m:j:m:j:h::s: - Land - dash -> call Akuma assist + :df::h: -> :l: Teleport follow up (you should be behind the opponent while opponent is stuck in akuma assist) -> backdash:qcf::l: xx :qcf::atk::atk: Phantom Dance lvl 1

  • 664 200 DMG

DHC follow up if you need more damage. You just need to make sure you haven?t used Akuma?s assist yet. Flashy combo that takes a bit of practice, but well worth it! Teleporting behind an opponent stuck in tatsu is badass looking! It?s also practical because it allows Phantom Dance to hit for the max amount of damage.

1 Meter, No assist:

  • :df::h: -> :d::m::h:(both hits):qcf::m: -> :l: Teleport follow up (you should be in the corner with opponent facing midscreen):d::h::s: - SJ straight up - j:m:j:h::s: xx :qcf::atk::atk: Phantom Dance lvl1

Main DHC follow up after an airthrow or if you?ve used your only assist. The teleport in the corner ensures that Phantom Dance hits for max damage

After an X-23 airthrow bnb into DHC reser at the start of the match:
:df::h: -> :d::m::h:(both hits):qcf::m: -> :l: Teleport follow up (you should be in the corner with opponent facing midscreen) :d::m::d::h::s: - SJ upforward - j:m:j:m:j:h::s: - Land - :dp::l: (you shoud be behind the opponent) -> :df::h: xx :a1:+:a2: Phantom Dance lvl1

  • 628 200 DMG

Flashy combo after X-23 airthrow bnb at the start of the match. After the DHC reset, Wesker starts the combos with 0 bars. During this combo he builds enough to do a team hyper with just himself. The :l: Teleport after knockdown ensures max damage from Phantom Dance.

There?s alot more that i can touch up on about X-23 and i’ll be sure to update the thread with whatever else i may find. I think X-23 is the sleeper that everyone is going to have nightmares about once we start to integrate and utilize all of her tools to their fullest. Even after the DHC glitch, i think she?s still going to be a potential high tier. She just has so much going for her and her pressure is unlike any other once she?s in. Hopefully this helps you guys get the most out of X-23. Just practice, practice, practice! It?s really not that hard to get used to, and the payoff is amazing!

If there are any strategies and combo’s you’d like to share, post away! :smile:

Myself and Sakeido have been using the exact same teams for a while which is kinda funny also. The only reason I ended up picking 23 was because one of my friends was tired of how “shitty” she was and she looked fun to play. When I played her I noticed she had a lot of similarities to the way Ibuki played in 3S and was like “fuck it even if she sucks I’ll use her”. I think there’s way more potential to her than people give credit for especially when tournament players can be legitimate threats with her using just the bare minimum of her technologies. Wesker and Doom I’ve been playing since the beginning because they’re both fun versatile types but for a game as cheap as this is Doom doesn’t feel cheap enough for me.

When I realized Akuma’s level 3 super was basically a cheaper version of Doom’s level 3 and he had strong space control with his beam super and had a tatsu that went through fireballs I was pretty much sold. Phoenix can still bird super through Doom’s XF guard cancel level 3 but if she tries to bird super through Akuma’s XF guard cancel raging demon she will either get grabbed up on the ground or if she’s airborne Akuma will simply pass through the super and land in front of her able to do any combo he wants while she’s recovering and kill her.

I guess since you’re here and use Akuma I might as well ask you…is there anything important strategy wise to know about using Akuma on point? It looks like you got what I need to make the team work with his assist pretty nicely and he seems rather easy to use. It’s just if it ever comes to him being on point but like what are some general strong regular or XF bnbs for when he has to be anchored out and is there any tricks or special things to know about using him?

I wanna ask something as well. I’ve seen Akuma players on point, and it seems like they’re not getting the best damage they can with him at the moment and just relying on really basic combos.

Also, how viable would you say the first combo of this combo video is: YouTube - SaishuuKessen’s Channel

Looks pretty viable to me, but I don’t really use Akuma. Awesome stuff btw.

Yeah i was surprised to see a few guys on here that had the same team as i did lol. We must all be on the same wave length hehe. You can’t deny their synergy though. I picked X-23 up as soon as i saw her character reveal trailer. She just looked like a rushdown speed demon! I main Abel in ssf4 and she plays similarly to how i play Abel, except fast forwarded x 2 lol. They both don’t rely on projectiles, they have great tools to get in versus keep away (merseilles roll with Abel), solid rushdown when they DO get in (Abel and pressure is kind of similar to X-23’s MFC pressure) great ambiguous left/right games and they both do heavy damage when they land a hit that leads to great oki opportunities.

I agree with you on Doom. I was amazed by his abilities when i first started playing him. But as time went on and the game’s pace just kept getting faster and faster, more defensive and aggressive, Doom just felt like he was being left behind. I just don’t think im patient enough to play his game lol. Wesker is just a great character. He’s my fail safe when things go wrong with X. He’s great at passing on the DHC glitch to X-23 via TAC when he’s on point, he has absolutely monsterous combos that build loads of meter for X-23 Dirt Nap and Akuma Beam spam. He’s also got a badass unblockable crossup setup with X-23 assist. Not to mention using both X-23 and Akuma’s assists in a combo can boost his meterless damage to a maximum of 650 000 + rediculous oki opportunities.

Akuma is a great anchor… That’s definately his staple position IMO. Lvl 3 XF Akuma is scary as shit. I’d be glad to give you a quick rundown of what i know :smile::
Akuma has a pretty powerful rushdown, defence and punish game. His air hadoukens are great at controlling space and covering approaches. Neutral and back SJ air hados are great at forcing the opponent to approach and causing full screen annoyance. I use forward SJ air hados to approach and do H Tatsu/S/dive kick to land a hit while they’re under me. Normal jump hados can force your opponent in the air or into defence. That’s when you can close in with tatsu, snipe them out of the air with :m::h::s: - land - :l::s: into combo/air throw into combo or have a field day pressuring they’re block. He has great mix ups with his dashing :d::l:/ground throw, :f::m: overhead, demon flip dive and 5 frame air tatsu. With Akuma it’s all about making your opponent uneasy, marching behind well placed fire balls and tatsu, punishing mistakes and bad assist calls with beam and forcing them to play your game. His average damage amazing. Even without XF he hits like a TRUCK! He can easily kill off 1 100 000hps with 3 hypers in the corner. He’s got a great combo game, with most of his combos allowing him to reach the corner and build 2+ meters, ending in a TK beam hyper that sets up resets in the corner. Here’s a few that i like to use:

Any starter at any range:

  • :d::l::d::m::d::h::qcb::m: -> dash :l::s: - SJ - j:m:j:m:j:h:j:s: - land - dash:rdp::l: -> :m: follow up -> dash:h::s: - SJ(close or in corner) - j:m:j:m:j:h::qcb:l: xx :qcf::atk::atk: Fire ball super (no hold) -> j:s: - land - jump up, wait, j:qcf::l: at peak of jump xx :qcf::atk::atk: Beam super (hold H) - Does about 800 000 damage. Standard mid screen combo

Akuma loop midscreen. Has to be point blank to the opponent:

  • :d::l::d::m::f::h::rdp::l: -> instant :l: follow up -> instant j:m:j:h:j:s::qcf::l: - land - instant j:m:j:h:j:s::qcf::l: - land - instant j:m:j:h:j:s::qcb::l: - land - dash:d::h::s: - SJ(corner) - j:m:j:m:j:h::qcb::l: xx :qcf::atk::atk: Fire ball hyper (no hold) -> :s: - land - jump up, wait, j:qcf::l: at peak of jump xx :qcf::atk::atk: Beam super (hold H) - Flashy combo, 800 000 + damage and builds over 2 meters!.. that u end up using anyways… lol

Corner Combo:

  • :d::l::d::m::d::h::qcb::m: -> :d::m::h::qcb::l: -> :d::m::d::h::s: - SJ - j:m:j:m:j:h::qcb::l: xx :qcf::atk::atk: Fire ball hyper (no hold) -> :s: - land - :rdp::l: -> :m: follow up -> :d::h::s: - SJ - j:h::qcb::l: xx :qcf::atk::atk: Fire ball hyper (no hold) -> :s: - land - jump up, wait, j:qcf::l: at peak of jump xx :qcf::atk::atk: Beam super (hold H) - 1 100 000+ DMG afaik. Builds 2+ meters, uses 3 meters.

Air 2 Air:

  • air2air j:m:j:h:j:s: - land - :l::s: - SJ - j:m:j:m:j:h:j:s: - land - dash:rdp::l: -> :m: follow up -> dash:h::s: - SJ(close or in corner) - j:m:j:m:j:h::qcb::l: xx :qcf::atk::atk: Fire ball super (no hold) -> j:s: - land - jump up, wait, j:qcf::l: at peak of jump xx :qcf::atk::atk: Beam super (hold H)

Back air throw(midscreen):

  • :rdp::m: -> :m: follow up -> dash:h::s: - SJ - j:h::qcb::h:(4 hits) xx :qcf::atk::atk: Fire ball super (no hold)- land - :qcf::atk::atk: Beam Super (hold)

Back Air Throw (Assist Variant):

  • dash in -> call Wesker assist -> Wesker hits OTG -> Instant j:m:j:h:j:s::qcf::l: - land - instant j:m:j:h:j:s::qcf::l: - land - instant j:m:j:h:j:s::qcb::l: - land - dash:d::h::s: - SJ(corner) - j:h::qcb::l: xx :qcf::atk::atk: Fire ball hyper (no hold) -> :s: - land - :rdp::l: -> :m: follow up -> :s: - SJ - instant :qcb::l: xx :qcf::atk::atk: Fire ball hyper (no hold) -> :s: - land - jump up, wait, j:qcf::l: at peak of jump xx :qcf::atk::atk: Beam super (hold H) - Massive damage off of a backthrow using Wesker assist.

Akuma is a damage machine! And these are probably his most basic ones. I only added that last combo to show what he was capable of with assists. We’re assuming Akuma is your last character so there aren’t any assist available to you as anchor. But on point, with 2 assists under his belt, he has no troubles reaching the high millions in DMG. (Did i mention that he can be on the receiving end X-23’s DHC glitch? For the price of 3 bars he can raging demon out of Weapon X into :m: tatsu -> Combo lol. The option’s there i guess :P…)

XF3 Akuma with 3 bars of meter is almost untouchable. One XFC into raging demon is good night for the opponent. He can even set Raging demon up on a defensive opponent with faked demon flip :l:s and kara’d normals into an unjumpable, unblockable, fully invincible raging demon at close range. It’s scary having an XF lvl3 Akuma rushing you down with cracked out Hados, air tatsus, dive kicks, a usable teleport from XF speed increase and faster :f::m: overhead mixed in with :d::l: into full combo! His defence is great also, with him having access to an almost instant, invincible shoryu that you can cancel into air beam on hit or block to do massive damage and keep it safe. His stats just get boosted so much in XF. I don’t know the exact numbers but it feels almost like he gets a 30% speed increase with a 75% damage boost. His XF3 combos are ridiculously easy and overkill. Here’s a few examples, and basically all you’ll ever need lol:

XF3 Combos

  • Any Starter ie: (Jump in, Crossup/non Crossup Tatsu, dive kick, air hado, demon flip :m:) -> :d::l::d::m::d::h: xx :qcb::l: -> [:d::m::qcb::l: tatsu] x N (repeat til dead)
  • :qcb::l:, :m: or :h: tatsu -> [:d::m::qcb::l: tatsu] x N (repeat til dead)
  • :f::m: xx :qcb::l: -> [:d::m::qcb::l: tatsu] x N (repeat til dead)
  • Air to air j:m:j:h: xx j:l: tatsu - land - :d::m: xx :l: tatsu -> [:d::m::qcb::l: tatsu] x N (repeat til dead)
  • Back air throw -> :rdp::m: -> :m: follow up -> [:d::m::qcb::l: tatsu] x N (repeat til dead)
  • Hitconfirm any hado into Beam = 3/4 life in XF3
  • Hitconfirm any tatsu into Beam = 3/4 life in XF3

There it is. Nothin fancy… but XF3 Akuma doesn’t care about style! I think you can do these in XF lvl2 aswell? ill have to confirm it. Dashing :d::m::qcb:l: actually lets you juggle the opponent twice as long as just repeating :l: tatsus. And i find it easier to time as well. Back on topic: If they try to keep you away and hope they can lame out your XF, blast them in the face from full screen and watch their projectiles get swallowed up by a massive sea of beam that does 3/4 life! His XF3 mixups on a fresh incoming opponent coming in from a KO is great as well. As they come in you can: Shoot an air beam as soon as they pop out and deal massive chip damage before they can touch the ground. You can back airthrow them into tatsu loop. if they press any buttons. If they throw tech or press buttons on the way in you can air to air j:m:j:h::qcb::l: into tatsu loop. If they get scared to do anything you can wait for them at the bottom and mix up :d::l: and :f::m: overhead into tatsu loop. I haven’t had much experience versus Pheonix, so im not exactly sure how he fairs against her, but the fact that he has a great beam, high priority tatsu to snipe her down when she’s fire ball spamming, his own hado that can help him play his pace and a death button in raging demon, im sure he does better that Doom any day. Activating XF after she does and camping in the corner would be how i would play it though. All i’d have to watch out for then would be the high / low teleport mixups and finding an opportunity to punish until she runs out i guess. When she does run out, of XF im sure beam chip and smart spacing and punishing would ware her down well enough. The only thing that really sets akuma back is his lack of a quick approach move and his low health. But low health doesn’t matter too much in this game as most characters have TOD combos anyways.

Well man i hope that help you out a bit. Im not an Akuma expert by any means… I like to pour my focus into X-23 and Wesker, but i do enjoy using the great tools that he has, and there’s no denying that he’s such a great comeback character that truly does ‘anchor’ my team.

Moving on now to iron man… What do you guys think of him? I think he makes a great partner for X-23 if your looking for a beam assist. I’ve been playing around with him lately using my X-23 (ankle slice), Thor (mighty smash), Iron man (unibeam) team, and he’s been doing great. His assist lets me close in on opponents, and provides amazing left/right mixups into hit confirm full bnb because it leaves the opponent grounded. I’m also alot more confident having him as anchor than Doom. Iron man IMO is heavily underrated. He has a great beam (not better than mags or doom, but its still a pretty good beam), smart bombs followed by :df: airdash for a covered approach, magneto-like tridash mixup game with normals xx fly :s: overhead / unfly low mixups, great mobility, and high damage (he reaches ~700 000 dmg using his unfly combos from anywhere on the screen. 100% kills with 4 bars using bnb -> iron avenger -> wavedash OTG proton cannon) that also leads into great reset opportunities in the corner after OTG :h: smartbombs. He can combo off of his ground throw and air throw in the corner when going for resets into more resets. He has crazy range with his j:h: moves, and he can do 4 in the air cancelled with double jump, fly, unfly before he touches the ground to control air space, and annoyance with the disjointed hitbox. In XF3 he can beast with his spd and dmg boost. And Iron Avenger is a great, fully invincible, speedy, 3/4 screen punish that leads to a launch into another hyper (another iron avenger if started with 5 bars) into death. I think he’s being heavily slept on. He meshes with X-23 quite well IMO. They have great DHC synergy to boot.

@Ryuga: thanks man, yeah that first combo is very viable. It’s actually really easy once you figure it out. I actually pull it off consistently even in high pressure matches. The only problem is that u’d have to hit them at point blank range otherwise the :f::h: will whiff. That’s why i’d rather stick with his bnbs that end with :d::h: xx :qcb::m: because they’re alot more reliable (and not character specific) and you keep your ground bounce so that you can extend your combo and take them to the corner. Afaik, that combo also doesn’t work on all characters. Wolverine being one of them.

Another note on Iron man… the other issue that people have with him are his unreliable combos. They’re actually really easy once you understand how he works. I use flashmetroid’s bnb. I had tons of trouble with it to begin with, but then everything started to click. Even his harder bnb: magic series -> launch :h: xx fly, j:m:j:d::h: xx unfly - drop for a fraction :h: - DJ - :h::d::h: - land - :d::m::h::s: -> launch etc, is something im able to pull off with a 90% success rate vs most characters. He’s just a character that you really need to get in the zone with. and it wouldn’t hurt to remember to just :d::m: straight into :s: for consistency. I see so many iron man players miss because they try to get too fancy befor the launch. :d::m::s: has great range by itself. Just don’t whiff or get :s: blocked… I like to hit confirm with a couple of :d::l:s first. Getting used to hitting :h: xx fly as soon as you launch is worth training into muscle memory too.

LOL. I had no idea Akuma could get that much damage off a damned air throw. Part of the reason why I liked Doom in the back was I could back air throw and turn on XF and kill people easily with one sphere flame super. Though Akuma without XF OR DHC glitch can kill low health characters off air throws with 2 meters or kill higher health characters with more meters. Seems like he can do it off either air throw also. People want DHC glitch to go away so Akuma can run around doing shit like this? Well…that’s why I’m picking him up. Team needs to be as cheap as possible to beat Phoenix (still gotta have some fun with 23 of course and she’s cheaper than people think).

I have 2 other players in my local scene that play Akuma and they still do the day one stuff for his bnbs. No loops to build extra meter or nothing. Then again they play Akuma in the back and this game is pretty much whichever character you suck with the most just throw them in the back so they’re easier to play. The potential in being able to hold on to your X Factor to kill someone early with one of his standard bnbs and then bringing out the XF3 later to give yourself more time to kill the next person off seems really powerful.

@Burn…I think Akuma and Dormammu are 2 of if not the 2 best characters in the game for fighting Phoenix. In order to fight Phoenix you’re going to need a strong projectile game first off and both of them have that. You’re going to need to do big chip damage off shit when they come in and they can both do that. You also need to have supers that generally scare her from teleporting or fireballing and they both do that. Akuma specifically has the ability to blow through regular Phoenix’s fireballs with his tatsu game. Phoenix’s fireballs have retarded good projectile durability (they can outlast Doom’s H beam which is fucking cheap cuz nothing outlasts that shit other than supers). Akuma’s tatsu on the other hand has projectile invincible frames that totally eat up any fireball she may try to throw. Since Phoenix can’t amount an offense without the fireballs I feel like Akuma can just go nuts and generally toe to toe with her with the most basic shit.

The whole reason Phoenix blows people up in the first place is that most characters dont have anything for her fireball game but to try and swat her out of the air before she throws one or lame out the fireballs and hope she doesn’t teleport in a direction you’re not expecting. If you pick a character that can shut down her fireballs (which have slow start up as regular phoenix) if it comes down to a situation where you have to fight 5 bar regular Phoenix at least you know you’ll easily get a chance to kill her and then play the XF battle when she turns D.Phoenix. The raging demon guard cancel is so good against Phoenix because it forces her to actually not press buttons and respect you and Phoenix doesn’t have to respect most characters. Even when she’s XF’d D.Phoenix like you said you can easily just run to the corner and limit her mix up and then have the threat of beam super or guard cancel raging demon if you have the meter waiting for her. That gives you a lot of options to burn out her X Factor by activating it after she turns it on and then you can have a much more fair fight with her. With the right spacing/timing Akuma can even absorb D.Phoenix’s double H fireballs with air tatsu.

Another immediate question… what are the typical bnb’s for Akuma after landing a ground front/back throw or an air front throw? Is it always better to just air back throw?

Oh and what are the setups for the inescapable (can’t jump out) raging demon?

Off his ground throw, all Akuma can do is tiger knee hado xx beam super to OTG. If Wesker is still alive you can do more with his OTG assist… Akuma’s is too slow to use in that situation.

I like Akuma on anchor because unlike a lot of other anchors, you can make someone terrified to call assists. His beam is devastating and fast and if you are standing in the right spot there is no way for someone to safely call one. Plus he doesn’t have blocking issues like Sentinel does and is way better on point than Tron or Haggar (WAAAAAAAAY better)

Ah, I see BurnSilver, thanks!

And LOL, exactly DevilJin, some people don’t like easy 100% combos in this game, but IMO, if the DHC glitch goes, people will just run to characters like Akuma, Dante, Magneto, Taskmaster, ect all the time and that’s all you’re going to see, just like before, but the lower tier characters would have lost a good amount of their damage output so it wouldn’t be worth picking a whole lot of them, unless you can find a way. Funny how characters like Dante and Magneto can all do massive damage and are amazing characters on top.

You can actually go into a full combo with Akuma’s front airthrow in XF lvl3. You have to do an instant :rdp::l: -> :m: follow up. Timing is tight though. Some ways i like to setup raging demon (on offence) are:

  • Blockstring into :f::m: or :f::h: kara’d Demon (delay the normal to make sure they’re not in blockstun)
  • Whiff :l: tatsu into Demon
  • Demon Flip :l: follow up whiff at point blank (during a blockstring) into Demon (ssf4 setup)
  • Bait pushblock and cancel normal into Demon (great setup)

Raging demon has about a dash range where it’s unavoidable after the flash. You basically just have to make sure that they’re not in hit or blockstun when you start it up and they’re pretty much done for. The great thing about this is that if you can mount a strong offence while in X-factor (not too hard considering Akuma can cover himself with lighting quick hados and moves around like a pixie in XF3), you can force your opponent to turtle up and that’s where you can fit these setups in. It’s kind of ironic because they’d probably be on the defence making sure they don’t press buttons in fear of XFC Demon, only to get rushed down into a Demon setup lol.

Another neat thing i found with X-23 is that she can actually catch super jumpers and take them back down into a full bnb! Just watch for where they super jump, SJ up after them and do an aerial series (j:m:j:m: or j:h:) cancelled into :qcf::l: Talon dive. The :l: talon send them plummeting down and doesn’t allow them to tech so they’re in soft knockdown state until they hit the ground. All the while, your falling right next to them, following them down to continue to slice them up! Great against those that think they can camp out in the corner of the screen vs X :smile:. Now they’ve got nowhere to hide!

Magneto is too immaculate to be touched by the removal of the glitch. But the other characters (excepting akuma) would at least be toned down a bit. And I feel that that would be a good thing.

As to X, it would just push her away from point at start. The glitch only really helps her there anyway.

Yeah I think Capcom designed X23 to be more of a 2nd spot or anchor type character due to how her level 3 can start to kill off incoming characters especially if she has XF turned on. It’s just the DHC glitch gives her more versatility as a killing character in the front.

Most of the characters that can start or follow up the DHC glitch already do some of highest damage output in their bnbs in the game so I dont really see how the DHC glitch being removed will affect them much. The only thing removing the DHC glitch is going to do is make one touch deaths less likely but most characters like Taskmaster or Dante can pretty much already 70 to 80 percent combo you and if they just land one more throw or mix up in an advantageous situation after the combo you’re pretty much done. Most of the higher tier characters are low health characters that die in one combo any way. The game in general is about dying when you get hit especially when it gets to the 2nd and 3rd characters on the team when people are running away from XF level 3 characters for 20 seconds praying they can bring the match back to a real fight where if people are stocked with meters it will still be a pretty much one touch kill situation any way.

With or without the DHC glitch the game is generally going to be about not getting hit first.

I say Taskmaster, mainly because I think his max damage combo into a DHC should take off at least Dante’s damage midscreen, he might be able to reach with effort. Centre-screen and near the corner I know for a fact he can end anyone in the game thanks to certain combos in that range building so much meter and doing so much damage, and you can just add on the right DHCs to wipe out anyone, with meter to spare at times. You’re right, it won’t be as easy for them to OHK characters and it could be good in the long run, but IMO, I think the removal of the glitch is going to send people right into the hands of characters like Magneto, Dante and characters like them who still do great damage and are just really good in general and the weaker characters could ultimately suffer . This is disregarding XFC haha.

If the DHC glitch goes, I’m actually not too particularly worried about X-23 in point position thanks to Trish and Dante. X-23 can start a combo that goes into Round Harvest and Dante can combo off it for big damage. Though I think Round Harvest actually takes advantage of the DHC glitch right now and the damage of it gets reset, wouldn’t know how much it does with damage scaling on, but as long as it’s in the 800s, it won’t be an issue haha. I prefer X-23 in a position where she can make use of assists to back her up, though her strength as an anchor can’t be sniffed at when she’s got X-Factor and level 3.

Anyway, sorry to take this off topic guys haha. I’m actually really tempted to use Akuma now.

Yeah, your RH into dante definitely takes advantage of the dhc glitch. It’s amazing that dante can continue to combo so long after RH racks the hits up. Especially since the glitch doesn’t appear to remove all deterioration. Without the glitch, you’d be risking RH itself dropping out after a full combo pre-DHC I think.

And yeah, I’m well aware that these characters can easily do 80%+ without the glitch. But taking away the guarantee of a OHK in at least some cases would matter.

And I’m fine with other characters becoming more popular. I really don’t care. It’s not like some stock market to me.

That’s fair enough, can’t really argue with that. As for Round Harvest, I can do the same amount of hits after Million Dollars, but I can’t remember if Million Dollars acts as a starter for the DHC glitch. I’ll go into training/look at the DHC trick thread.

I think X-23 could maximise damage output off Akuma’s Tatsu if she adds in d+H. So after Tatsu, H>Mirage Feint H>J.M, J.H, D+H>L Talon Attack? Needs testing.

Million Dollars is not a DHC trick starter. Dante’s starters are qcf+H ~ qcf+H (grappling hook) with Devil Trigger started right after the grapple ends, and then Crazy Dance canceled after the last hit into Devil Trigger… which I can’t remember how you do. Crazy Dance is a 1 frame link performed with the S button out of one his other moves, I just can’t remember which one.

Max damage I found off Akuma tatsu assist was three hits of stand H into j.M j.H xx 236L
Akuma tatsu sets up a real nice high/low mixup. Block confirm the tatsu, set your spacing right, qcb+H hop into j.M once or twice. You gotta mash the shit out of it to get both hits, and the spacing is narrow.

OK cool, I was a bit confused because Million Dollars sent them into a spinning state. For Crazy Dance, it’s Jet Stream, Revolver and Reverb Shock but you’re most likely gonna be doing it out of Jet Stream during longer combos.

After a tatsu in the corner, u can actually jump up and do :qcf::l: talon right when they’re at the peak of tatsu stun. After that u can follow up with :m::h::qcb::h:, j:m:j:m:j:h: -land- j:m:j:m:j:h:j:s::qcf::l: -land- :h::s: -> air series. Max damage from tatsu afaik. Leave out the initial :l: talon midscreen though. It’s too unreliable. For midscreen, u can do tatsu into :h: xx MFC, :h::qcb::h:, j:m:j:m:j:h: -land- j:m:j:m:j:h:j:s::qcf::l: -land- :h::s: -> air series. Great DMG and meter build.

:m::h::qcb::h:, j:m:j:m:j:h: -land- j:m:j:m:j:h:j:s::qcf::l: -land- :h::s: -> air series.
Learn this series bcoz it’s your ‘go to’ when your looking for max DMG + meter. Easy as hell and you can tack it on after anything

Yup BurnSilver, your combo does a cool 603 damage after the assist(didn’t combo anything into the assist though.)

Landing it midscreen, waevdash twice, then quickly M>H(M needs to be 1 hit I believe.) It’s awkward but it can be done consistently mid-screen.

hmm s.H s.H s.H xx 214H j.M j.H xx 236L into the normal finisher (wesker otg into full neck slice xx dp super) does about 630k IIRC

you can always go air-to-air after tatsu lands. doing straight to a talon dive is unreliable yea but you can use j.M and j.H to adjust your height. j.M j.(M or H depending on height) xx 236L was pretty foolproof anywhere on screen.

Lol cant believe i just saw this, is the x-23/wesker/akuma team the default x-23 team now -__-? I’ve been using this team as well (although not for long, was going x-23/wesker/Taskmaster 2 weeks ago)

I’ll link this thread in the combo thread Burnsilver, lots of good stuff here.