Ask Xian

Pretty self explanatory. Ask Xian questions about Gen. Matchups, general strategy, maybe try to slide him a pro tip or whatever :wink:

Try to avoid giving your own personal advise to other members here as much as possible, unless your name is Xian. We have our own various match up and strategy related threads. I know there will be times when one of us will be able to step in and give a quick redirect, and thats ok, but the idea is to keep it clean enough to where Xian can come in and take a quick look and answer questions without having to look too hard through our conversations.

so what is your general strategy when playing footsies with gen? are you constantly switching back and forth between styles to have crane crouching heavy kick ready?

what about against characters that are difficult to anti air? blanka, sakura, or bison for example

Where do you think Gen is in the tier list?

Who do you think is Gen’s worst matchups and his best matchups?

How do you deal with defensive Guile and Deejay? I can’t Teiga their fireballs on reaction, do you still think it’s the ultra of choice for them? I really don’t know what to do vs those two, and any videos I watchet didn’t really help me understand (most of the time it was Gen losing OR very weak Guile/DJ players)

Also, vs Honda if he has the life lead and meter and just sits there I don’t know how to approach - If i try to walk in i run into cLPxxHands, jumping or Oga I get antiaired (i try switching stiles for ambigous jumps but most of the times they get beaten by his reaction njHP), if I focus I get headbutted… I have lots of problems unless I get a really lucky cHK. If he attacks I have the chance, but if he plays defensive I don’t know what to do. I miss Vanilla mantis MK soo much in this matchup :frowning:

Why do you never seem to use U2? Especially in matchups like Dhalsim you can punish many of his moves on reaction.

Which of the 2012 changes that have been announced so far do you think will have the most impact on Gen’s playstyle?

Who is your choice for worst Gen match up? or the best match up hakan excluded cause thats way to easy.

Recently i see more Gen players in tournaments, and even regular online matches on all platforms your thoughts about this?

opps i just saw it … sorry !! i will try to answer every question …

Hnickmick : footsies is very dependant on character matchup , i cant answer in sentences , but i will definely try to include as much as i can in the gen tutorial that i will be making next month :slight_smile:

Characters that are hard to anti air are only characters with short jump like yun , yang , gen , ibuki( her jump arc + she got options to throw kuni) , besides that you should just space yourself to anti air with crouching hp , crane crouching hk or lk gekiro(trade doesnt matter) :slight_smile:

Fergus2k8 : Gen is in C tier now , but i believe it will goes at least slightly below B , if there is no further nerf :slight_smile:

Gen’s worse matchup is Guile lol , i dont think theres any best matchup :frowning:

Ultra 1 is better , this is a 7-3 matchup in guile’s favour i felt . Have to get good read on the player , its very situational based sorry cant give you any specific advice :frowning:

Because against good Dhalsim players , they will stop throwing fireball once you have ultra. Being always ready to Teiga their fireball on reaction also defeats the purpose of Gen getting into dhalsim. Once rose and Dhalsim i felt you can try using U2. Because their fireball is slow , Besides that i dont see any matchups for now worth using Ultra 2 .

Hk gekiro knockdown :slight_smile:

I think its a good thing , because everybody has their own style , we can learn from every Gen player :slight_smile:
But i really hate people who wants to compare who is the better Gen , I respect all Gen players , the community for
Gen is small enough , stop comparing , think of how to place top with Gen is much more important in playing mirror
matches to prove who is the best Gen :slight_smile:

Saying that is so comforting, I almost felt intimidated by your Gen and how you got so good with him after a short while and it took me over a year to even perform a hands combo lol! I have decided to tame Gen to my taste and have “MY GEN” Thanks XIAN.

on another note I am going into a all or nothing FT25 match with the best Dudley player in my state. The penalty if I lose is that I stop playing!. so I need to know your thots on the matchup. PLS I NEED ALL THE HELP

Great stuff!
Really can’t wait to see the tutorial video !

I think it’s better if you open another topic or ask in the match-up thread… anyway just be careful after a guarded machine gun blow, he can pull off an ex one… or ultra

Remember guys, try to keep it to questions only

Xian, how often do you practice? in a week, how many hours do you train?

I think its good for Gen :slight_smile:
Randomly whiffing mantis crouching Hp is godlike in this matchup , also very useful in anti-air too :slight_smile:
Beware of dudley using focus level 2 , stop your sweep and crouching hp and use more mk piano hands or mp piano hands…
Most important i felt was when you get knockdown by dudley , this is my best advice(you have to change as your opponents start to read you)

Midscreen -> focus backdash (very high % of getting away from the situation)
corner -> gamble gekiro (50/50) , block , focus lv1 (let me explain this)

Dudley knockdown game against gen in the corner
1)Block means 50/50 , high or low , its a guessing game not in your favour because you cant punish dudley no matter if he does overhead or sweep.
2)By gambling gekiro on wakeup , its 50/50 too , however it conditions your opponent to block/backdash to bait your gekiro , Hence…
Point 1 become 33.3% , high mixup , low mixup or bait your gekiro.**

Then you change to Point 3 which is

3) Focus level 1 on wakeup beats everything (overhead , sweep and backdash) , which thereafter you dash forward and delay tech throw , These usually allows you to get out of situation already , or you could gamble gekiro if you feel hes always gonna pressing something :slight_smile:

Last point , Use Hk gekiro after TC combos …However, try not to do it after 3 jabs , because sometimes it became too far away and the hk gekiro after TC combo miss …

Hope these helps you ^^ **
**Cheers ^

It really depends :frowning:
But usually almost everyday i will drop by arcade to have a few games at least so that my execution of hands fadc , and crossup OGA doesnt screwed up :slight_smile:

do you have a specific strategy for meter usage?

i ask because i notice you use the fadc combos even after extended hit confirms where the damage payout isnt that great.

its depending on character , and the people i fought against.

1)I tend to use alot of fadc combos on characters that i feel that knockdown is very important(dhalsim).
2)i will also fadc into combos when i see some bad habits on my opponent (mixups i think my opponent doesnt know how to block).
3)I will fadc into combos also if its my second combo on my opponent , cos after i fadc hands into combo (2nd combo) , i just need little bit more to get my opponent stunned (eg. overhead).
4)for kill , more damage
5) when i think i have almost full or full bars at the start of the game and i feel that saving the super for later will be better.
6) its very situational based (all i can say) , i use to think fadc into hands is a wastage of meter … And always save it for super. However super is also very useful in certain matchups and comebacks, so theres no specific strategy , above is just a guideline . Its really depends on the matchups and opponent you face :slight_smile:

Hope it helps :slight_smile: