Ask me anything about dudley

ask away!!! but for all you smartasses out there lets try to keep it strategy based.

Out of curiosity how do you get in on Ken, particularly if they dont rush you down but instead walk around at midrange, sticking out low fwd while using oddly timed standing fierce or fierce DP for anti air. I am normally just buffer stand HK and stand my ground but sometimes I get annoyed and empty jump, with mixed success.

EDIT: Oh wait, if they get within HK range I do HK xx duck to get in, but often they dont get that close.

Also how do you play vs yun – do you try to parry shoulder/dive kick a lot or interrupt his combos with parries? Thats really how i do most of my dmg vs him. The only thing I can really do to avoid taking dmg is to block low during genei-jin and never jump at him (yuns love to walk under you when you jump and combo the fuck out of you).

Got any cool little setups, or something? My dudley’s decent, but yeah. Any exceptional tick throw setups? Or even cross counter setups? I never use that, and I’ve found that using it once in a blue moon is a nice way to confuse/mix things up.

Also, is there a way to punish shoto sweeps on block, when you’re not close enough to Or something that has a chance of working?

EDIT: How about a list of each character: how many x n you can pull off on them.

sir jiggles. ken is tough to get in on. luckily, dudley doesn’t have to actively try to get in on ken to win. if he does actively try, he only gets predictable. i learned alot about the dudley/ken matchup playing paulee, watson, and flash g this weekend. in this matchup instead if constantly trying to get in, i’ll whiff alot. meter is very important in this matchup(to punish sweeps/c.mks up close if youre fast/fireballs/to generally scare ken), so I use SA3. when you get around range, blocking low is a real help, even if the ken can hit confirm 90% of the time, because blocking low makes him work alot harder than you. but dont just sit there or anything. just block low if you think hes going to be ready to parry if you do jump, and i know this sounds shady, but you have to train ken to think hes playing footsies with you, then jump on him randomly. your jumps need to be unpredictable in this matchup so u dont catch a short, short super as anti air.

vs yun, well to be honest i have never lost to a yun in tourney, ever. against dive kicks parry, short swing blow is really good, especially when you have meter. many yuns try to throw too much, so you can beat many yuns on throw baits alone haha. s.rh xx duck super is very good against dive kicks as well. unless hes right on top of you. f+fp/s.rh usually owns up yuns ground game, it will beat out virtually anything hes doing besides random well spaced f+fp. if yun is simply walking under your jumps and comboing you, you need to space your jumpins better.


good tick throw setups i personally use are xx mk duck, xx duck throw, throw xx hk duck throw, f+rh (hits from close range), throw. c.short xx short duck, throw. with s.rh/ duck you can use short duck, watch them whiff throw, s.rh xx ex mgb after youve already trained them to tech the throw, or you can do mk ssb and combo into super. you cannot punish max range sweeps without super. with super, do hk ducking xx super.

dudley can juggle up to 6 times on alex, oro, dudley q, remy, necro and all girls.

Why is it when I play your Dudley I always win? :lol:

because you touch yourself at night :p.

f.fp also owns up kens footsie, hell it ownz all of kens moves but the dp or super… I get in f.fp range and mix up to fake a f.fp cuz they try to parry… also do uoh to go over’s… u can link to super if dud hits on the way down… knock ken down and do a 50/50 or just wait for a exdp then punish

yeah thats pretty much what i said. f+fp/ footsies. random c.rh to keep him on his toes. and get ken to the corner, because thats where EVERYONE loses to dudley. to put it simply, every character has a objective. ken is whatever he wants, into super. makoto is to grab them, chun is to super, yun in GJ, dudleys is simply to get them to the corner, and keep them there.

epsilon why do u use sa3 vs ken?? I use sa1 cuz it makes me play more careful and it can be linked the same as sa3 but sa1 does more damage plus its easier to link sa1 from a uoh… and the main reason is because sa1 can link farther away after the dartshot takes dudley’s wakeup game more affective. being outside of throw range the ken your fighting will think ur trying to bait a dp on his wakeup and not do anything… because if your in their face they sometimes try to exdp on wakeup… I had times with sa3 u need to be closer for the dartshot and overheads have startup and peeps would wakeup and throw me out of the dartshot… the smart kens i play never do fireballs or even c.rh’s especially after I caught em with a duck>super once… they don’t c.rh anymore… I know with sa3 u’ll pretty much always have a super though

i just like to have super more in that matchup, basically. the more meters i have the more i can do the post super mixup. duck under sa3 is also very good against ken, also its easier to punish blocked fireballs with sa3. really i think either super can be used in this matchup, sa3 is just my prefrence. also about the f+rh thing i usually just do it slightly meaty so it beats throws.

noob question on dudley: how do you link f.rh to sa? i can do the uoh, sa link but not from the f.rh overhead.

how do you beat vic vance?

out smart him… knock him down… 50/50 after u get meter… he will have to guess which way to block he guesses wrong and 40 percent life gone… after that knockdown do another 50/50… dudley is scary when he’s on top of you waiting for you to get up…

easy said on paper lol but you basically have to out play him, another tip is to bait a c.rh from ken like in his range then jump… if he c.rh he’s fucked cuz dudley will give ken a free sample of his brewed combo flavored tea that he mixes up when someone fucks up hahaha!!!

I’m pretty sure your opponent has to be crouching to eat a F+RH linked to super with Dud. After that, the timing’s easy. Negative edge helps a ton.

I hope that’s right, otherwise I’m sure Epsilon will own me up with some Dudley knowledge.

Can you explain the timing of the c.HK juggle that works on certain characters? I can only get it to land twice, then I lose it.

Also; how pissed does your opponent get when you DO juggle them that much? hah

the same way you do… grab him in the cockles.

is standing roundhouse into ex mgb hit detetable?

locoghoul-like 10x said, they have to be crouching 1st. and you have to be using sa1 or sa3, overhead into SA2 does not work. the way i do it is f+rh, do one qcf wait a sec to see if it hits, then buffer the rest super and piano the punches. i piano the punches so i get 6 inputs(including negative edge).

rikc- well after each c.rh you need to walk forward a little bit. on alot of characters its easier to put in jab mgbs as you juggle them. like ibuki and makoto. necro and alex are harder to mgb in the corner imo. and q, elena, and chun are so fat that you can c.rh them easily 6 times, and the jab mgbs just complicate things. and yes it is a good mental attack as well when you land a 50/50 setup.

also oro, q, elena, chun, and alex and makoto* can be swept two times in one combo mid screen.

*-makoto can only be juggled twice with a sweep after doing c.rh, jab mgb, c.rh. for all other characters on that list, c.rh, c.rh works midscreen.

archtype-personally i dont think it is, because the cancel is so fast. most ex mgbs i see are to punish whiffs, or hitting off limbs. its kind of stupid to hit confirm anyway because you could be using that block s.rh to setup a mixup instead.

I was wondering if you could give a list of the recommended sa against each character, or at least the characters ur more likely to see in a tourn. Also why is dudley such a g? :tup:

i’m usually 50/50 with most of the cast regarding SA of choice. i’ve leaned towards Rocket more in the past, but vs. some characters, i’ve had more success using Corkscrew.

Ken/Ryu - Rocket or Corkscrew
Akuma - Rocket
Makoto - Rocket
Alex - Rocket or Corkscrew
Twelve - Corkscrew
Urien - Rocket
Oro - Corkscrew
Ibuki - Rocket
Chun Li - Rocket
Yun/Yang - Rocket
Remy - Rocket
Hugo - i usually use Rocket, but i saw a Kokujin vs. i don’t remember which Hugo where he just turtled his ass off and just Corkscrewed Hugo whenever he jumped :lol:. kinda tempting.
Q - Rocket
Elena - Corkscrew
Dudley - Rocket/Corkscrew
Sean - Rolling Thunder

that list is mostly preferential. nothing absolute.