Ask Frank: Being Gay

Totally biting Plummer’s thread, but going on something that he can’t touch. Ask away, but be prepaaaaaaaaaaaared /scar. I don’t hold back with my answers…let the hilarity ensue.

so am i cute?

how do you decide whos the pitcher and who’s the catcher

tickling bootyholes why WHY?!

are you guys mad at the super flamboyet gay ones?

who would you bang on srk?

and when guys fart around you does it remind you of sex?

Almost all of these we discussed at Denny’s that long and fateful night! Damn it Kriang, I love you man.

pocket dogs, I mean c’mon!?

Yes Kriangkrai you are cute, your personallity skyrockets you to the heavens. But you’re straight so that’s about all it get’s to. But if a girl was to ask me, yes I’d hype you up.

It’s not really a decision you make when you are planning on doing the deed. Each person has a preference which the best way I can describe it as, “whatever floats your boat.” The common misconception is that all gay men catch. If that were the case then we really wouldn’t get anywhere would we? There are gay people that strictly catch, and gay people that strictly pitch, some are just into oral or handjobs only…I tend to stay away from them, could get that from a broad if I wanted to. I think the majority do bottom, but under that is versatile, they enjoy pitching and catching (or the ever so lovely flip-flop sessions).

Another thing to note is that you can’t judge a preference by the way personality. I’ve seen some flamers that are strictly tops, and some masculine guys that only bottom. It really comes down to what makes you feel good.

I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking here…but I will say this every “straight” man that I’ve tickled loved the fuck out of it…don’t knock it till you try it.

Let me start off by saying that no one in team seattle is over the top flamboyant/flamer status. Me personally yes they do bother me, there was a point in time where once I was comfortable with myself I thought on wether or not I should just shout at the top of the lungs “I’M GAY!” like in the middle of Bellsquare or like at the library. But I realized that who I prefer to love/lust with isn’t really anyone’s business but my own. I prefer my men to be more “straight acting” or masculine personality. So that I can go out and go shopping or go out to eat with them and not have people give us strange looks or scoffs. I mean yeah it is 2010, but this world is far from perfect. Thankfully it’s accepted way more than it was back in the 80’s, 90’s, and even in the early 2000’s. But for me I don’t really like the super flamboyant personality cause it seems like they are trying to scream for attention, and if you have to pull out the gay card just for people to notice you I think you should take the time and look in the mirror to see who you really are. No on should ever like someone just because of their preference. We as a human race have a little more to us than that.

This seems to be a very popular question amongst straight men. Is it because they feel that they need to have that reassurance that not only broads want em but dudes can’t resist them too? I can’t really say who I’d bang because there’s a good chance that even if I would bang em the possibility isn’t going to happen because that’s not their preference. The myth that all gay men fantasize about fucking their straight friends is a very grey area. I mean who doesn’t fantasize about having sex with someone that isn’t attainable? Every human being does that. But I think straight people tend to think that gay men would try to make advances to their straight friends w/o respecting them. I’d never do that…while sober…but for the most part if someone is game, and they let me know shit it’s on. I’ve “flipped” two supposed straight guys already, who is to say I can’t go for the hat trick. But the situation has always been the same, they came to me and asked, I never made the first move. I’ll leave it at this, there are a lot of guys in Team Seattle that I do find handsome, and if they ever wanted to “test the waters”…play ball!

Not at all. Farts are funny, getting face fucked isn’t.

I don’t really know what this is reffering to…you might have to elaborate more on this.

If I recall correctly, Pocket Dogs is when a man will wrap his penis in a hotdog bun, slather it in ketchup and mustard, then let the other man go to town.

I could be wrong… But I digress, I don’t believe I am.

why do gay men seem to love tiny little dogs that can basically fit in their pocket. that thing ain’t gonna help you out vs. a crackhead late an night when you have to take it for a walk.

WTF!? all i know in the porn industry there was this guy who ask a girl if she wanted a dick dog and she was like yes and so he stretch his balls to cover his dick like and hotdog bun and and its was a dickdog but pocket dogs is pretty amaznig hahaha

You mean the tiny animal? Oh, dude, it’s the same reason women love them, they are “FUCKING CUTE!”

I think gay people have a little more taste than what you guys have just said…that shit is just gross, almost like WS gross. In the end I think that this goes into the whole fetish department…

First off, Jared it’s ask a gay dude thread…unless you’re telling us something :wink:

This again is a false misconception, as a gay man myself. I hate little dogs, they aren’t cute to me. They are just annoying little shits. But to answer your question, it seems that the more flamboyant crowd of gay people have small dogs, and sadly as Jared puts it it’s because they are cute, and draw in women. I also blame Paris Hilton and that whole skank train for this trend. If there ever was a stereotypical homobroad (since the proper term is a violation of SRK rules and regulations) it would be Paris Hilton. A white woman that goes to the club, drinks heavily around other men knowing that they won’t take sexual advantage of her. That is a whole topic in itself that I really can’t answer tbh.

So in short they have the little dogs because it brings about women, and is like a social networking beacon to find more gay men. If my partner had a little dog we’d have problems…I’m a cat person myself.

If I’m puttin’ in work and balls touch YET I’m pitcher only, is it gay?

Why do people like reach arounds?

Why is putting a finger in the other’s mouth “hot”?

Do men like ‘milking the snake’ with their fingers?

^Why do some gay men go from normal enunciated speech to super feminine/lispy voice when they are exited or joyed…is it because they have done it so much as a part of defining them as gay that it just is natural or does happen to begin with…

At what point in life does one realize they like the same sex…I know I first was into girls when I was 8 in elementary class…

What features do the gay population seem to notice more for me with girls (at least for me) it goes tight body/face/ass/tits/legs/hair style

Do gay men around thier straight friends they find attractive feel sexual tension…I knew this hot ass lesbian and damn I was always feelin awkward around her…I wanted to…GUGO that shit… but that was even on the table as a possibility…

How offended are you by terms like “that is so gay” or “he is a eff-ay-jee (it censored it lol)” used as derogatory terms rather than their literal meanings…I came from an all guys HS soooo that sorta got into me as a reaction…I’ve tried to filter it as of recent because gay people are good at SF4 and don’t want to be randomly offending people on accident…

This question is a little hazy, do you mean if you fuck a dude but have no intentions of getting fucked and the only genitalia contact you have is scrotum on scrotum does that make you gay? I think it’s in the eye of the beholder honestly. Look at threesomes with 2 guys and a girl, there’s a good chance that the dudes are going to have some sort of physical contact. Does that make them gay? If the girl requests that the guys make out does that make them gay? A good friend of mine once said that while guys feel that they are in control of a threesome with a girl it’s actually not the case. The woman is in full control cause think about it, you’re tryin to beat right? And if the only thing stopping you from getting in that twat is a little tonsil hockey with another man is that going to stop or him for that matter? It’s for the greater good of the mission. And who knows in the heat of the moment you could be making out with the girl then BOOM! Penis is like 3 inches from your face. If you’ve already committed to having sex with this woman and there’s another man there doing the same thing you are well then you’ve kinda committed to whatever happens in the bedroom is going to happen. But to get back to your question I’ll go back to when I first started fucking around, back in my teenage days my fuck buddy and I came to the conclusion that “hey we are just two dudes trying to get off, it’s easy access to meet up, we aren’t looking for a relationship, just tryin to get off.” From what I’ve heard he’s married now, and well I’m where I’m at now. Does that make him gay? No. He just also enjoys having sex with men. But doesn’t want to be in a relationship with them.

To further dwell into this (sorry if this is TMI) but there was a guy that I hooked up with at a very big software company boardroom in Redmond…turns out his wife was just done with having sex, she told him “I don’t want to have sex anymore.” I think it has soemthing to do with menopause or some shit iono, so what did he do? Found another outlet in getting off. Does that make him gay? He’s just a squirrel tryin to get a nut, to move your but to the dance floor…

So no Femto it doesn’t make you gay, unless you went out for coffee before hand or plan on giving this man flowers or going on a date.

You guys are beasting right now.

Well a reach around to me is like best of both worlds, or simulating a threesome in the aspect that someone is pleasuring me while getting me off too. I also think (and sorry if this comes off as gross) but you know when you blow your load your bootyhole tenses up, or gets tighter. And who doesn’t like fucking a tight hole? Unless you’re down to gape some broad up so that it’s like a hotdog in a hallway…

Same as putting a finger in the other’s mouth, while having sex it’s in a way simulation oral sex. I know straight guys do it to girls too, and it in a way is watching a girl give head w/o having a cock near your vicinity. I also think it’s a form of dominance. When you put a finger in someone’s mouth you are in control, you can tease the person by pulling it away or if your sadistic try to shove it down their throat. On a personal note, yes I think that shit is hot as fuck.

Um, I don’t really know exactly what you are reffering to here Jared. I have an idea, but I’m going to let you clarify that first because I could very well give away too much information here.

As masculine as I try to be, I am guilty of this. Only when I’m around women or other feminine gay men. For me I do it the first or second time I meet a women to let them know that hey I’m gay, so if you’re trying to talk about girly things that’s cool with me. Especially in our scene which is predominate by men girls when they have to go out often feel that they don’t have someone to talk to about “girly” things? But it’s also the same for me too, I can’t really talk about fashion or project runway with Josh, and Jacob, or Mandel etc. etc. because it’s something that doesn’t interest them. I think in the end it’s all about trying to fit the stereotype, sadly maybe one doesn’t feel “gay” unless they do said action. But it also could lead to their upbringing. I mean for example I saw someone a few weeks ago that is 100% straight, but he did something that was very flamboyant/femminine when he reacted to something. Clearly the dude isn’t gay for that.

For a second there I thought you were going to go somewhere else with this LMAO. I think it’s the same either way, I mean I was attracted to girls @ 9, and made out with a few during some lovely “House” games. Then at the age of 10 I just started noticing that guys were attracted too, but it was weird because it wasn’t guys my same age. I thought the lead singer of color me bad was super fine…not so much now but you get what I’m saying here. I think the big challenge is when you have start having said attraction is how you react to it. I mean nowadays if a teen is attracted to men it’s a little bit easier than it was in my day. I’m still confident in saying that at one point or another every person is curious about their sexuality,whether they actually pursue that curiosity or not determines if they’ll be gay/bi/straight. I mean some people have these feelings for years, get married, have kids yet the “soul still burns” and it’s those individuals that I truly feel bad for because they are under the impression that how they feel is wrong.

What features do the gay population seem to notice more for me with girls (at least for me) it goes tight body/face/ass/tits/legs/hair style[/qupte]

I can’t really speak for everyone else, but for me I guess the order is something like eyes/face/hair/bisceps/hands/crotch/ass/legs. For me, a man with some smoldering eyes…fuck. Or piercing light blue eyes that shit is raw too. I prefer my guys to look clean cut/clean shaven. If they have those short sleeved shirts that show off a little biscep and I see their muslces flexing shit is so fucking hot. I also find moles sexy as fuck too, not those hag hairy ones, but a few small ones on someone’s face or neck or even arm. I just think about laying in bed with them doing nothing but enjoying each others company and tracing my finger along like connect the dots…ahem. Anyway carrying on!

I personally don’t feel sexual tension, there are a lot of people in Team Seattle that I do find attractive. There I fucking said it Kriangkrai. But knowing that nothing is going to happen no matter what eases that down. Now when I get random signals such as someone making a gay joke towards me, or even making a joking pass at me (Like what an individual did at TW’s during playoffs). Honestly that shit pisses me off, it’s one thing to be joking about it with words, but like getting touchy feely or really close to my face and giving me “that look” I really don’t like that, for me it feels like my sexuality is being mocked. And I’ll say it just like I said to this individual:

If you’re trying to get your dick sucked just fucking ask, cause chances are I’ll fucking do it.

I’m sure you’ve heard me drop the F-bomb many of times as well as saying something is “gay”. It boils down to how slang is used, and honestly the prudent queens that get pissed off about that shit need to get over themselves. Guess what do you know what gay was used before having sex with another man was considered “gay”. Gay is another word to express happiness. Gay is reffered to when people of same sex have sex. Gay is used when something random happens that isn’t on the same level as gross or random. Let’s get even further with this with the F-bomb.

The F-bomb in Europe is a term for a cigarette, and the -got version i believe is a term used for a bundle of sticks. While it’s obvious some closeted gay man started using gay and F***ot as a bashing term towards homosexualls, in the end it’s just words. And I say shit is gay all the time. It’s our culture and nothing to really get super pissed off about.

But I will say this, I don’t mind when people reffer to something as Gay. But unless your gay, don’t use f****t around me, I had these college punks use that in front of me while I was at work, and well…I had to control my anger.

Clarification: Same as the question with finger’s in mouth, but instead of the mouth, it’s the asshole.

Frank I appreciate the responses but damn…a little TMI on some of it…I worked with a couple gay dudes at the OG and they were nice an all but I have hella questions because I was white conservative suburban grown and I’m pretty ignorant so I just want an insight so I don’t come off an ass or offensive cause honestly I don’t give a fuck what you do on your own time…just keep it private…goes for straight and just whoever…I don’t wanna see any of that shit…

Do gays shave their legs…I always thought that shit was weird for women (even though it’s necessary cause that’s just gross if you don’t) but it’s a societal thingfor women so do gay dudes follow suit with their hygiene? I was always under the influence that gays were reallllly clean as a whole…(stereotype maybe? well if it is…it’s a good one…who the fuck chooses to be dirty {minus superjoe} it’s just wrong not to have good hygiene)

Same answer as before with the finger in mouth, just different shit. Am I’m REALLY glad you clarified yourself because I was thinking about something waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay different…and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more diritier :wink: