As a Rog player how often do you get racial hate?

some people just can’t handle taking a serious beating so they resort to being racist.

for example just moments ago.

he was mad because i ate him in less then 13 seconds.
mind you he’s in g1.

his myspace is

so shortly after my hate mail from earlier, skrillblast wanted to take another crack at me.


here are a couple pics from his myspace

this isnt a rog thing, its universal to any medium that provides anonymity. any game, any platform, any country.

That’s really insulting! Everyone knows Rog has way more than one combo…

I get shit like this all the time… from playing Sakura.

his fucking face is way more insulting than anything he might say

Dudes ugly

He’s only got 30 friends

It’s because he’s a WoW player, or at least someone with his name was in a guild I was in…

He’s mad because we got dat dip dap into GOODNIGHT CHUMP

Same thing here.

Spent the whole match calling me a retarded N***. Of course I made him eat it at the end :arazz:

I don’t care. Balrog is black and will inevitably be called that.

EX. I was messaged “n***** lover” after a win… :bluu:

Oh well, it’s all just mouth. They still got spanked.

You don’t get that kinda shit in the arcade, which is why I’d rather pay $1.50 per game for a few hours most times than play online for free.

ahh man you pwned me on SF 4 for the PC. I am the newb bison that couldnt do shit to you lol.

that video is funny as hell.

Edit: You shouldn’t be surprised, hes from Alabama.

n****r is the standard insult of online play, whether it be fighting games, fps, or WoW.

EDIT: So much win for that video!

I play with balrog alot and it’s true people that crap all the time. They assume the gamer is black cuz they chose rog. It just makes me more determined to get my fight money!!

i enjoy playing rog online and hope to get racist hate soon. only racist thing i get is getting called a beaner due to my xbl gamertag being og garcia. im not even mexican

i dont rock boxer icons because i get kicked from games alot more… also got a message once from some guy keeping me even though we had 5 bars… his response was i dont play n******

All the time, as you’ve seen. Silly bastards.

Epic win of a video payback :tup:

I must admit during my brief moment online [XBOX Live] and using Balrog, I had encountered no racial hate nor hate in general.

And this was during my Sasmasta AKA Sastecks phase, so you KNEW I meant business! :mad:

I never got personal hate(not good enough I guess) but I did lose to a Ryu with the PSN Naggar_Lincher. Pissed me off.