Article series for introducing "e-sports" to the FGC

Hey guys,

I have recently started writing and reporting for and the first task I wanted to write is series of articles explaining the FGC to the e-sports audience. My main goal with this first article is to represent the FGC to e-sports in a way to best preserve our community and what makes us great, should there ever be a time in the future where esports and Fighting Games are mingling together. Otherwise, I figure it is a great way to get more people looking into the scene and helping us grow. Check out the article below. I should have a interview with CEO’s Jebailey up by the weekend about CEO and his thoughts on some hot topics.

Let me know what you all think.

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How is it possible to fuck up in the first sentence?

Aside from a handful of buttmunchers, who exactly is it that has been patiently awaiting for dat IPL? Stream Monsters? Lo3? The massive amounts of people that don’t show up to sessions in their local communities. The only way it bothered us is by scheduling events on the same day as community run tournaments. So I guess the correct sentence would be “The Fighting game community (FGC) has been waiting on the sidelines - wondering how the e-sports industry was going fuck with their hobby while trying to make it a money making venture, while practicing combos and arguing on SRK.”

If you’re gonna report on us, you have to start with the truth.

Well you seemed to pin a lot of hope on IPL and posted the article the same day IGN slashed their staff and a week and a half before IPL 6 was officially canceled.

It’s a little too glowy. You need to get more cynical and call out the illuminati.

“I can phoenix CPS2 boards.”

Lol that isn’t hard even if you make your own version of the roms.

“MLG has done a good job in the past”

What kind of bullshit am I reading.

If anything the MLG has done a horrible job with fighting games. Need I remind you of EVO2005?

FGC has been waiting on the sidelines waiting for a chance to make money? Where’d you get that conclusion from? Stream monsters? Sponsored players? I can assure you there’s a large majority of us that don’t give a damn about making video games our full-time career. While it’s nice having some more money come in to motivate players to train up and travel to major tournaments, as well as having more events to choose from (always a good thing), we’re always wary of the fact that whoever controls the money ultimately wants to control the scene.

As far as MLG goes, they did a decent job with the MK scene, but completely fucked over the rest of the community with their choice of primary games, along with the aforementioned Evo2005 debacle. There’s a reason we don’t trust MLG. I find it strange that the community seems to welcome IGN/IPL with open arms when they’re basically another e-sports entity. The only difference is that they’ve learned from MLG’s mistakes and decided to approach the community in a much more respectful fashion.

Speaking of IPL, early signs of working with them didn’t start off rosy either despite how easy it seemed to join forces. Not that it matters now, since the shining beacon of IPL coming to swoop in and rescue the community from the trenches lost the emotional effect you were going for when IGN is looking to sell it off asap. The IP swapped hands and now they don’t give a damn about the fighting game community…yet another reason why we’re distrustful of outside forces trying to incorporate us.

Yeah the time the article was published was out of my control. I would have corrected a lot of the IPL points, but was out of the country at that time.

I wouldn’t trade my local events for anything, but for the “Pro” players, these large events and teams give them the ability to be supported by fighting games and push the envelope of their respected games. I respect Koogy more then the bigger teams, but I also recognize that hardly anyone thought about making a organization to push players and support them financially, like getting them to events and getting recognition because of it. Unless maybe Empire and when they had Justin and representing Gunnar glasses, but I don’t know about the money involved there.

Dev: “MLG has done a good job in the past with the Mortal Kombat 9 community.” Some of the MK scene were fiend’n for that type of attention and money and ran with it when they had the chance. I said nothing about MLG doing well with the other communities.

I recognize the agenda behind these organizations, but I would like to draw in people that were interested in our scene, but never gave it a hard look. ESFI is E-Sports Fan Insider, so the idea is to bring in E-Sports Fans and communicate ideas they are familiar with while emphasizing who we are if they decide to make the jump in. While you might think this is a issue, problem, or a threat, I remember being just that as an “09er” and being a questionable influence on the scene…and even today with this thread an article.

Thank you all for taking a look at the article and taking time to respond to this post. It is appreciated.

I don’t quite think you understand what this scene has been about. Shoryuken was never about creating a scene for “pros” to make money. All of the efforts in this place are geared towards maintaining fighting games alive as a hobby. I could go on a long tirade as to what this should mean to the people in all of the communities but fuck it. Its all about them pros and all that other bullshit.

The issue is more that the article is putting the MLG in a good light without acknowledging the past failings. Failings that still affect our perception of them to this very day (and that they have done almost nothing to address)…

So things going fine with MK didn’t help? I’m pretty critical of MLG but come now.

Is on times like this that i would be happy to have the option to flag something as shit or stupid

For everything like Mk, they do other stupid shit like forcing their weird continuity rule, or mishandling KoFXII and SCV events and then blaming the community for it.

Don’t forget forcing the completely retarded continuation rule on communities that don’t want it.

Yes, that was in the bit you quoted.

That said, I don’t think anyone, FGC or not, is happy with that dumb rule.

I think the article is good, and not just because I got mentioned.
It is targeted at a specific audience and if you are reading this article on SRK then that audience is not you. An article targeted towards esports fans with an interest in leaning more about the fighting game community and posted on an esports site should not be focused on the FGC’s gripe with MLG.

I know this is the internet where anyone can say anything without any kind of credentials, but as someone who has sat in a house and played fighting games with the writer of the article I’d just like to verify that he isn’t some esports random throwing out ideas about a community he knows nothing about.

I still think that there should have been mention of this, if at least to illustrate some of the things some of the things that make the FGC wary of Esports.

I has bad reading. :confused:

“FGC” is already the exact same shit as eSports, only without lengthy commercial breaks.

More money+marvel is win/win. Our biggest tournament doesn’t even use the right version of the game. If mlg added marvel,money and ran it on 360…