Arms: Nintendo Switch Fighting Arena Game

Arms is an arena fighting game that’ll release Spring 2017

Yes it is

I have to wonder if this will even be playable at a competitive level. Since it’s a motion control game I have my doubts.

They showed it off on stream, they said it has the ability to turn off motion controls. The people playing it were clearly awful though choosing to just lob punches across the stage. I don’t see why you wouldn’t move in and pressure. It makes the frame data better because the return time on your punches is shorter and it’d be harder to react to a grab attempt. Chip damage seems to exist. Grabs are a thing. Various movement options and character specific stuff. I think we’d actually need some good players to try it to see what’s possible as far as combos the way they play is all just a bad neutral game. I see some potential even though the art style is terrible in my opinion. I think we need to see at least 15 very unique characters to even dream of having this game be worth $60 though. I didn’t see any possibility for high/low mixups as of yet. It’ll take some time to tell if it’s even decent.

High/low mix-up would probably be irrelevant, there doesn’t seem to be a crouch or crouch block. It reminds me of Virtual On which is a good thing. If you want to complain about motion controls try playing Splatoon without them. You’ll get your shit pushed in.

The gyro controls, which this looks to be using, are sooo much more reliable than the IR stuff from the Wii or like what the six axis had. But yes, you can use a regular controller which still might end up being the go-to choice.

Here’s a good video going over some of the details of the game.

Certainly hope they add more fighters. Five is not nearly enough options… Otherwise I’m cautiously optimistic about this game’s potential.

This actually looks really interesting. Clearly they were inspired by Wii Sports Boxing. I played that a fair bit.

It’s so cool that they considered the meta aspects, it’s not just a silly game where you waggle to win.

Honestly I think if they add a few more characters to the roster it will be pretty legit. Can’t wait to see what actual FG players can do with this game.

Nice. Good to see another new Nintendo franchise.

Hard to say if it is going to be considered a fighting game by the community but we have seen platform games and single player games on EVO so it’s not outlandish.

I think it’s hard to not consider it as a fighting game. It’s much similar to traditional FGs than the arena anime stuff like One Piece or Naruto imho.
The main concern will be about its depth. How much variety between the characters, how many layers of strategy within a match, how deep the mind games are etc. This is why I’m waiting for some expert hands to dig into it to see how many weird techniques they’re able to discover.

Seems to have some potential.

looks like good side tournament material, but I’ll wait until the whole thing comes out to judge.

I’m still pretty hyped for this game. Here’s the video from the 4/12 Nintendo direct.

Post here since for some reason this thread has been forgotten.

I’m amazing by the amount of content they’ve added since it has been announced. This game is set for a huge success, at least at a casual level.
I’m only slightly concerned by the fact you can potentially equip any arm on any fighter. There will probably be some rare arms everyone will want to unlock. I don’t think it’s healthy for a competitive fighting game to not have access to the entire set of possibilities from the get go.

I love how the game looks aesthetically, and also the music seems to be great too. This game really looks like it has a lot of personality.

But for some reason I just can’t picture it taking off in the FGC. It requires motion controls to play competitively, and right off the bat that little factoid kills it dead in the water. There’s no way people are going to run a tournament of this without getting seriously tired and worn out, especially considering that the FGC mostly consists of overweight Asians, blacks and Mexicans. The reason motion controls worked in Slaton is because they successfully replicate mouse aiming in a console shooter. Motion controls make sense for shooters. They don’t make sense for fighting games.

I think Arms will sit in his own spot in the FGC kinda like Smash or Pokken do and have maybe side tournaments at the main FGC events. It’s hard to judge how exciting a high level match of Arms can be because we didn’t see competent players fighting each other yet; I just hope it’s lit and complex enough to be worth watching.

Arms will just be a fun side event. I don’t see it progressing beyond that because it seems to be too mechanically simplistic, maybe too expensive to justify get setups for (brand new console + game + extra set of joycons is around $450), and is designed around motion controls. Maybe it’ll be at Smash events when the next Smash game comes out on Switch, but idk.

Uh, okay…

It does not require motion controls to play and most likely any competitive sense it has will be tied to the pro controller.

Nintendo themselves have stated that the Pro Controller is objectively inferior to the Joycons.

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