Arizona legalizes racial profiling. Ricky Martin disapproves, thinks it's scary

didn’t see a thread on this yet. basically the new law SB1070 “makes it a crime under state law to be in the country illegally. Immigrants unable to produce documents showing they are allowed to be in the U.S. could be arrested, jailed for up to six months and fined $2,500. Other provisions allow lawsuits against government agencies that hinder enforcement of immigration laws, and make it illegal to hire undocumented workers for day labor or knowingly transport them.” Too lazy so i just copy/paste from this group on facebook.

and if you gonna complain about illegal immigrants taking our jobs, they don’t belong here…school yoself on NAFTA at the very least por favor.

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Arizona Ethnic Studies Classes Banned, Teachers With Accents Can No Longer Teach English
keep it civil ya’ll.

i leave you with wise words from Ricky Martin via twitter “Racial profiling should never be tolerated, in the US or anywhere in the world. Were moving backwards. Scary”.

I just wish all the mexicans that are around here would put american flags on thier cars instead mexican flags. Shit, fly both at least.


Out of respect for the benefits of America that they apparently found appealing enough to flee their home country for?

This is getting very serious. California is making threats of boycotting Arizona, not to mention a lot of entertainment and sports/Mexican Athletes are pulling out of the state.

I thought they did that already by doing the jobs most Americans LOATHE doing?

I don’t like the law but you cannot call this legalization of racial profiling.

Police must have probable cause to ask for the papers. Like if a cop pulls you over for speeding and finds a fat ass blunt in an ashtray he now has probable cause to do all sorts of other shit (like arrest you while searching you and your car).

For all of you that think that this is the legalization of racial profiling… quite simply you don’t know what you are talking about and you need to actually read what the actual law says - be sure to bring some reading comprehension with you.

Could this law lead to racial profiling? Possibly. Will there be lawsuits involved over the use of it? Possibly. We don’t know how this is going to play out. Last time I checked this is still America people - the land of lawsuits.

its bullshit. i hope the boycotts really happen.

already boycott devastation?

so, what should we do to stop illegal immigration? obviously the current plan of “nothing” isn’t working

IIRC, the law says the officer can ask for proof of citizenship if he has “reasonable suspicion” that the person might be illegal. The problem is that “reasonable suspicion” is a massive gray area, and gray areas cause problems. You could argue that anyone that looks hispanic is reasonably suspicious and should have to prove their citizenship. Furthermore, it’s our constitutional right to deny a law enforcement officer any identification, although I forget which circumstances this applies (can’t find/remember where it is in the constitution). The Daily Show pointed this out.

Anyways, gray areas are bad. They lead to loop holes and abuse of said loop holes.

Is it even a problem? It seems to me that the “problem” with illegals is vastly blown out of proportion, like blaming them for a shitty economy (or implying that) because they don’t pay taxes.

As a person of 100% mexican descent and blood, with family who lives in Brownsville (pretty much closest you can get to Mexico with out actually being there) I actually don’t see anything wrong with this law. It’s only furthering border control laws, I understand it is hard to legally become a citizen of the United States, and I also understand that they do a good amount of the jobs that, quite simply the modern white folk just don’t want to do, they still don’t pay a tax, they don’t vote, and they barely contribute to society as a whole. I’m not trying to be racist, it’s just that because they are not a citizen, these are things they can not do. It isn’t neccesarily their fault, but it’s a problem that does need to be addressed.

I think they just do those jobs to get paid.

What happens when you rip out the bottom level of a building? Good shit about banning classes focusing on anything ethnic. Guess I’m glad my american indian studies department isn’t in Arizona.

Millions of people breaking the law is a problem, yes. Millions of people who exist outside the system are a problem, yes.

Let’s be real. Most of the people who ‘decry’ bills like this have no problem with unchecked illegal immigration. They don’t want to stop it. Any efforts that might create a better chance of stopping it will make them angry, and lead to cries of ‘racism’ and ‘intolerance’.

At any rate, it should be up to the American voters to decide whether or not they want to crack down on illegal immigration.

Just because something is illegal doesn’t necessarily mean it’s wrong, he’s probably asking you to explain what these illegals actually do that negatively impacts america.

ie: Paying people under the table actually does effect us.

edit:but uh yeah, it’s pretty obvious that conservatives everywhere are ratcheting up the illegal immigration panic because it’s the next big issue the white house plans to tackle and obv, conservs across the world exist just to slow down shit that’s going to inevitably happen anyway.

You were mistaken, sir.

::returns to unemployment for the foreseeable future::

I don’t think anybody anywhere is saying it’s morally wrong for them to come here.

Weeks already said everything that needs to be said (see following post). You already knew that, though, I’d bet.

You really want me to explain why people existing outside the system is a problem? I shouldn’t have to explain this to anyone. The tax system is impacted, hospitals are impacted, schools are impacted.

I have plenty of friends who worked long and hard to earn their green card. Everyone who comes here illegally is spitting in their face.

We should either enforce the current immigration laws, no matter how much hand-wringing it causes to the sensitive, or just take them off the books and let anyone show up who wants to and given the right to live here.

I agree with Weeks.

Furthermore I find it strange that Californians would boycott Arizona. They were going to Arizona? California is a beautiful state, and is nearly bankrupt. They should be staying home regardless.

Can we punish them for making us racially profile?

like I said, there are real reasons to be against illegal immigration, (taxes, like I mentioned) but when you just sort of flatly say it’s a problem with clearly detailing why, it tends to lead to lots of misinterpretation and back and forth in these types of threads.