Aren't I supposed to be improving?

I’ve been playing this game on the regular for about 3 months now. Been in the lab, playing online, and in the arcade where I work against some pretty good players. However, I’ve been on this massive losing streak online and offline. I feel like the game works against me in some ways and it’s very frustrating because I can’t see myself improving in any fashion. I last longer in fights against better players than I do against scrub Ken players who use random ass playstyles. It’s supposed to be fun, but I don’t feel like I’m learning anything at all, whereas I could sit on GGPO and play ST for hours at a time, and know exactly how to improve upon the mistakes from last game. I know you have to lose before you can start winning, but this is abnormal. Does anyone feel the same at all?

i feel the same.

Dont play ranked. People random is out in ranked because they are too worried about winning points instead of being content with losing but still learning. Points are more important to them than knowledge, so they will do whatever it takes. Getting beat by random scrubs happens to most people, dont worry about it. If you truly want to get better, the only way to do so is by playing with better people, learning to adapt, practicing your execution, and above all, taking every loss with a grain of salt (no pun intended). Use each loss as a tool to better understand what you can do better, why you lost, and what you can do in the same situation next time.

When you cant play at your local scene, playing online is fine, and can be a great tool, as long as youre playing against good people, and have a good connection. Go onto the character subforums and ask if anyone would be willing to run a set with you so you can learn said matchup. Endless lobbies are great when you have good competition, especially if they are willing to talk and share information / tech.

Just keep at it, things will fall into place eventually. Hope this has helped.

Good Lord these threads are everywhere recently. What is going on?

if you are losing then you are being outplayed

Dude 3 months is nothing… you have to grind it out and stop crying to random people on forums hold that L and improve. There’s no way 3 months will get you top player status in AE unless you literally play with High level players ( like major winners and constant top 8 placers )

Also pick a top tier whore out Cammy Akuma Seth Viper or Fei long.

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1.improve execution …execution has to be on point !!! matchups ! watch tons of pro japanese videos !
3. work on patience! you probably just want to mindlessly get in and do some shit ! well this game doesnt work that way

Are you guys really2 against mix up / random playstyles?
see these are kinda of player who never accept the truth of fighting concept…
i feel so offended, its like all over the net i bumped with gaming forum
where people complain about randomness…they all hate mix up game.

what is wrong with randomnness?
even my tourney partner tag used to warn me:
“Dont pull out Dread Dust randomly bro, you might get you opponent and spectator enraged…”

i got destroyed by flowchart ken last night
(must be Dastangy apprentice)
i felt insulted, its is worse than losing than random ones
(means i can accept losing to mix up player)
it takes probabilty anticipating, possibility of outcome, and luck of course
not only adapting your skill and moves in a “so-called pro standard” pattern…

theres a huge difference between a legitimate, well thought mixup, and just doing random shit without having a purpose. stop being arrogant.

Why don’t people take the time to read the threads that other people made who had the same problems? Its THIS question over and over and the other is WHO SHOULD I MAIN HERP DERP

i see no differences between random and mix up (thought or unthought…)

if it so was “a random shit without purpose”, what so illegal / wrong about that?
i don’t get it…?

the starting thread supposed to be ok if the starter exclude the word "random ass…"
please don’t raise the word random…its really offending and insulting.
please respect other people playstyle…

you replied to the wrong person. nice try though

I was in your position very recently, and I’ve been playing properly for a year or so now. This is Street Fighter. It’s not easy and there is a big learning curve. Here’s some things that I think are vital to getting better at this game:

  1. Patience and discipline. You HAVE to accept your losses and be prepared to lose a lot. Just be patient, you’ll get there eventually if you don’t quit. And that takes discipline to keep coming back. I’ve played over 7000 online ranked matches this year and lost 52% of them. But I’m twice the player I was just 3 months ago.
  2. Execution. You have to be able to pull out your bnb’s, ultra set ups, all the damage-dealing stuff in your sleep. This again requires much patience and discipline in the lab.
  3. When you’re angry (and you will be angry quite a bit in this early stage), take a break. Taking breaks, like 1 or 2 days does that world of good.
  4. Read up on matchups, learn about your character, his/her frame data. Be a student of the game. My Ryu is totally different against Blanka than when I’m up against say, T-Hawk.
  5. Practice practice practice.
  6. Expect troughs. You’re gonna have big losing streaks. This is part of getting better. The brain can only take so much information, and a major losing streak, especially early on, can be due to information overload. You end up thinking too much about all the new things you’ve learned and so you lose your ‘flow’ in matches. Just be patient and let all the information settle. The losing streak will end soon enough.

For me, my improvement in street fighter can be summed up by this graph:

Swap ‘confidence’ with ‘improvement’ and swap ‘knowledge’ with ‘time’.

The dude’s head is full with stuff, he cannot manage too much information

This is how i feel all the time when i play this and marvel.I learn OS,Meaty setups,Resets but when i go for it online people just wakeup ultra or mash DP i dont know how anyone has the patience for this shit

The real valuable opportunity to improve is by spar offline,
try to fight against tourney player…

Yup, this is the truth. Even online heroes like Air and xWax Solid don’t really do that well in tourney’s. Offline with a good community is where it’s at.

You have trouble fighting scrubs with unorganized play styles? Usually they don’t know what their doing so wait for them to throw out unsafe moves then blow them up. Take your time and have fun with the scrubs. Lol You seem to have little confidence in your ability to do well in fighting games, that probably play’s a factor too. Confidence and positive thinking my friend.

That’s not actually that long. Yeah, keep playing. I’d be embarrassed if anyone could beat me at SF4 after only 3 months.

You probably are getting better.

[]Watch your replays. Look for specific moments you could have improved upon. Damage, bad decision-making, not AA’ing, etcetera.
]Focus on improving very, very specific things in casuals. Practice throw tech OS, AA’ing, punishing for max damage, mixups, footsies, etcetera. Only focus on a few things at a time.
[]Don’t focus on winning, focus on improving.
]Have fun, play with people whose company you enjoy. This will help you get better.
[]Don’t shy away from hard stuff, like one frame links, in casuals. If you’ve practiced it to where you can do it in training mode, you need to practice it in real games.
]Be grateful you have people that are still better than you for you to play and improve.
Online play incurs lag and therefore encourages bullshit. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Don’t play ranked, at least. Play people you know actually play online like it’s offline. The best way to find these people is through SRK, your friends, etc.

There’s some randomness to a good mixup. But it’s calculated, involving the mental state of the opponent and involves taking risks that you know aren’t always in your favor but will work because you know your opponent’s tendencies and options well enough to accept the risk.

Random means roll dice, boy I sure hope this works! Anybody can do a 50/50.