Are you against fighting games going online?

The answer may be harder than you think. Because think about it: If there were to be a SF or KoF game…or even a good number of them released at once that fixed up the netcoding as good as say…DOA4 or something. That would be the final blow to finish off the arcade scene in the US. People wouldn’t have a need to go to thier friend’s houses to play, give or take money matches if people still wanna have them.

And would the best players wanna play? I have friends who try to look for the legendary CPS1 players on XBL, like Tomo or whoever, but he never seems to find them. Cause it seems to him that it doesn’t feel authentic or some shit like that. Didn’t make much sense to me, but I just wanted to bring that to the table, too.

Another thing…do people actually care if the arcade scene just disappears? Like people’s views on the whole arcade scene dying out are kinda unknown to me. Alot of people complain about stuff being arcade perfect when alot of people don’t even go to the arcades. Seems like only tourney level players complain, though and some people follow suit sometimes.But I could be wrong though…



The arcade scene was dying well before online gaming came about. Consoles, alone, were enough to strike a lethal blow.

But, yeah, I wouldn’t accept SF online. Ever. Online play for a fighter is far from perfect at the moment. Lag issues and whatnot.

Online fighters aren’t perfect but they can still be very playable.

The lag issues are only on Capcom games, GG and KOF2k2. If you play the DOAs, UMK3, KOF 2k3 or Neowave, they’re near-perfect.

That is far far from the truth. No amount of netcode is going to change the latency issues of a physical network.

Your argument has absolutely nothing to do with his? Poor netcode is the reason some games are near unplayable, while others may have 5-6 frames of lag at worst on a good connection and good netcode.

I wish fighters were as lag free as most online FPSs.

They are not lag free, they just extrapolate the expected path of the opponent, so it seems that way.

im all for online fighters, as long as they do a good job on the netcode. arcades are already nearly dead in this damn country, and theyre just dropping. i already have no arcades to play in in my city and my only friend who plays fighters is in the army, so that leaves online play as the only way for me to play people

I’m more for fighitng games online than ever, I mean the scene where I live is nonexistant, and I can slowly feel my fighting game skills draining from me like molasses out of a bottle.

This and damage doesn’t prevent you from attacking, nor do the games require frame tight precision to actually be competitive in most cases.

Edit: the worst thing that can happen because of latency in a fps is you miss a shot or two (if you dont suck), and you may take some extra damage that you shouldn’t have.

most attacks in fps aren’t “activated”, with a few exceptions (rockets, grenades), they check whether the opponent was there with the server and the opponent takes damage or doesn’t take damage, rockets/grenades on the other hand may launch if you die (to the server and not you) if the timing is right.

first person shooters also have their game specifically designed around netcode, while most fighting games are ports of ports with netcode thrown in, so theres less tendency to alter the game if a problem that conflicts with lag arises. some FPSs don’t of course, but the vast majority do since usually their primary feature IS online multiplayer, with the except of a couple war fpses.

im sure a fighting game designed around online multiplayer would run a lot better than most other fighting games, most online fighters use servers, which is generally retarded or unavoidable in some cases. directly connecting to the opponent is much better. this is why xbox online games can be terrible, since i don’t think they actually directly connect.

I remember hearing Sirlin say something (on alphisim radio) about 2ms or less lag on coast to coast. He said the technology is available and he has played it. I think fighting games are VERY playable at 2ms lag.

yeah this is possible, but its not feasible, currently anyway. this would be 1 frame lag fyi the only thing this would suck for is something that requires something with less than 1-2 frames of input leeway, because most 1 frame inputs are very difficult.

Here’s my obligatory post where I mention Poporu’s alien-like netcode.

Completely get rid of lag and the issue of arcades dying/being dead won’t matter. Being able to play anyone in the world at any time lag free would be heaven.

Actually anything up to around 15 ms is less than 1 frame lag (1000/60), but maybe you implied that the game client still must update, thus anything under that delay might as well be 1 frame. So 0 frames of lag is impossible? Sorry haven’t put too much thought into it :slight_smile:

Yeah, Poporu does that pretty well.

Unless you live in NYC and play against me, in that case there’s unexplainable lag!

heres my obligatory post where i support this statement fully

i dont really mind, but i find it hard to enjoy…