Are there any plans for a new street fighter game?

My friend just asked me if there are gonna be any new sf games coming out. We have played that lame-ass fighting evolution game, but that stunk. What new fighting games does Capcom have in store for us?

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Pokemon vs. Street Fighter

There might be a Street Fighter 4 for the 20th Anniversary but I’ll believe it when I see it.

I think the only thing we can hope for now (that actually has a chance) is a second, much improved Capcom Fighting Jam.

February 2004? Jesus.

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I believe the answer is No. :slight_smile:

el salvador has sf4. Its awesome.


I talked to one of the guys who worked on Street Fighter Alpha Generation (upcoming SF movie) at AX about any upcoming plans for any SF games. He replied that there are rumors and the answers that they get from the company are ussually indefinate, so the possibility is still out there.

The way I read his question is more like, does Capcom have any fighting games in the works, and not another SF4 question. You guys remind me of my teachers that I had in South Carolina back in the day. As soon as you opened your mouth your ass got cracked with a ruler and/or a big paddle with holes drilled in it (less wind resistance). Besides my neglected childhood, uh I don’t know of any Capcom fighting games in the works besides PSP ports of games.

If you are looking for new fighting games, I would suggest checking out the SNK/Sammy games coming out soon.

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it was actually announced awhile back that they were wroking on a new game in the darkstalkers series on cps3 but who knows what happened with that :confused:

There was that jack-ass that used to say that SF4 was going to be 2D and “animated by an anime studio” (Madhouse, IIRC?), then after a year or two he changed his story to “anime-like 3D cel-shading”…


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Forget Street Fighter (or any 2D fighter from Capcom). It isnt coming.

Vampire Ace or whatever was shelved/cancelled a long time ago.

Sammy VS Cammy is supposedly in the works.

Damn, Cammy’s got her hands full.