Are fightPADS any good?

So do you think they are worth the money? And this is compared to a ps3 controller I’m talking about

Depends on the pad

My impression: I could play decently proper on a Fightpad and never could use the PS3 one in any feasible way
But there are plenty of people who play -and well at that- on classic PS3 pads, so it’s deffo possible.
Whether it’s worth the money for you… nobody can tell. If you can’t handle the PS3 pad and don’t want to shove money towards a stick, it’s a good thing to try out.

I play decently with the ps3 pad, but the buttons stick. Money is definitely an issue and they aren’t 200 damn dollars, plus I’m sure they put more effort into the fightpads than the ps3 controller. What do you think about the street fighter x tekken fightpad?

If you’re getting a pad for ps3 I’d recommend getting a Hori Fighting Commander 3 Pro. It’s a lot better than the madcatz pads.

I don’t like the design on that though xD

Hahaha. Well it looks odd I know but it feels good when you hold it and everything about it is just pure quality. Except the locking mechanism for the d-pad’s angle but even that’s only a minor problem.

The regular PS3 controller would be just fine as far as I’m concerned if it wasn’t for the analog triggers on R2 and L2.

Oh my god, I looked at the SFXT and the SF4 fightpad reviews…they were horrible…now I’m nervous to get one lol

Check out tech talk (where gear is usually discussed at SRK), there is a ton of information related to them there. It will be more reliable than random reviews online.

I’ve played with Mad Catz pads for about a year now cos I can’t yet play stick and the Xbox 360 controller sucks. Overall I’d say the pads are okay, nothing more and nothing less. They’re good because the D-pad is quite good and the 6 buttons are all aligned old school style in front of you in two rows of 3. When comparing the fightpad to an xbox 360 controller it’s a no-brainer, get the pad. But comparing the pad against a ps3 controller is less conclusive. You can play well with the ps3 pad, the buttons are nice and the d-pad is good.

Overall if I were you I’d stick to the ps3 pad. These Mad Catz pads WILL deteriorate after a while because the rubber underneath the D-pad sucks. None of these pads are immune to the inevitable tears and deterioration of the rubber, so if you come to rely on the pad as your main tool then you’re gonna have to buy these pads over and over again. So yeah, stick with the ps3 controller, or better get a stick.

Incorrect, you’re wrong to be so sure that they put more effort into fightpads than the ps3 controller. Mad Catz are known to have poor quality fighting equipment, with the exception of the TE sticks. The fightpads have very basic quality build, I’d know, I own 3 of them. The ps3 pad feels much more higher quality. The key issue as I said above is that the d-pad WILL stop working after about 6 months.

What a lot of people do is use their ps2 controllers and use a converter. The eTokki converters are generally accepted as the best converters on the market and professional pad players actually use them in tournaments.

Playstation dpads are quality. My PS1 pad just finally gave out (well the right arrow sticks a bit), but it had an impressive run.

How is the Hori pad in terms of durability?

Oh ok, that really sucks. ya ill just wait till I can get a new controller. I am actually liking the analog stick though

i’m on my way to get a brand new standard wired xbox 360controller since i accidentally spilled some glue on start & select buttons. i wonder if there’s joypad housing and button for xbox360 in upstates or online store…

for casual and fun purpose i use all character, and these character i use with xbox 360 fightpad

  1. character with rekka or continuous qcf or qcb repeatedly. (fei long, yang, el fuerte, seth and if in sfxt, poison)
  2. 360grapplers (zangief, THawk and Hakan U1)

don t use madcatz fightpad, you might get you thumb skin irritated.

Hori is more durable, but Madcatz have that fat floating DPAD that is just better in many ways.

Are fightPADS any good?

NO!!! get an arcade stick

Are fightPADS any good?

NO!!! get an arcade stick

The best thing about an arcade stick is that you know for sure they won’t stop making them in the future. On the other hand will they stop making fightpads? Will they redesign the Xbox controller? Will they come up with some other alternative controller that you’ll have to spend hours getting used to? There’s a lot of uncertainty when you don’t use a stick. With a stick however, once you’ve learned it, then you can pretty much rest assured you won’t have to re-learn a fighting controller for a long long time, if ever.

I bought a madcatz one and I expected it to be great. It wasn’t. It was a cheap piece of junk with a bad directional and buttons. It looked cheap, it played cheap, and I was sorely disappointed. I returned it to the store and almost lost my faith on the brand.