Arcana CRACK 3 - Weekly netplay ranbats!


but seriously I’m really looking forward to this game!!! I don’t care what you guys thought of the console port of 2. I know it wasn’t great but I really enjoyed it, having nothing else to go by, I still really enjoyed the game. I knew they wouldn’t miss bringing this game to a next gen console. I serioiusly can not wait til the game comes out!!!

only reason I enjoyed the AH2.5 port was that it had Akane and she was top in that version.

too bad petra slowdown, overall slowdown, and half done sprite rendering were god in that version too.

say word???

maybe I can remeber some of the thing Art and andre taught me. this is good news


I’m glad to know I was right. I told you guys that there was going to be a next gen port for this game. To this day I still cannot understand the antipathy and cynicism in the AH3 thread, every time it was mentioned.

I’m really looking forward to kicking your asses online.

Wait, what!? Awesome! I assume this is japanese only but I have a PS3 so I can import it with no issue :smiley:

Now, is this a disk or PSN/XBL release?

Next Year’s Evo has some STIFF competition for games if they only have 6 next year…

GDLK. Simply GDLK.

Isn’t Kira low tier (AGAIN) in this game? Whatever, I don’t care. I get to play Arcana again. This is nothing but good.

great news FiNaLlY.

shit never gettin’ turned off.

uhh I think that bitch is pretty high up with the damage output she has.

Badass! I was so hype for AH1 and we had a small scene here, but AH2.5 port pretty much killed that. Good to see it’s being handled well for a 360/PS3 release, get hype for lolis son.

As far as we know, it’s on disk…

You also raise a valid point. All trolling and loling aside, unless they expand on the number of games for next year, choosing the games for EVO2011 will be hard (besides the mainstays of SSFIV, SSFIIT:HDR and Tekken 6, and most likely MvC3) - BBCS (which missed out this year), TvC (potential return), MBAA (another potential return), KOF13, potential Namco vs Capcom (if rumours prove to be true), even MK9… And now AH3 and anything else I missed… I wonder what’s the plan for the big show…?

But that’s neither here or there… Let’s just celebrate the fact that we’re getting a next-gen port of this awesome game this winter… ^.^


I do easy Zenia combos.

I tried to play AH when it came stateside, failed at it. So I know nothing about the game series…but fuck it. I’ll support the cause.

I really hope that people who get the game outside of japan won’t have any difficulty playing online. I don’t have a local scene for this. Even my friends, who are into anime as well, think this is too girly.

And your right Tu101uk, Lets just enjoy the fact we are getting a port and that the PS3 is region free.

Yo where were you at Evo I wanted to see that Warc!

She’s “Low” as in B+, the thing with this game is everyone’s pretty viable and everyone dies pretty fast.

Heh no worries mate, I only played AHFull! and THAT port of S!AH2.5 on PS2 as well, but I’ve been keeping tabs and just waiting for this day… ^.^ Methinks that’s the situation for quite a few people here too…

Gotta load up that hype train, no? ^_^;;;



There’s a slight chance now that Aksys may pick this up… If they do (and that’s a very big if, considering the content of the game itself), then we may see a publicity bomb like they did with BlazBlue Calamity Trigger… Just gotta wait and see…*

You ain’t got baby pandas?!? Dood time to go to the costco!

So just to be clear AH4 is not right around the corner right? That was my problem with this series by the time it reached the states it was already outdated.

raises hand I have the first on my PS2 and I have TRIED to play the PS2 port but it slows down badly for me. But my friends as I said, have little interest so I have sadly spent most of it in training mode.

You know…on the 23rd Aksys is making an announcement…Admittedly many of us think it is a Guilty Gear announcement (supposedly some of the japanese text says “ready to rock and roll?”) So with this, BBCS and the chance for a new guilty gear of some form and that isn’t even counting the other fighting games we all know about being released. Wow. About the only thing that could get my fighting game nerve even more hyped for the coming year would be a Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown port.

ArcSys for ultimate troll. Step your game up, Ono.

Needs confirmation on disc-based release or digital download.

Yo Rek. Appreciate the support. :rofl: