Arcana CRACK 3 - Weekly netplay ranbats!

Luck is random, and I mean damn random in terms of what kind of damage you get off it.
Whenever you hit your opponent with a CH, there is a small chance you WON’T get the CH plus damage once you see the “lucky” trigger go off.
Whenever you hit your opponent with a normal hit, there is a small chance you CAN get the CH plus damage once you see the “lucky” trigger go off.

Let’s not forget that Luck will can save you from the last hit of a combo or even a Super and leave you at a pixel of life.

Thing is, when 3.01 came out, luck became less lucky. It feels like I actually have to do the Luck Up move in order for me to even roll anything up to a 5 or 6, or survive the last hit of a super.

Start the campaign now!

It’s not even about playing an awesome game. It’s about trolling the entirety of SRK!

Someone needs to make some “Vote AH3 for EVO’11” Avatars now.

How did this get out of nowhere?!
A new-gen console version of AH3 touched by the magic hand of ASW.
I’m gonna love this!

All thats left is the netplay.

Doesn’t EF 236E cause an automatic 6? I saw that luck elsa who qualified for SBO, ??? use that in unblockable setups. it would be nail -> 236236E EF 236E and continue.

Already working on them… One for each character… XD

Just give me a mo… ^_^;;;


Indeed. They took way too long and did about the same damage as the combos nowadays. AH3 >>>> AH1

Yeah I’m probably going to make my own with the Black Rock Shooter Scharlachrot color

Heheh, cool… :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see it…


EPIC News!!

I hope xbox port is a live arcade game. Or else I have to get an Pal-xbox. ( I know I seem crazy but xbox live service is superior to Playstation network in performance in my opinion)

Isn’t PAL for eu though. Wouldn’t you need a jap-xbox?

I stand corrected. Well either way it wont be to bad I would at least have two games to look forward too, (senkoo no ronde duo, AH3)

Yeah, I’m going to buy a PS3 just for AH3.

No point in buying a JP 360 when I have a US one already and no PS3.

And they’re done… ^_^;;;

Just a quick set, but hopefully you guys and gals can spread the word… :slight_smile: Gotta get this ball rollin’ as early as possible, methinks… XD

“Vote for Arcana Heart 3 @ EVO 2011” Avatars!!! v2 [Mediafire]


PS - It’s got all the characters, as well as Maori’s sisters (Maori + Sisters, then each individual Kasuga family member), just to let you know…

EDIT - v2 has added AH3 logo, Eko with a clearer pic of Kaz (couldn’t find a good one of Kaz on his own XD) and Mike (Yoriko’s staff) on his own…

You forgot Kaz. Eko’s drawing.

time to relearn Lilica and annoy people with Akane.

Not to mention Yoriko’s out-of-control staff Mike… XD

I’ll do 'em now, I’m bored and doing nought at the moment anyways… :stuck_out_tongue:


Now this is the way to start your day.


Put Full and 2.6 on the Blu-Ray and I fucks wit dat shit dere.

and people said it would never happen. Gots to keep the faif guys!:rofl:

Can’t wait for this shit, loli’s trolling srk!