ARcades in Taiwan?

I’m going to Taiwan next week… Anyone know where I can go for some Marvel Vs Capcom 2 or 3rd Strike action?

check out GM in the taipei city mall. It’s all console. But you can find mostly 3s players there. Occasional cvs2. and Marvel was only there when i ran into other american peeps.

now that i think about it, couldnt taiwan be described as being in the pacific south? hahaha. maybe not.

Alright guys. I’m here for the next 3 months. Anyone here down for some 3s, CvS, or especially Marvel? I’ll play anything…

Don’t know why this is in the S. Cal forums but hey KK, I’m here. What’s the arcade to go to around here in Taipei?

Hey killerkai, you’re from san marino too?(confusing how you have more than one location listed). i graduated from SMHS 2 years ago. was wondering if i might know you. ironically, i’m in taipei right now too but i’m only gonna be here until friday. i was looking for 3rd strike machines here but couldn’t find any so i played kof instead.

Eliver Ling, graduated 2001 smhs. And if you want to play 3s, head to GM at the Taipei City Mall. Take the metro to the Taipei main station and follow the signs to the mall. then head all the way down to the end on the right lane of the mall. it’ll be the last store on the left. peeps are usually there after 4.

how’s the comp there kai?

im sad that i didn’t get to see this arcade when i was there. so THAT’S where cvs2 is…

anyway, don’t bother looking for competition in any game besides SFII in Ximen Ding (on the blue MRT line as “Ximen,” right next to the main station), i’ve tried multiple times. Nice clothes, though…

3s ranking battle today. and it’s free. i’m off

sorry that you lost to cocky j-rock star in the first round!
you’ll do better next time.
see u around

hehe. yeah. he got me pretty good. it’s cool though. i still got a lot to learn in this game and have 3 months to do it. good shit today with your yun. let’s get some matches in next time. :tup: All in all, i finally got to see the full bulk of the 3s regulars there. They’re going to be good to practice on. Even J-rock star :clap:

Oh yeah, and did Kasumi end up winning today after i left?

most ppl go to GM on weekends
not sure about weekdays (monday is closed, i think you know)
i usually go on friday nights after work
i am looking forward to it

hope you don’t hold any grudges against j-rock star (Rusing is his nickname)
he’s just hilarious, maybe you don’t get taiwan’s joke like these ppl don’t get american joke…

i’m not sure if kasumi won cuz i wasn’t there when they played the grand final…

someone will post it on capcom board at

nah. not at all. he seemed pretty cool on saturday so no grudges. i just like to rag on him cuz he’s goofy. oh yeah, and next time i’m there, i’m probably going to set up a DC with marvel just for the hell of it. hopefully larry’s around so i can get some matches with him.

larry will definitely play when he sees marvle
just bring an extra pad for him!

It’s too bad I couldn’t make it when Ed came to GM, I wasn’t even in Taiwan at the time, and now I can’t even make it to our first ranking battle. I heard Ooioo beat Kasumi for first place, I knew Yun is a bad match for Chun, I want to see how the Japanese would fight this match.

Misuchiru are you Andre? I have no idea who you are but yeah if Kai shows up for the next RB, I am totally down for some marvel games, there are a few of us that still plays this game, we’re just lacking in joysticks, so pads are what we play on for now.

Yeah this is Andre
i don’t recognize your name… ? who are you? mike?

i’d like to learn how to beat chun… cuz i suck against her…
i still don’t see yun’s advantage against her while ooioo and kasumi constantly beasting larry’s chun…
someone help me out here!

i don’t play marvel … xD

edit: just realize you must be larry… xD lol
anyways… see u around

i might drop by tomorrow late afternoon for some 3s and marvel if available. anyone down?

Kai, summer is over by now…usually ABCs don’t stay in Taipei that long

Do you actually work/study in taipei?

I’m the purple akuma player-Name is Eric

I’m studying abroad til before Christmas.