Arcade players vs Console players (Yeb's Gen at West Coast Warzone)

Having Watched Yeb’s Gen at West coast Warzone last night and jumping up and down like a little boy after knocking out John Choi (no offense to Choi) and the double perfect earlier, It made me think about Gooteck’s comments on Socal players only playing the arcade version.

How bad is it ?, I know some players like Valle play console and arcade but even he got knocked out of Evo by Sakura, does Choi play console to or was Yeb just that good ?. Most people slammed the Japanese players at Evo for coming to a console tournament with little to know experience against console characters, and Dan (from Japan) payed for it against Cammy, shouldn’t the same apply to the west ?.

Well, even aside from the other console characters Gen is pretty rare (A good Gen even more so), so I suppose you could say they probably didn’t have much experience with the matchup - but Yeb was doing some pretty crazy stuff and I think he deserved every win he got.

I have a fair amount of Gen experience personally, but it’s only because my brother mains Gen.

Some console matchups are straightforward to adapt to though. Definitely cammy, maybe feilong. Gen’s style is a bit puzzling, and I’m still uncomfortable facing him. Gouken has some tricks (don’t even mention not teching his throws…).
Seth is definitely something, but playing with him requires perfect execution, as being punished even once usually means a loss.

It’s hard to rank Gen at the moment.

Learning to fight against him is comparable (not on the same scale) as learning to use him effectively. He’s got nearly double the moves and attributes you need to remember compared to the rest of the cast.

I think Yeb’s play was outstanding. By far the BEST Gen I have ever seen, and he rightfully gave players some problems with those crazy combos. I do believe this is in fact that apparently most top level players play arcade and have little experience with console characters, but it’s nice to see someone other than Ryu, Sagat, Rufus, or Balrog whooping some ass in a high level tourney.

Well done, Yeb.

Yeah, Yeb is neat, gratz for hit. Also you guys should watch the Desora vs Gen match.
Crazy 26hit combos online. Hehehe.


watch jibbo and SHHH

He’s got a few videos of online play on Youtube but here are some from last night’s WCW Top 8:

WCW Top 8: Yeb [Gen] vs. UTJ [Dhalsim]
Match #1 (UTJ): [media=youtube]PK9BTmNh2yw[/media]
Match #2 (Yeb): [media=youtube]4sM_LdDBsAw[/media]
Match #3 (Yeb): [media=youtube]lApukWb-GvM[/media]

WCW Top 8: Yeb [Gen] vs. Edma [Akuma] (standing ovation in defeat, look at that crowd!).
Last Match: [media=youtube]3Kca33wBlpE[/media]

^This and the only reason Jibbo isn’t dominating is because he helps out other people and plays often along the east coast. So we know the match really well when most of us play him, and he still wins/places.

Later on in SFIV’s lifetime, if you don’t learn how to fight the console characters, you’ll never win a tourney. It’s as simple as that. People like Jibbo, Yeb, Sabre, etc will influence more people to play console characters and if you don’t learn the matchup, it’s practically a free win for them.

Everyone says Japan is not ready for console characters but the same can be said for some of the US. Some guys gotta learn the matchups!

Good shit to everyone who uses console characters though. :lovin:

Gen is probably one of the more awkward characters in the game and it is compounded by the fact he is only on the console version. So if you haven’t played a good Gen before you generally don’t know what to do and when to punish.

The advantage that the low tier characters get is that people will have less experience playing against them.

All other things being equal in a Gen vs. Ryu match the Gen player will have a lot more experience with the matchup than the Ryu player.

That being said some characters benefit more from the other player not having a lot of match up experience, Gen is one of those characters.

(“south socal”) san diego has no arcades

“NORTH” socal has arcades

its a big gap in between

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Gen’s crossup is evil…EVIL!!!

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