[Apr 28, 2012] Civil War 4! A Road to EVO Event! (Richmond, VA)


[LEFT]Greetings to everyone from RVAtournaments.com and VCU Fight Club! [/LEFT]
[LEFT]It’s time once again to announce Virginia’s biggest major, CIvil War! [/LEFT]
[LEFT]We’re coming at you with all 6 EVO main games, as well as 5 more tournaments![/LEFT]
[LEFT]We’re also proud to announce that Civil War 4 will be a “Road to EVO” event for all 6 of these games, so if you want your Evolution seeding points and a chance to get on that big stream event, come to Richmond, Virginia at the end of April![/LEFT]
[LEFT]The date[/LEFT]
[LEFT]We will be hosting it from 6pm April 27th to Sunday 29th 2012. That’s right, a 2.5 day event! Schedule is to be announced and is dependent on registrations, but plan on most tournaments taking place saturday, and top 16’s (or even 32’s) taking place on Sunday. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]The venue[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**** **** will be Comfort Inn Midtown Conference Center in Richmond, VA. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]We will have two ballrooms with over 7000 sq ft of space! This is the same location we’ve had River City Runbacks and River City Bowl, with the added bonus of a secondary ballroom. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Room blocks have been added at an ULTRA discount rate of 69$ per night. That’s SUPER cheap! Book now, because it’s a NASCAR race weekend in Richmond, and those rates won’t last! Rate will expire April 16th![/LEFT]
[LEFT]The price[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Every game is 10$ to enter with one exception (more on that later). [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Pre-reg venue fee (CHANGED FEB 12th)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]is 20$ from now until March 31st.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]After that, it’s 30$ from April 1st-24th.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Registration will be ****40$ at the door ****Saturday morning. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]We will be handing out badging and allowing “at door” purchases of badges at the Strange Matter event on Friday night.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Please, please don’t wait until the last minute. The tourney experience is always better when I have more time to plan for the correct amount of attendance![/LEFT]
[LEFT]The pre party![/LEFT]
[LEFT]Team tourneys and side tourneys will be the night before on April 27th. Expect old school tournaments, team tourneys, and just general merriment. Also, we will be doing pre reg check ins, pool assignments, and last minute (at door) registrations there. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Without further ado… [/LEFT]

The Games!
[LEFT]-All games will be on Xbox 360 using VGA CRT monitors. True HD, True lagless. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]-All games will be best of 3 games, loser’s grand finals 3 of 5 games.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-3d games will have the standard 3of5 rounds/ game format.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-All games will be double elimination, pool style.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-If you are a PlayStation pad user I recommend visiting Etokki.com and buying a PS2->xbox 360 converter. If you use a PS3 stick, I’d recommend one of fabulous in state modders, such as Matthew Gummo. [/LEFT]
[LEFT] -If you main or secondary a DLC character, please try to let me know. I’d like to have an accurate barometer of DLC character usage to be properly prepared.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition 2012: Singles[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**** ****Xbox360 10$[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: Singles[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Xbox360 10$[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-DLC characters are allowed[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Street Fighter X Tekken: Singles
Xbox360 10$[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-As of now, gems are banned.[/LEFT]
King of Fighters XIII: Singles
Xbox 360 10$[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-All DLC characters are allowed.[/LEFT]
Soul Calibur 5: Singles
Xbox 360 10$[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Ezio is allowed. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Create a characters are not allowed. [/LEFT]
Mortal Kombat 9: Singles
Xbox 360 10$[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-DLC characters are allowed. [/LEFT]
Tekken 6: Singles
Xbox 360 10$[/LEFT]
Skullgirls (Singles)
Xbox 360 10$[/LEFT]
Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition:Singles
Xbox360 10$[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Gill is banned. [/LEFT]
Blazblue CS2 Extend: Singles
Xbox360 10$[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-DLC characters are allowed

Smash Bros Melee (gamecube)
**** ****Singles: 15$[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Doubles: 15$[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Super Street FIghter 2 Turbo: Singles Grand Master Tournament
Arcade (either supergun or cabinet setup will be provided) 20$[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Akuma is banned. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Tourney format will be Round Robin style groups that will seed into a single elmination bracket. (think world cup). Group matches will be 3 of 5. Knockout Matches will be 4 of 7. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Registration is now open! Please allow 24 hours for registration to process and for you to receive your Paypal invoice. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Streams: (updated Feb 12th)
Side Streams (possible)

Sweet. Nice job on getting our state a ‘road to evo’ event.

I’ll be providing my modding services at the event. I’ll also build a few ps2->360 converters plus bring my 360 modded sixaxis pad to be used at the event.

You should let me use that modded sixaxis during my matches as a form of advertisement ;). I’ll give you a shoutout when I make an upset.

Only if you promise not to yell “Fucking Gummo!” when you lose.

He won’t he will just tell people he feels sick, was busy running brackets, or some other shit that is a lousy excuse.

lol done deal.

least he pointed out “when” you lose.

Why do y’all hate SNK and Tekken players so much?

KOF is fine on the Xbox. That’s what I play it on.

As for tekken, I don’t see the need to buy completely separate PS3 setups when the Xbox version is superior and there are converters available.
Btw I would probably ban wireless anyway if I went PS3

To break it down, with my setup

Full Xbox “renegade” setup: CRT monitor, USB speakers, VGA cable, Xbox
~ 150$ and it’s lag free and HD.
Even less if the xboxes are modded.
Ps pads can be converted via multiple methods, but etokki.com has the best one.

Full PS3 “EVO” setup: Asus monitor + PS3
~ $370

Marvel slowdown
More input delay
Wireless problems
No converter for Xbox pad players.

Even If I use CRT tvs for the ps3, the price is still higher and I have non uniform setups that look like shit.

The choice is clear. Twice the setups, same price, better quality= better tournament.

I will have some Xbox converters to rent as well.

I’m not trying to hate, but for major tourneys, these tough decisions have to be made and I can’t rely on ad hoc system donation like I did last year. I hope you can understand, and I hope you can come.

Ok. updated some key info:
Team Spooky Streaming
Price Structure changed to incentivize pre-regs more. 20 early bird, 30 April, 40 door fee.
Pre-reg is live.

I’ll be at Winter Brawl and Final Round hyping this tourney up. Hope to see you all there!

Sounds like it’ll be awesome. Definitely considering it!

If you have to “consider” an EVO major that’s less than an hour away… hah.

Anywho, I’m working out the details for Friday nights team tournaments.

I’m planning on running a WWE All-Stars side tournament at Civil War for those interested. Thanks to that “unlock everything” code there’s no need to worry about crap like having the right DLC, so it should be smooth sailing. I think it’d be a nice little distraction from the main events.

EDIT: I just read that all games will be on 360, so unless I can get a loaner copy of All-Stars for 360 or there’s a PS3 setup there for casuals that I can occupy for an hour or two, that might be a no-go. If that Mystery Game Tournament I’m running at SM on the 20th goes well, though, I might bring an updated setup of that instead for a side tournament.

That game sucks.

Yeah, I’ve had issues getting around Richmond in the past so that’s why I’m wary. Either that or I could grab a ride with someone else going down there.

Hotel is right off 195 on broad st and has a parking deck attached to it.

Going to consider coming up to this…6 hour drive from Upstate, SC but there’s a chance I can be there if I plan right!

I should be able to make it out to this

hyped this is on xbox … me and rayray are planning on showing up to this … are you guys running marvel teams??

This is probably a stupid question but I already signed up for AE2012 at Civil War 4, how do I play in another game? Do I just sign up when I get there?