Anything I should know beforehand about Doom?

I’m thinking about using him to replace Taskmaster on my main team. But I have virtually no experience with him so I plan on putting some serious time in to learn him in and out. Anything the people of Shoryuken can tell me would be much appreciated regarding our favorite Dictator. My team will consist of Wesker/Doom/Dante

Put Doom as anchor first of all. You’ll get more use out of XF2 Dante + beam assist than XF3 Dante without a beam to cover his hysterics and teleports and a general assist to stay in on advance guards. Doctor Doom isn’t exactly Wesker strength anchor but pretty solid since he has a lot of tools and interesting benefits here and there when in XF. Plus he’s the only character in the game that can dash through advance guards meaning he doesn’t need an assist to stay in on the opponent if he gets in. Plus Doom’s beam assist is ridiculously useful for both Wesker and Dante to the point where you really shouldn’t put the team any other way. Wesker first is good because he’ll be a solid meter build for Dante and can take hits any way.

As far as general things to know about playing Doom on point, it’s kinda different depending on whether you have him at front loaded with assists or have him towards the anchor where you’ll more often either be taking advantage of XF or just trying to land that last combo that will kill one character that’s left. It would take a while to explain though so I’ll have to get into it some other time. Until then just run beam assist plus teleport all day everyday.

Dont waste your time if you cant dash cancel divekick into ADDF.

The potential in this character has a slight execution-al learning curve.

Agreed with all of above.

Other beginner stuff master dat buktooth loop! Once you get it down you will have a more intricate understanding of dooms movement and attack properties since imo doom has alot of tools , but learning which one and how to use it for that moment is vital.

Also learning what to use to zone and the vast amounts of ways to use the footdives for offence/defence

I would argue his BnB is pretty simple (ACS-B-footdive-B-CS etc.) but his movement is maybe the hardest to get used to in the game. I’ve been using him since day -5, and I still haven’t gotten the hang of it…

Doom has so much potential. His BnBs range from being easy to hard. I agree with Jin. Dante is much better than Doom at the second slot.

He can do about 800k or more depending on meter. Just practice his loops.

Doom with assists can set up crazy mixups. Or by himself like j.m dash cancel j.m so it’s two overheads at once.

I’m also starting to learn Doom. The only difference is that I like having Akuma as one of my assists. Have you guys heard of any buffs/ nerfs Doom might receive in UMvC3?

Perhaps you should have checked the thread that says “UMVC3 Changes” instead of this one.

Shit, my bad. I guess I should go read every single thread before I post next time. :tup:

well i been playing doom for a bit if u want to know some stuff about him this is what i can tell u

-strong zoning game/rush down game
-one of only few characters (probably the only one in the game) who all 3 assist are great
-8 way dash, his dashing is fast, you can make him as fast as you want to be.
-can dash outta block strings
-beam has very high durability
-sphere flame, xfactor, sphere flame is broken.

-if you not dashing his movement is slow and his pokes recvory is slow
-really hard to get in and do dmg.
-learning curve is not beginner friendly
-most of his assist leaves him out for a long time. easy to punish if you throw him out too often.
-most of his combos only do real dmg in the corner.

if your gonna pick up doom he gonna feel awkward as hell. people thought at first he was only an assist character cause he can’t ABCS/Relaunch/ABCS like most characters, but he really is a combination of all types of characters in the game. he can be point/user/assist. but as DJ said, he has a really strong anchor game. if your starting out with him put him there.

hope this helps. welcome to latveria

Thanks for the input, bro! I’ve been practicing his combos and I really like the tools he has available. I also really like the fact that any of his assists are viable.

It’s funny, I made this thread and even have a Morg/Dorm/Doom team but I still can’t do any midscreen combos. I’m a corner man I guess. Gotta hit the train for more Latverian practice I guess. >:1

Well a good doom pushes the opponent in the corner. So just focus your game on pushing them into the corner haha.

I use Doom and I agree that you need to push the opponent to the corner for easy corner combos. If you’re having a tough time with it, use Doom’s Photon Shot and Plasma Beam. You can try doing ground Photon Shot L and then do Plasma Beam H for a nifty chip damage trap. Once they get annoyed by the trapping, then you can really pressure them into the corner with air-dash/dash cancel mixups.

Also, superjump Photon Shot L -> ADDF is really good too.

You know instead of using Doom to push the opponent to the corner, would it be wasier to use a charcater such as Trish who can push them into the corner and then Round Harvest and dry tag Dr. Doom in.

I’d like to add not to feel discouraged when trying to learn the buktooth loop as seems to happen to a lot of people, its arguably one of his harder combos ( and does less damage than a lot of his easier options, at that ), but it does teach you to use most of the tools that his other combos use. If you’re having issues with it you can also try taking out all the c.M’s and just do j.M into c.H, this makes the timing a lot less strict but you also have to make sure your j. M’s hit as low to the ground as possible.

Finally got that buktooth loop down. Funny thing is I was practicing with Viper and picked Doom randomly and spent 20 minutes getting it down. Then to winning some matches online… BOW BEFORE DOOM!

You also use Viper/Doom. Dude that combo is so beast. I love it

That Viper/Task or Dante/Doom gets dirty. Tri-dash plus rocks mixes everybody up

O you use rocks. Have you tried Hidden Missiles. Its the assist I use for Viper and I think its probably Dooms best assist for her.

The problem with my Viper/Doom(Missiles) team is that I cannot find a third character that I like and fit well in this team. Im hoping when Ultimate comes out to try out hawkeye and strider. I think those two look really solid with this pair, especially with Strider’s teleport kick assist. It looks really good