"anything goin' down tonight?" - The Fresno Thread

Sounds good! Need me to bring anything, like a console or food or anything like that? Also, do you guys only play on PS3? I only have some shit-tastic Hori stick for PS3, but I guess it will have to suffice lol.

You’re going down tonight.

There’s a session in my pants right now

Give me a call if you’re on the way here.

A second set-up would be nice, but I don’t think it will be necessary unless you absolutely hate waiting.


I’m sorry Chow, I’m going to be an asshole/douche and cancel my attendance for Drom’s. I have way too much work to deal with to be able to go and have it all done by Monday.

If it makes you feel any better, I know why Miky is so free. Square root of Miky equals free and visa-versa, free squared equals Miky. It is both expressed in the following algebraic equation.

?Miky = free

is fresno not MAJOR anymore?

I guess not =/

it makes me sad.

Edit: At least change the name of the thread to “We STILL major” or something

This current name is stupid.

I agree

So with Mike being unable to go, who actually IS still looking to go to drom’s? Besides kaizer, I haven’t heard anything from anyone in awhile.

Free is.

He kept insisting that I go.

fresh start, i like it. most of the old guys don’t even post anymore except me :). oh yeah mike, i’ll probably be at dorm’s tourney i davis.

The current name is mega funny, you just haven’t hung out in like a year so you don’t know the joke.

Good shit Getbuzzin, see you there. Kaizer and Miky, i want to leave no later than 9:30, so come to my place some time before then.

we colonel

@Chow - I won’t be able to make it to Drom’s this Sunday. I still can’t walk on my foot and it’s probably best I stay home and rest. Sorry for letting you down.

No wonder he kept insisting that I go. Lessen the blow of him not going.


I’m aware of the joke, I just think that as a continuation of the ‘We Major’ thread it should be something like ‘we STILL major’

‘We Major’ sounds super dope.

By that reasoning, the last thread should have been called “the FRESNO area thread (cencal)” since the first thread was aptly named “FRESNO area thread (central calif)”.

Making this “FRESNO area thread (midcal bestcal)”.

what happened to the old thread started by chrischmidt?

Somewhere down on the first page of PacNorth.

My prediction… Pacquiao with a 3rd round K.O.