"anything goin' down tonight?" - The Fresno Thread

Lol, here we go.

Finish up posting on the old thread, going to have it locked so mods won’t think we’re just spamming shit up. I’ll have the old Fresno threads linked here if anyone likes to read up on history.


FRESNO thread #1 (June '02 - Jan '04)
FRESNO thread #2 (Nov '05 - Mar '10)

i still don’t understand the need for a new thread. Our old one works just fine.

No need to understand, just go with it.

There is always a need for understanding. As well as reason

Yeah I don’t really get why we have a new thread either, hmmm what was wrong with the old one?

@J Jizzle - And you should just apply your “…bleh to numbers, I just win.” logic to this new thread Mr. Jeezy.

@Anthony - Old is old.

@Both - It was voted on by a company of your peers. So get used to it. ;D

well there’s an explanation as to why we are having a new thread

I still don’t think we need one but whatever

I dont think junio or kaizer care. So that leaves Mike and mike.

Now we just need some new tags.


@MJC - Can’t goto Droms with you this weekend cause they gave me more hours and those hours just happen to be on Sunday, lol.

im so hype to try out hakan its not even funny. . . .


Don’t worry Jeff, Miky is still free. This thread even says so.

So im in San Francisco right now at this hotel in a bad area of town… I hella hope I survive through the night, I had to sneak my PS3 in.

your crazy, be safe though good sir.

Anything going on this weekend? Any plans for a session or anything?

KnockoutJ catches on quickly. LOL.

Going to ask again, but in this thread, anyone up to watch Green Zone this weekend? And possibly another session at my place tomorrow.

Just trying to improve and meet some new people lol. It would be my first time playing other people (semi-seriously) in person instead of online, so I’m eager to start getting involved too.

Should I just keep checking the thread between now and tomorrow for info about the possible session tomorrow? Thanks.

Yeah, check this thread semi-frequently tomorrow.

Slip n slides were the shit.

also, this just arrived on my doorstep :smiley:

Head up to ma tourney dudes, this is going to be a hype ass tournament and good practice for those going to EVO!


We have to fucking try this if it’s available by the time we go to Vegas for EVO.

NINJA EDIT: Session my place at 8. 1176 Greenfield Ave for the ones that don’t know address.