Anyone in Canada own a TE?

How much did you pay for yours? I’m having a hard time coming to terms with the $189 +tax price that these are going for at EB games.



Nope, nobody.

I got mine on sale from for 129.99 (they are canadian) a while ago. I had a coupon so shipping was only 2 bucks, but ya, ncix is prolly the cheapest canadian place to get TE sticks

I don’t understand Canadians can’t get TEs on Amazon like Americans?

That was exactly what I was thinking when I saw the title.

I dunno about you guys but I built mine out of wood from a tree me and my pet beaver chopped down in the backyard. doesn’t ship sticks to Canada. is shit.

I feel for you Canadian guys, eh?

wow that sucks, doesn’t make any sense why they wouldn’t ship to ca. I bought a new stick on amazon for 90 bucks.

wow, new for 90 on amazon!? hard to believe.

ebay if you can, i remember seeing a TE stick for 140 + 10 shipping but that was some time ago, NCIX is your other choice as well. I got it when it was on sale for 130

NCIX is your best bet. They always have it on sale either at $129.99 or $139.99. If you’re not in BC, tax is only 5% also.

Wait for an NCIX shipping promo code and get it from them. It’s the cheapest Canadian option.

I got mine pretty easily at They were selling it for $149.99 IIRC.

Edit: Unless you’re referring to the new Round 2 TE’s, then no, I haven’t come across those yet.

Got my Round 2 TE from EB Games for $189 plus tax
Expensive yes, but I really wanted one

ya we get ripped off here. NCIX is probably the cheapest option. I have 2 stick cases right now, but I really want a TE. I might just dive in and get a round2. I play enough so I can justify it that way.

Got one at $189 plus tax right when ebgames canada got their first shipment.

At this point it could be worth it for you to go get one off NCIX.

I got mine at NCIX for 145$ tax and shipping included.

They’re always on sale there at 130$ or 140$. Just wait for it.

It’d probably be cheaper to open a PO box just out of the border and have a TE sent there then pick it up.

i suggest that you find someone you know in the states pick one up and UPS it to you… save a bunch of money that way…

Where is the best place to order from that way? Frys has it for $99 but it says for store pickup only :annoy: