Anyone have good corner EX Aegis combos?

This thread is your one-stop resource for corner combos that start off with uoh linked into EX Aegis. Hopefully, with the help of my fellow SRKers, this thread will be bursting with viable corner combos that encompass the entire 3s cast. Your questions, comments, and tips are all welcomed!



  1. lp x lp x mp x mk tackle, c.hp


  1. lp x mp x lk tackle, mp x mp headbutt, lp reset, hp or lk tackle
  2. lp x mp x mk tackle, lp, ->, lp, c.hp discovered by Marvel_ous One
  3. (starting outside the corner) lp x mp x lk tackle, mp x mp headbutt, mk tackle, hp

Chun Li:

  1. c.lp x lk tackle, dash, c.hp
  2.  lp x mp, wait,  c.hp


  1. lp x mp x lk tackle, mp x mp headbutt, mk tackle, hp
  2.  lp x lp x mp x lk tackle, c.hp *discovered by Marvel_ous One*



  1. lp x mp x lk tackle, mp x mp headbutt, mk tackle, hp
  2.  lp x mp x mk tackle, lp, lp, c.hp *discovered by Marvel_ous One*



  1. lp x lp x mp x mk tackle, c.hp


  1. lp x mp,, c.hp





  1. lp, c.hp, reverse lk tackle, semi-late hk tackle (see posts 32, then 26, then 20) <- sorry, i things do backwards
  2.  (starting outside the corner) lp x mp x mk tackle, mp x EX headbutt, reverse mk tackle  (see post 25)  *discovered by Ramza126*


  1. lp x lp x mp x mk tackle, c.hp


  1. lp x lp x mp x mk tackle, c.hp



  1. c.lp x lk tackle, c.lp x lk tackle, lp, c.hp discovered by Da Colonel
  2.  c.lp x c.lp x lk tackle, wait, c.hp


  1. lp x mp, wait, c.hp


  1. lp x mp, wait, c.hp


To pull off these combos you’ll need to get down the timing of the normal that comes right after the hit from the EX Aegis. I used the following audio cue to get down the timing. The EX Aegis recovery ends when Urien has pronounced the “t” in “reflector.” I suggest you learn this timing by trying to link the lp x mp chain off of EX Aegis on say Alex. This is a good way to learn because you can easily diagnose your problems. If only mp comes out, you did it too early. If both lp and mp come out and it doesn’t combo, you did it too late. If lp and mp come out and it combos, stop reading! :wink:

a new one for Chun, courtesy of the one and only RX:

Chun: c.lpxlk tackle, dash (for timing), c.hp

I still want one for Alex! >_<

Urien: c.lpxc.lpxlk tackle, wait, c.hp

Alex is flush against the corner when uoh hits: lpxmpxlk tackle, mpxmp headbutt, s.lp reset, hp or lk tackle
Alex is not flush against the corner when uoh hits: lpxmpxlk tackle, mpxmp headbutt, lk tackle, hp

Hugo: RX’s Dudley uoh combo works on em just fine. (It’s the combo listed above if u didn’t know.)

Makoto: lpxmp, jumpin hk, c.hp (don’t worry, the timing for the and c.hp is easy!)

Eventually i’ll organize this thread, but right now i’m…lazy. Also, i’m sure u could get away with mk tackles in some places where i wrote lk tackle, but i always use the lk ones (for safety ?). Call me paranoid. :looney:

A few quick ques on these…
Does the opponent need to be crouching when doing the UOH?
Do you need to be at the right range for doing the UOH, like with other chars UOH into super?

Do you find these setups useful or are they more for show?
What is the dudley setup?

Cheers in advance!

If they’re crouching, you can do the UOH with any timing you like, even non-meaty. Never tried it on standers, but my assumption is that if the UOH was meaty it should still work since EX aegis automatically causes standing hitstun, so the rest of the combo should be identical. Can’t guarantee that until I try it though. AFAIK this is point blank only, any further and the aegis won’t correspond with your moves correctly.

Not a single well-known Urien does this except RX. I think you know what that means. This isn’t something that Urien needs to do or several players would do it. I’ll be honest though, I think it’s more useful than its infrequency of use would suggest.

Dudley setup is same as Alex. Well the first part anyway. LP-MP x LK tackle, MP x MP headbutt, opponent bounces off aegis toward you, MK tackle into juggle ender of your choice.

Very useful skill to have, I’m surprised a thread hasn’t already been started! Little tip: When doing the RX combo, buffer the MK tackle after the st.LP,st.MP to downback. Then you can do st.MPxxMP headbutt, but do the headbutt to up back, so you can do a tackle instantly afterwards.

I haven’t got access to my PC ATM, and I can only play on my xbox with a crappy converter. When I get access to my PC, I’ll mess around and post up all the character specifics!

i can’t get the ex aegis to combo after the uoh

its a link right? seems hard…

Ramza, if you could tutorial this stuff it would be awesome!

I couldn’t agree more with this statement. They aren’t necessary at all. Most pro Uriens elect to set a corner aegis on a downed opponent instead. I dunno…I see value in these combos, so I’ll continue to build them into my game. Hopefully this thread will serve as a valuable resource for those who make the same decision.

TALrules, it’s a link and is a hard one at that. I would not suggest spending time on these combos if you are a relative newcomer to Urien. There are a ton of things that rank as a higher priority than these combos. I should add that it took me several weeks of daily practice to get the link down very consistently.

Just to give people a point of reference: I never go for tackle tackle headbutt on the twins or Remy. I never go for the tackle sphere tackle hp corner juggle on Dudley, Alex, or 12. I don’t go for the mp sphere on Chun either. I consider my self a conservative Urien player and i do go for these combos in matches.

Ramza, good luck with your experimentation. I worked on finding good combos for most of the cast, but without much success. I remember I found a crappy one for Remy (,c.hp if irc). Also, I remember Oro and Elena seemed like they would not have any combos possible.

"LEAP Attack (MP+MK) > EX Reflector > ??"
I think the meaning of this combo is to perfect a URIEN player who has mastered midscreen unblockable, corner links and multi tackles??Just like those yun players train hard for kara palm or Keeper-Jin.

By the way, I think double tackle on REMY is fairly easy. (At least on PS2)

the only time i go for double tackle on the characters that fall fast is after i hit them with a tackle xx reflector, tackle in the corner and they eat all of it. If anyone remembers the video with 3 tackles. I think that was the only we he could have done it. Something about doing that lets you buffer the first tackle earlier than normal.

I thought id mention that if your oppenent is standing rather than crouching you can cancel a cr lk into ex aeigis and combo accordingly to the character specifics i find it very useful tool as it isnt used at all.
Also i found that on alex and hugo you can do uoh ex aegis st lp mp lk tackle standing lp walk foward standing lp if you want to do tackle sphere tackle on alex same applys to hugo though you dont need to walk foward for the second lp as the hugo combo walk talk cr hp tackle will work still
also for urien u can do uoh ex aegis cr lp lk tackle cr lp lk tackle lp then cr hp then combo accordingly
i just thought id add my two pence worth hope its helpful

Remy’s at the dividing point for me. I get streaks going but can miss too. The more focused and warmed up I am, the better my chances of landing it. In a match I will probably be cold, so I’ll play it safe and sacrifice the 5-10 points of damage for safety. But, I take back the comment on Twelve. He’s easier to juggle than I remembered.

Great, can’t wait to test the Urien combo! I will also test your new Alex combo. As I understand it, it ends with lp, ->, lp, c.hp. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Lastly, that Remy combo I referenced earlier goes like s.lp, c.hp not, c.hp. I don’t like it because of how it starts and because the rest of the combo requires a lot of acrobatics for not much damage. Here it is in case someone wants to try it out, or try to improve upon it:

Remy: s.lp, c.hp, reverse lk tackle (which juggles Remy back into the Aegis), hk tackle, whiff a few normals and if you have meter set down an Aegis for an easy unblockable.

EDIT: great job Da Colonel, the Alex and Urien combos work. I like your Alex combo because it has several advantages over the one i posted. But, one problem I’ve encountered is that you can combo everything up to the 1st lp and either end up at a range where the lp will hit or at a range where it will whiff. I guess the range issue has to do with the speed of the chain and how your normals land in conjunction with the hits from the Aegis. I’ll continue to work on it.

suggestion: compile this one and sticky it…also teach how to link his EX aegis after UOH, you cant drum your fingers here,

1st 2 posts updated

so it’s a crossup tackle? if so, how dya charge for it?

Any way you want actually. I do it this way:
(:l:), :r:, :l: + :lk:

But it can be done just as easily with:
(:l:), :r:+ :lk:
(The game automatically changes the direction for you.)

The latter method is simpler but i find the 1st method to be a bit more intuitive. I think it’s even possible to hold back, go to neutral, then do back + lk. One important aspect of the reverse tackle is that you need to activate it just barely after Remy passes directly over Urien’s head. If you do it correctly, the tackle will toss Remy back into the Aegis Reflector, allowing you to juggle with an additional tackle.