Anyone Else Waiting to purchase a used copy?

All complaining aside.
the point of the thread was to politely ask
How many people here refused to purchase capcoms latest product, because they are tired of companies continuing to try and see just what they can get away with.

I dont mind paying full price for a product.
I dont mind paying 5 bucks later for a large chunk of additional content.
but I wont support leaving portions of a game out, so that you can charge me more
by unlocking the content on the disc (Even if that portion is only partially complete-excuse).

To be honest, Im in no big hurry.
I have a dozen great games on my shelf that are lined up to be played
and im still not bored of SF4AE and UMVC3 (before all the others like bf3 etc etc).

I refuse to support a new copy of SFxTek because Capcom thinks they have the right to
sell me a Disc for full price, and then not give me access to content untill I pay more.

They should be required by law to state
"This purchase does not include full access to game"
“Indefinate and or undecided ammounts of additional payment will be required to
purchase the remaining portions of the content on this disc that you are purchasing now
in order to use”.
“This purchase does not give access to entire product on this disc”.

because thats exactly what happened.
they charged full price for a game, and locked content out, so they could charge you again later.


So you can stop asking “I though tthis game was supposed to have alot more color customization”.
Yes, you indeed have seen video showing lists and lists of customizable colors in game.
Yes this content is complete (and we reserve the right to pretend like its not complete by adding 1 color at any givin date).


All complaining aside.
the point of the thread was to politely ask
How many people here refused to purchase capcoms latest product, because they are tired of companies pushing it further and further every time.

I have way to many other great games I happily paid for.

I would have been happy to pay full price on day one for another great product.
but if you are going to rip out content so that you can charge me extra later.

I wont be paying capcom. its that simple.
Ill wait two months and get a used copy from someone who was dissapointed in the game.

If I was going to boycott a product…I wouldn’t buy it.
New or used.

I’m sure many of you “just dont care.”

Every year the price of games just keeps going up.
Do you think they built this game entirely from scratch?
lol no. its sf4 with modded code.

Tell me ogre isnt seth.
tell me Ryu isnt Ryu.

Id like to know exactly what production cost of SFxTekken actually was.
I bet it was less than sf4.

If capcom were going to benifit from the second hand purchase, I wouldn’t either.
The wasted copy on some dudes shelf was traded at gameshop. I will pay gameshop eventually.

Nor will I purchase mk9.

If they think I will pay a second purchase price for a single license, they are mistaken.
They do not have the right to charge me 10 bucks for online play of mk9 if I purchase someone elses used content.

if the first customer reliquishes all right to the product, then it becomes mine.
If any game company thinks they have the right to tell me im not allowed to sell my game, they are wrong.

Chrystler doesnt have the right to tell me I cant sell my Jeep.
they dont have the right to cry and say “hey you owe me 10 bucks” to the guy who buys my jeep either.

Its only a matter of time before the laws catch up with these crooks.

If they want to sell a game. Sell a great game that will make me run to the store and buy it on day one.
or stop crying about it.

if you cant make a game that people dont have to have on day one. find a different business baddy.
dont try and cry and say “hey you cant sell your old useless crap”

If ford tried that, America would laugh its a$$ off.
but netherrealm, or what ever that new version of their lame barely not failing company is called,
they try it, and the sheeple just say “eeeehhhhh” what ever.

I don’t have much sympathy for software companies.
they already have the advantage of being able to create a product only one time, and then sell it an infinite number of times for all eternity.
and yet they keep on crying every time they can.

If you sell great crap, people buy it.
if its not great enough to sell hot, dont cry about it.

canned joke


No, I’m waiting until <Insert cool adjective> Street Fighter X Tekken gets released.

I think the used games industry terrifies developers. For many of them, used games are equivalent to piracy, except it has legitimacy from pretty much all the gamer population.

I traded in a bunch of crap I don’t play anymore to get the game. No cash out of my pocket, being able to rid myself of games I no longer play, and I got a copy of SFxT out of it. Stings a lot less when you do it that way, in my opinion.

I’m with you on the not buying the game new because of the business strategies part, but tbh I don’t even want to buy it used either because of the game itself.

Either way it beats the people who moan and then still buy the ****ing game new anyway who are basicly telling Capcom that they don’t really mean what they are saying and will still buy their games no matter how far the Disk Lock Content (well it sure as hell isn’t DownLoadable Content) bs goes.

And yes I know other companies do it, but that’s the same excuse groups of kids use when they are caught up to no good. “But everyone else was doing it”

Im personally waiting for super DLC SfxT. Or whatever the next edition is. As long as it comes out with the DLC.(characters only, I couldnt care less about colors/costumes and whatnot)

The OP is going to be really upset when digital distribution becomes the industry standard.

How have games been going up every year?
Games have been the same price for a crazy long time. Super Nintendo games were what, $50-$70 depending on the game. Then games were $50 for ever, and now most games are $60…

As far as not giving Capcom my money, I really would rather give me money to Capcom so they can continue making games. The DLC on the disc does not bother me one bit and I do not see anything shady about it. Whole thing as been blown completely out of proportion, but hey what else is the internet for. The only thing that does bother me is that they added the co-op online for PS3 but not on xbox. I think that was a poor choice, but it is not a big enough deal that it would make me hate the company and not want to buy their products.

They were going to sell you extra shit after the fact whether they put it on the disc or not. Some guys in an office budgeted time and money for that content before work on the game ever began. It makes no material difference whether the content is on the disc or not on the disc, whether it’s day-1 DLC or day-30 DLC, whether it is complete on release day or not.

I probably just won’t buy any dlc if the prices are similar to what SSF4 dlc has been on 360.

I bought all costumes for SSF4 on PC for $15 because it was a reasonable price.

I’m sad to see that buying used is now seen as way of boycotting, buying used is a right you have as a consumer not a way to punish developers for their bullshit. Looks like all this “used games are worse than piracy” , “we need online passes” , “digital is better” is working.

I didn’t try to get MvC3 till a few months later at which point… I found out about UMvC3 :slight_smile: and waited for that.

If you’re gonna buy a used copy, go look up craigslist, theres people selling distributor copies and such for about half the retail price now.

Everytime I did this, I ended up re-buying the games I traded in. It gets difficult to sell games when you happen to be real picky about what you play in the first place because I usually really love the games I play.

Trade in games are a rip tbh…

~$30 (~$33 if you spend it on a new game) until its one month old. after that they buy them at like ~1/3 of the price they sell it used.

I would like to play the game too (mainly because its the new “main” game, big community, a lot of beginners, fair chances for everyone, cause the game is still fresh), these are all positive points. Everyone is speaking in hype of the game. I like SF4, so I would like the gameplay of sfxtekken as well. I like the tagteam system, the more juggling, the possibility of changing the character during the fight (unlike KOF) etc. pp. there are a lot of positive things to say about this game, if you like SF4, you will probably love sfxtekken.

But what I absolutely dislike:

  1. There are DLC gems which are better then the standard free ones
    -> you get an advantage over your opponent by spending more money -> WTF ?
  2. There are characters like pacman and megaman and these stupid mascot cats.
    -> WTF. This is street fighter vs tekken, not some crazy marvel vs capcom or whatever (no offense here, I would very much like to try that game out too), but thats SF4 vs TEKKEN !!! , damnation! I dont want to play with Ryu or Ken against some stupid cat or Pacman, hell.
  3. I’m pretty sure, that there will be an upgraded version in 1/2 or one year like “super SF4 vs tekken” which will split the playerpool, and forces me to buy the new version if I keep playing the game, perhaps there will be even a third version after it.

So what I will probably do is wait for the last version “ultimate sf4x tekken arcade edition” and import that for a reasonable price. I will have a hell of a disadvantage against the experienced players and a big learning curve in front of me :frowning: . But that worked for SF4ae quite well, so I will just wait, the community will still be very big, but the hype will be gone. Planing to buy umvc3 as well, seems to be the last and definitive “version” of the game.

Was the OP supposed to be a poem?

I completely agree! With all of the posts echoing this one, too. Especially the whole waiting for the next version of the game to come out thing, because we all know in our heart-of-hearts that in classic Capcom fashion, they’re gonna release an updated, re-balanced, TRUE version of the game (THAT IS COMPLETE WITH CO-OP PAIR PLAY FOR THE 360) hopefully at a marked down price: much like Super SFIV was to Vanilla SF4. Or how UMvC3 was to the BETA test that was Vanilla MvC3. lol I find it really ridiculous that they charge the same price for both consoles, yet one has a feature the other doesn’t. Man that got me tight. As far as buying a used copy is concerned, I plan on doing that as well, because I do wanna get experience with the game, and also have it just as a safety net in case there is a really long period before the next version comes out. And maybe, MAYBE by that time Capcom will have done some sorta patch for the lack of co-op pair play. lol …But I digress, a man can only dream… :’(