Anybody collect jordans?

I just copped the Marvin the Martian 7’s last Saturday. I’m new to collecting and they were my first retros. But I got 4 pairs of 97’s

No cause im an adult with bills to pay

Just copped the Melo 1’s and them bitches are straight fire. Cant wait to hurt some feelings when I go to the club in them.

In b4 some lame comes in and starts talking the usual only black people buy Jordans bullshit. And @NickRocks you do know its possible to live on your own and still buy shit you like right? Its called having a decent job that can pay for more than just your bills.

Paging @MarkMan

I collect and pay bills -_-

Actually next month I finally finish off my car payment. More jays to cop lol

Theres a thread in IMM might find some people there - "Check Out My New Kicks!" the thread

Sneakercon is coming up, so if you decide to go you might want to invest in a bulletproof vest


I old my collection last year on ebay and kept the ones i always wore

Just like when i sold my comic collection it was like a boulder off my back

I’m not into non bball Jordan’s tbh. I’ve had 3 pair of Jordan’s that I actually used on the court throughout my highschool years and later. I would buy the original Superfly if I could find them on my size tho…

Sorry son I’m all about dem Air Scottie Pippens

I heard SRK black but I wasn’t ready for this level of black.

And no. I do want to collect Southpole shoes though.

Not only do I have bills and am an adult. I also worked full time waiting tables while I was in college full time. And now I’m a chemical operator. So I can buy j’s. A new pimped out truck. Polos,custom arcade sticks . Whatever I want really. Shoot for the stars bruh

Surely, if others blow off their pocket-change on cigarettes, we can blow off ours on our hobbies.
I just put aside a bit here and there so I can treat myself now and again long-term, s’all.

I’m riding round I’m gettin it, I’m riding round I’m gettin it / I’m riding round I’m gettin it, it’s mine I spend it

Last Js I bought were the space jams a few years back but I rarely wear sneakers like that anymore.

Space jam 11’S look ok. I’d cop EM if they re-released

got damn, wasn’t ready for that right off the hop

but for reals, I could afford to collect jordan’s too, if I didn’t have like a million other necessities (debts, saving up for furniture and a house, binge drinking, seducing fat girls)

Collecting sneakers is something I never understood. What’s the value of footwear as collectibles?

You need money for that?