Any Street Fighter fans from India?

Greetings all !

Was curious to know if there were any street fighter fanatics from this part of the world.

Never played street fighter 4 before, though had a blast playing mortal kombat 1 on the PC, when in high school. SubZ was my favourite…his fatality was so awesome… :slight_smile:

Saw the first trailer for SF4 bak in June/July last year, and was hooked…downloaded every movie released. Tried SF2HDR on my 360, but could never get the hang of the game with the standard controller. Just ordered 2 HARP EX and now cant wait…

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Yo, I’m an SF fan but I live in America. Next time I will be coming to India is later this year I believe. I will post up so we can get some games in.

-Tha Hindu

I’m from Hyderabad, but live here in the states. I visit India every year. I must say, I didn’t see one arcade. There was a place like an arcade at the IMAX theater there. It had virtua cop 3. Very fun, but its not a fighting game.

i play 3s and ST… am from chennai…pm me for some games :slight_smile:

from chennai,india myself.

but i only got the game on the ps3 :frowning:

Hey dudes in Chennai - do you guys meet up or have any type of scene there? I’m visiting for a conference early January and was looking for stuff to do outside of being a tourist.

not much of a scene here…theres a place called blur where we usually play SF…we could meet up and play there when u are here :slight_smile:

just dont expect us to keep up with your GODlk skills.ok?


im from inside the us.
i belive god loves us all and we are all brothers and sisters.
thus we should all find a way to play together.

so, from the coast of california.
i wave hello bro. can we play some mvc2?
you can come here, or we can come to you.
be the peace you want to see.


That was a nice poem message whatever lol.

Anyway, I’ll try to find blur while I’m there.

thx. message me when you are in northern california. i’ll connect you.
if you’d like a visit also message me. if this message is not for you, then pls just ignore it.

dont ask for blur.ask for a theatre that goes by the name of “sathyam”.blur is a part of that.
also there is a street fighter 4 tourney which is going to take place at blur sometime in could perhaps take part and win the tournament for free.

sorry i didn’t make it out to the theater… I ended up going down to Mahabalipuram and chillin’ at the beach restaurants.