Any Pad Doom players?

How do you usually play Doom?

Unless you are godlike enough to actually pull of some of his loops using a pad.

You become the first GET IN DA LAB BOI!

I play pad, and I used to main Doom in Vanilla, and I did all his stuff on pad.

He’s actually one of the easier characters on pad imo.

Back to the danger room with you. I can pull of most stuff, character crisis right now lack of training.

I hope you’re not trying to imply playing on Pad is really any harder? It’s not. You just need to practice. I’ve always been a pad player. Not to mention the Doom corner loop is so damn easy. People seem to think you need a stick to be good…

To play Doom you don’t really need to hit all that many buttons during combo’s. Most of Doom’s combo’s revolve around timing if anything. I don’t think playing on pad would be any more difficult than on stick.

If you’re having trouble with the buktooth or clockw0rk loop I advise you to simply put more time in training mode.

Not at all, I was just wondering judging from all the godlike loops and combos that Doom is capable of. He looks very execution heavy and I was just trying to see if Pad players also have the same success. Looks like it’s true lol

I play on a ps3 pad and can do his buktooth loop. The trick for me was to use r2 as the dash button, it makes things easier. The buktooth loop is fairly simple once you get use to it. You can hold forward once you launch them in the air… I do this

I hold forward then hit j.m - j.h then move my thumb from forward to down forward while hitting r2 for the air dash.

I don’t feel like it’s too execution heavy, but he is super fun to use :slight_smile:

1 button dash, that is all

Doom’s loop is easy as hell on pad, as I’m sure he is on stick. I mean, I used people like Doom and Magneto in MVC2 and could loop, infinite, wavedash and all that stuff on pad too, so obviously I’m not having a hard time in this game.

I learned the corner loop in like 10 minutes flat on a pad. I got all of the buktooth loop down except the timing on the j.M after the ADDF almost as fast when I tried that out. Doom’s stuff looks flashy but it’s surprisingly easy to actually pull off.

Doom is to easy if you have your pad setup right…all his shit is easy as hell on pad…he is the 5 min warrior for combos since thats all it takes to learn them

by pad I assume you guys mean the d-pad and not the joystick on, say, the ps3 controller. because I use the joystick on the ps3 controller and, depending on the day and what angle I hold the controller, I’ll get laser instead of foot dive. very, very annoying.

Yeah, the majority of PS3 Pad users use the D-Pad. The Analiog is stubborn and isn’t the best option execution wise.

Doom is a pretty good Pad character. He actually reminds me a bit of my Smash days because of the melee-style wavedashing, plus in Smash it was more about finesse with a pad rather than pressing buttons at the right time (tilting the stick gently would do a different move than pressing it quickly, etc.) Don’t let Doom’s buktooth discourage you if you use a pad it’s really quite doable.

I play Doom on PS3 pad and I use the Analog. It gets me by so far.

I use pad, doom just needs a lot more practice then most. I’m still in training mode day 4 with doom tryna get his loops down pact the 2nd rep giving me grief in the buktooth loop

I was playing Doom on pad even before I got my stick. probably helped that I played it kind of like a stick too with my index and middle fingers doing the work. never used the analog. always found it inefficient for FGs ever since.