Any B+ Ranked Hakans Here?

I just got my Hakan to B status a week ago and I noticed it will take another 4,903 BPs to rank up (B+) I was wondering if there were any B+ Hakan players here and how long did it take you to get to that rank?

Took me a few weeks to get B ranked on XBL…I was rated #2 for awhile and stopped playing to play makoto now Im like #6 or 7…when I lose its usually to people that spam reversals or DP’s or just jump alot thats a big thing for me with hakan its frusterating…anyway, I use Makoto and Hakan I guess I just like playing with a handicap

Isn’t BP the one that pretty much never goes down, and can only go up, so it basically only shows how long you’ve been playing?

Who is the highest PP Hakan? I imagine it’s not very high…

I just ran into that recently. Its the way they jump around the level, It IS frustrating as all hell, now I just play health game and wait till they mess up. However it is annoying to chase some one during the match.

Nah it goes down when you lose when you get higher and when you reach 5k it goes down alot when you lose

The highest pp a hakan has is about 6000 I think his name is kinyoubi or something like that.

On xbox there’s a japanese guy (i don’t remember his nick) who is ranked B+. He is the only one! and B+ is the highest rank for hakan all over the world (xbox).

BP is a joke. They should have given it the same gain/lose properties as PP; since PP is a bit of a loose portrayal of the player’s general skill, the same should apply to the character with BP… not that points matter all that much anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

BP is still pretty hard to maintain once you get around 5k. Especially with Hakan!

You do lose BP as long as you’re playing people with a similar amount of PP as yours.

BP gets to be a bitch to get, especially when that annoying as fuck glitch is hitting you (in case you don’t know, the one where you get only 1 BP for wins until you lose).

I don’t really care about BP anyway. PP is more important (though they both suck anyway), and BP is just what I use to determine someone’s main. The number is irrelevant.

Both are a bit stupid as indicators. Anyway i think BP are more important than PP because they are the indicator of the winning ratio. If you use another character different from your main (never used) and you have a lot of PP and you lose what happen? You lose a lot of PP (over 100 for example).

Hi, I’m almost 5000k. I’m playing now for 3 weeks. ( I stopped after ssf4 launch (work :() ). I saw 1 Hakan who had 7000k. I hope, I can get #1 with the summer vacation. Friends tell me, I have one of the best Hakan’s on XBL (Holland). my xbl is ‘STErcan’.

I never realized BP counted for anything - they just always seemed to go up, unlike PP. Then I got upgraded to a B like a week ago with the 1500ish pp I’ve had for awhile now. ( Anytime I get higher, drunken late night fighting on the weekend seems to bring my score down… ). I’ve been playing since it was released. Looks like it’ll be a bit of a haul to get to B+.

That’s only when you are rank D that you can’t lose BPs. At rank C, you start losing BPs but always less than you might win, so you’ll probably go up anyways, as long as you don’t lose all the time. Slowly, but up.

When you reach rank B, it becomes somewhat 50/50 if your opponent as the same amount of BPs with his char as you do with yours, so it can become quite hard. Unless you are consistent enough with Hakan to win at least 2 fights out of 3, expect a really slow grinding and even maybe going down. Late night playing and drinking is no option anymore.

Of course, it will become easier as time goes by and more scrubs like me manage to get to rank B just because they have too much time on their hands ^^

Ah, that makes a lot of sense, thanks! No wonder my drunken-style oil wrestling was starting to affect my BP. Ah well, that’s what Endless is for…

edit: that’s a pretty fantastic avatar by the way, Smiley B.

i have a b ranked hakan on psn network but I have dropped to 4200 bp. pp is your over all rating with all charactors and bp is charactor specific. you can drop pp very fast if you use a charactor that you suck with. I main Gouken, use hakan and Guile. My gouken is 5400 bp currently. guile only 3200. hakan is very powerful if only they could fix the slide producing 360 problem. it’s cost me soooo many matches.

I got TREMENDOUS respect for any player here who manages to get B and above…Hakan really has to work for his wins. I’m losing a lot but also learning…I’m not gonna give up on Hakan!

I only have 1337 BP with Hakan. :o

I just earned my B rank with Hakan. I have been lurking on the boards and have learned a lot from the posts (most recently about frame advantage on late oil slide blockin). It’s been a long, hard road to 5000 BP with my slippery friend… but I feel like I have earned it! I’ve lost some heartbreakers, lost to super scrubs when I felt like nothing was working (I still will command throw sometimes when I try to slide from block - SUPER frustrating when I lose because of a whiffed throw that should have been an untechable knockdown), beat some very highly ranked players along the way (beat at least 1 11K+ player in there that I remember)…

I’ve gotten some of the best, nicest messages on XBL and I’ve gotten some downright unpleasant ones. I always win and lose with grace - I will send a “gg” here and there when I think it’s warranted. I’ve had people dc on me once they realize they were getting owned by the big red bottom-tier oily wrestler…

Like I said, it’s been great and I will keep maining Hakan. I mained Ibuki before Hakan and I just can’t see moving on just yet - there is still a lot to learn. My play style varies although typically I let my opponent act first, see what his/her approach is and then go from there. I have the most trouble with solid Guiles and strictly defensive shotos - the shotos I can usually goad a mistake to get started but a good Guile is tough to crack.

I didn’t intend on typing this much… anyway, I’m psyched to get my B rank and I wanted to thank you guys for helping me get there!

Oh, and to have my daughter walk around the house going “SERIOUSLY?” because of Hakan, that’s priceless.