what is kuma’s anti-air? goodness i can’t keep people off me jumping back and forth and outpoking me along the way.

I consider these note worth anti air

:d::mp:, :hp:>:mp:, :b::hp: , Bear stance>:f::mp:, Frolicking bear(:hcb:+:k:)

His only reliable option is his Fatal wind(:hcb:+:3k:) but it cost 2 meter. one can also go for Cross assault(:qcf:+:mp:+:mk:) but its hit box is kind of weird and slow. Fatal wind is best for when their at Kuma’s head height while cross assault is best for when their above kuma
To be honest while he has a lot of option, at the same time none are with out its risk. Your going to have to be really committed to each individual move. Personally I rather risk blocking and and endure their pressure. Guess wrong on jump in is guaranteed 40% or more. I rather deal with mix up than risk it.

The air-to-air options I’ve found to be somewhat effective are neutral jump :mp: and jumpback :hk:. But again, limited ability to test this stuff out extensively so far, but they don’t feel too terrible at the moment. or jump back hk are the most consistent. St.jab works in a pinch. Be aware of the forward motion on cr.fp. oh and hunting f+mp works as well, really welll.

thanks for the tip guys, will try all of them out later.

it’s amazing that i found people who wants to learn yogi as much as i do :smiley:

To go into detail, whiff the HP into the MP anti-air followup, and MP chains back into H’s and combo or into cancels like QCF-LP which is -2 on block.

Kuma bearstance into (break’it or :b: :hp:) has armor which makes it a great anti air if not a broken one. and if they try to empty jump it. You can do what i do. Which is when they jump and i do break’it i move back with it so either they attack and land on me or i space myself backwards then back in making it safe to some extent(dont know if its safe on good spacing, but yet to be punished)

You got three options …

  1. Breakin’
  2. Bear stance into forward medium
  3. back + Fierce from a farther distance.

And alway’s EX lunge or claw swipe. (not sure of official names but basically EX half circle+kick and SRK).

Could also use double wild ST.HP cancelled frame 1 with MP.

it hits in a 220ish degree arc above a little behind and all the way in front at huge range.

Non EX Frolicking bear is his most effective non-meter anti-air. If it lands they go into juggle state and you can scoop them up with cr.lp xx hp megaton, lp follow-up.

And as has been mentioned in this thread by others, st.hp cancelled on into mp covers a lot of space.

j.MP and b+HP are probably the best meter less reactionary anti airs Kuma has. Normal FB seems to get beat out a lot. If they’re coming in overhead just short of cross up range, b+HP gets the job done. The second hit of s.HP, MP works pretty well, but you need to predict th jump since it’s slower

HBS f+MP and b+HP both work really well, but they take time to set up and you have to commit to them.

Anyone messed around and tried HBS d+pp to see it it avoids aerials?

I haven’t messed with it yet. I’m sure there are some cool discoveries to be made when someone does, though. You’re right FB trades a lot, but it’s still in your favor and you reset the momentum. Better than nothing for sure, and you can do it really late, as compared to his other good anti-airs that require good reads. I agree with and J.hp for sure, I love both of them. You can use J.hp as a really awesome meaty on some characters, too.

Haha yeah you can use the down x2 punches in HBS to evade jump ins, and go for throw, an HBS string, or Break’n

J. Hk is really good too. I just read in the guide that FB crushes jump attacks on startup, so I’m going to try using it again. ,Abe I,was doing it too early. Also, is a great a2a as well.

Yeah, FB is definitely the go to for anti airs, always use HK version. On counter hit this gives you 175 damage! If you don’t get the trade, you can then link > HK FB again for 295 damage! Looks good too!

Shira mentioned a good followup as well, but not sure how much damage that does ^

Just got to work on your reactions with HB. Players with strong reactions will make it VERY effective. Plus in the corner it’s one of the best tools for keeping the opponent pinned there and with super can lead do huge damage if the opp jumps.

Air to air, hmm I’ve been trying to stay out of the air with Kuma…he really isn’t great in that department. I’ve been going with jumping jab most of the time I have went air to air…seems ok.

Jump back hk is his best air to air

How do you time the FB hit? I can’t tell if I’m doing it too early or too late, but I keep getting beat out by jumpins. Do you want them to be deep on you when you hit it or more towards the apex? Also, does s.MK xx qcf+HP,LP work as well?

Also, cosign on HP,MP having great range. If you get it out in anticipation of any forward movement or jumpin it seems like it has a huge hitbox from above his head to in front of him. If you hit close enough you can cancel it into HP+HK for a launcher as well.

Speaking of launcher, it crushes crouching attacks, including ones that don’t hit low. This is a great tool when you’re opponent gets in the habit of checking you with c.lp_lk

FB seems to work best at the peak of the opp jump arc. The best thing to do is charge it when you suspect a jumpin and release it at the perfect moment. I need to try using HP, MP.

If you predict the jump then HP > MP is much better as an anti air since you can juggle with HK + megaton or FB at the end after.on a counter hit, which can be provided by reading the jump in or an EX dash cancel. But in terms of ease of use, FB is much easier to land consistently. though his tree move from bear stance is easy and can combo well after. so it’s up to you guys i guess >.>

Yeah, it’s kind of a “lots of plausible AA, figure out when to use it” kind of issue instead of one shoe fits all kind of thing.