Anime: A social brainwashing tool against Asian men?

If you watch Anime, over 85% of it is created where the human characters resemble Caucasians:

Asians have slanted eyes like their ancestors from the Khoisan Clan:

-who created the first the dynasties: Xia, Zhou and Shang Yin.

Where are the Mexicans, Native Americans, Brazilians and Africans represented at in Anime?

It’s like in Anime, only Asian names with Caucasian features exist.

Is this why the percentage of Caucasian men and Asian women dating in America is so high?

A lot of Asian women have said they won’t date Asian guys. Why?

Look, there’s NO such thing as race, that’s a term to separate people. We just have different levels of melanin and eumelanin from migration. The thing is when you look at the numbers of Caucasian men and Asian women together compared to everyone else, something’s up. 9/10 of the planet has some form of pigmentation, so there’s NO way they can be considered a minority. in Anime though, they pretty much don’t exist. I’ve asked Asian women Why they like Caucasian men and have been told numerous times that they like their fair skin complexion. where does the word fair originate from? Caucasian people call themselves “fair-skinned”. here’s the definition for fair:

: pleasing to the eye or mind especially because of fresh, charming, or flawless quality

: superficially pleasing : specious <she trusted his fair promises>

a : clean, pure <fair sparkling water>
b : clear, legible

: not stormy or foul : fine <fair weather>

: ample <a fair estate>

a : marked by impartiality and honesty : free from self-interest, prejudice, or favoritism <a very fair person to do business with>
b (1) : conforming with the established rules : allowed (2) : consonant with merit or importance : due <a fair share>
c : open to legitimate pursuit, attack, or ridicule <fair game>

a : promising, likely <in a fair way to win>
b : favorable to a ship’s course <a fair wind>

archaic : free of obstacles

: not dark <fair skin>

a : sufficient but not ample : adequate <a fair understanding of the work>
b : moderately numerous, large, or significant <takes a fair amount of time>

: being such to the utmost : utter <a fair treat to watch him — New Republic>

Pure Caucasian people have recessive genes:

-so it would make sense that they would put themselves in the higher society frame.

With enough repetition, most people will be conditioned to believe it. Asian men especially in America and Europe have been made to look like effeminate, nerdy, anti-social, insecure, control-freaks. the media is the most powerful tool to use on a culture.

What do you think?

orrr it has to do with the fact the first anime designs were based off of disney movies, and every forefather of anime after ctrl-c’d it for a few generations

You raise an interesting question Op, why the hell do I have a jap name?

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you should start a kickstarter to tell the world of this great travesty!

Yeah, that’s probably it.

Supply your own caption about Asian women:

No idea what the hell this thread is suppose to be about, but in response to the opening statement that 85% of anime characters resemble Caucasians.

Oh and half the image links are broken in the OP too, just a heads up lol

But the Anime is made by Asian men.

The only conclusion I will draw here is that Asian American women are major drama momma’s.

who cares what asian people do

Ryu looks Caucasian.

No he doesn’t. He looks Japanese. In SF3 he looks Mexican.

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-There are two main types of ethnic Japanese-- dark skin with round eyelids, and pale skin and almond eyelids. As well as a bunch of breeding variations in-between.
-Japan has more mixed ethnicity, mostly from other parts of Asia and eastern Europe, than they care to admit or most of the west bothered to pay attention to.
-Manga books are almost always printed in black and white, and giving all the characters typically Asian features would confuse the reader… like 4 ninja turtles in b&w comics without their weapons or other identifying features.
-The overwhelming majority of Asia doesn’t give any fuck about “representation” of different groups in entertainment. If you’re making misinformed assumptions about the motives in anime design, why would you expect any better when the Far East puts their take on Western culture?

it’s ok to be denial. I posted evidence of this. most characters have Nordic features and it doesn’t matter if they print manga in b/w, when in color they look Caucasian. the main thing I’m trying to say is how come sooooo few characters have really slanted eyes and where are the other cultures in anime? it’s just a blending of cau-asian with wacky colors to throw some off.

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Grandabx is racist.


most of my family are from all over the world(every single shade). you just don’t want anyone to know the truth. you like it this way. admit it. it’s not going to get by me. just do a google search of “anime characters are white” and see how many hits come back.


I mean let’s be real. In anime when they depict Chinese or random non-Jap Asians they look stereotypically Asian, so there’s definitely a some undeniable undertones how they perceive racial hierarchy and where they fit. I don’t necessarily care, but I’ve certainly watched enough anime to notice the trend.

But on the real, I need her numbah:

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